Date: 12th July 2011 at 12:29pm
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Liverpool are expected to go back to Aston Villa with a new £18.5million for winger Stewart Downing after we had a reported £15million bid rejected according to The Mirror.

There were suggestions yesterday (Monday) that Aston Villa wanted £25million for Downing. Many fans were quick to point out that there is no way Downing is worth £25million considering that he is 26-years-old and being a winger probably only has two or three more good seasons left in him on the wing before he slows down and starts to play a more central role.

If Liverpool are serious about signing Downing then we have to move quickly before other teams come in for Downing and match the asking price that Aston Villa want. Arsenal is one of the reported teams that are also keeping an eye on Downing.

However, reported that Downing would however prefer a move to Liverpool ahead of Arsenal.


26 responses to “Tuesday Rumour: Liverpool to make bid of £18.5million for winger”

  1. Ben says:

    I doubt Arsenal want Downing, its probably just a ploy to get us to panic buy him, leaving them free to try for Mata!? Just an opinion!

  2. Bomber25 says:

    Don’t get another British player for an inflated price. Get the best. Juan Mata is a class act. England as a team struggle to put three passes together.

  3. Bomber25 says:

    Dalglish will incur the wrath of Liverpool fans if all his British signings start to struggle when it matters. Just look at Carroll who has so far – whenever he’s not injured – struggled to play Liverpool’s style of football. He won’t last in the job if he keeps this up.

  4. Chambers says:

    Here we go again! LFC panic buying an ageing player. LFC are the only one bidder for this guy as Arsenal simply urge yet another Anfield over-spend whilst laughing in the background. He’s 27 years old for crying out loud and , Yes , he is good for only two more years before we take a loss and buy someone then for three times the price we could get them now!! I sometimes despair at LFC antics these days and that is before we get to the stadium fiasco…

  5. m kop says:

    Not Downing! Mata or Hazard are players fans want.
    N’Zogbia is probably better signing than Downing.

  6. m kop says:

    And yes, Wenger would never pay more than 10 mil for Downing, if he would go for him at all.

  7. ad says:

    downing is mid table crap. we’re gonna look so foolish if we spend the same money on henderson (the next igor biscan if were lucky) and downing (the next joe cole) as the mancs spend on Wesley Sneijder and arsenal get mata for 20m. same old conservative liverpool who manage to miss out on every top player and spend all their money on rubbish. does anyone really think this summers signings will make any difference to how we do next season? me neither.

  8. Lojd says:

    Downiing is a good player, but he is no way worth more than 15m.
    Cheap rumours. I don’t believe that we will pay more than that.

    Mata is a good technical player, but he isn’t an outright winger like Downing. I think KK is looking for a provider, where Downing would fit the bill having 2nd most number of successful crosses last time round in tbe epl.

  9. Riz says:

    Personally I think it makes no diffence that the players we are buying are british or how much they cost us. If you forget about what they cost and where they come from and look solely at their ability and proven EPL expierience then I can’t see many people would mind having the likes of Adam, Downing, Carroll, Henderson in a Liverpool squad. It’s not my money being spent – Im sure the powers that be have much more experience an qualifications to spend their millions on assets for our club.Im just pleased that we are making changes and improving our team. Liverpool are moving in the right direction which is the main point. Dalgleish knows what he is doing but all the fuss fans are making about who we are buying and not buying is only going to put greater pressure on the team to deliver results. Yes there should be pressure but you lot are sticking the knife in before the team has had a chance to prove themselves. Come Christmas then you should put you pennys worth in.

  10. ad says:

    all they ever seem to talk about is set pieces, dead ball deliveries and crossing, take that, and the fact that we have paid far far far too much for an average striker who happens to be very tall, and it looks like they’re trying to turn liverpool into a big money wimbledon. i know we’ve got suarez, but i really cant see any more creativity in the team, except maybe johnson. i just hope the master plan isn’t trying to win every game 1-0 from a corner.

  11. mersie says:

    The motto “bringing an English talent” is making me ashamed of my favorite team nowadays. Concidering the new UEAFA regulations I might be able to understand some of the signinigs. But now when it comes to paying this much to Downing it is kind of disgusting in footballs point of view!!!!

  12. ad says:

    downing has proved how much he is not upto the big occasion by consistantly playing absolutly terrible for england.

  13. Riz says:

    I would take a 1-0 win every week with a goal coming form a set piece. Caroll is quality, he has heightyet but also plenty of natural ability. He can hold the ball up well and as he has proved for Newcastle and England he can score from distance also. Give the guy a chance. He can’t be any less of a goal threat than Nando was for us last season.

    Transfer fees have gone t*ts up (mainly thanks for Man City/Chelsea for but at any cost tactics) so it’s no surprise when the like of Downing going for up to 20m. It’s how football is, we just need to accept this. Gone are the days when your top draw players were going for £8/9M. In contex a team paying £40m for Tevez, £50m for Torres…£18.5m for a proven winger doesnt sound at all far off the mark. If he was Brazilian or Spanish you would not be saying to much. I hear alot of people talking about how it may be good to have Aqualani back – a player who looked so out of place at Anfield, injury prone, could not play one game because “the ground was too hard” and then went on loan to Italy and had an ok season for italian football standards and no Italian team is prepared to pay £5m for him. Italian football has slipped, the pace of the EPL is 10 fold over Serie A…Yet because Aqualani is foreign he hold more optimism to perform. Perhaps Downing should stick an O or an A on the end of his name and get himself a spray tan.

  14. ad says:

    @riz – a couple of good points, but saurez was 20m more or less, mata will be about the same. there is no way downing @26 is worth the same as mata @23! (btw cole was a ‘proven player’ before he came to us, as was kewel, i wouldnt put too much weight behind it)

  15. stephen says:

    I like the last comment you got it in a nutshell!!

  16. Riz says:

    Joe Cole – a woman standing in front of me at the gamelast season hit the nail on the head, she said “he tries hard but he’s just sh*t”.Out of sorts at Chelsea for a season and then we buy him thinking he will do wonders, maybe if he spent more time playing and less hip holding he may be ok for somone like Norwich/QPR etc.

    I think the lack of transfer activity so far is causing the papers to talk so much rubbish. Doing my head in. I would love to know what is really the Kenny Dalgliesh “master plan” – who he really wants, who he is actually pursuing.

  17. stephen says:

    Maybe Liverpool need to spend money on the Mata’s, and forget about players who will give us two or three years for 20 plus million then nothing let him go on a free.

  18. Leighton lfc says:

    All u negative niggas shut the fuk up… are we capable of buying Sneijder… NO. He’s not my first choice but then again I’m not the manager and we don’t know what Kenny has in mind. Who knows we might bid for Mata as well.

  19. Aliz says:

    Dats y i sy dos pple who say we dnt want 2 buy downing dnt understand wat l4 want. coz he is de onli 1 who cn bring balance in de team un at dis time he is mre important dan mata coz jst playz lke suarez on de wing bt 4 nw we want a player who wil b on de line 2 bring in crosess 4 carrol&suarez as he cuts in 4rm de othr wing.

  20. Riz says:

    Can’t understand a word that last comment says. Speak English man.

  21. Zanz Kola says:


  22. CokMatt Kedah says:

    Well say zanz,LFC better go for Juan Mata.He is wanted players we want.He will provide something to our foward and clubs.LFC WE WANT JUAN MATA.

  23. Riz says:

    Mata is stopping at Valencia. According to reports today the club have insisted he is not for sale and any mention of him going anywhere is just a rumour as no contact or offers have been made from anywhere for the player. So now that Mata is out of the picture what do you think about us getting Downing??? Surely you would rather downing for the next couple of seasons than playing another season without any width 20m or not!!!

  24. Alextalk says:

    This time last year all the fans were worried about ownership and whether we even have monies to pay for anything let alone buying ‘talents’ of any kind. Now that we have new owner in place and all their actions seems to point to a bright future for LFC especially when KD is the manager, us lot now move to second guessing all of them. Somehow not long ago the same lot was petitioning for KD to be appointed as the messiah to bring LFC back to glory! Again the same lot now seems to think they know better than KD – for crying out loud…KD is KD for a good reason and trust your first instinct being correct when you call for him to manage our beloved LFC….YNWA! The team hasn’t even kicked a ball that matters yet and some of your comments’ seems to indicate we are now close to relegation!

  25. Benny says:

    We are all forgetting something… we have no champs league this year. Therefore, we have no choice — we have to overpay for our transfer targets.

  26. Bomber25 says:

    If Dalglish wants to tarnish his wonderful image with Liverpool and her supporters, he is really going about it the right way with his signing of only English players. Remember, England struggled to pass the ball around at the last world cup.