Fenway Sports Group have a big decision to make in the next few months

On a non-football side every year when the stadium fills to remember Hillsborough the extra seats would allow more people to pay their respects to the 96.

I would much prefer to stay at Anfield if it was feasible but with United’s ground generating double our revenue(hopefully all profits taken up by Glazer debt), Man City getting approx. £120mil in a naming rights deal it looks like we would need to move to keep the pace with those two. Tottenham are looking to increase their capacity and in London Mr. Abramovich has been trying to buy land but has been quoted approx. £1billion for a very large plot of land. This surely shows that even with deep pockets Chelsea and Man City are looking at netting extra funds whether it be by a new stadium or naming rights.

We may have to do both to help fund a new stadium but if it will help us compete in the long term I would be very interested in the new stadium and I believe that the majority of Liverpool fans will be won over it is built.

What do other Liverpool fans think on the matter?

Would you prefer to stay at Anfield? If so, why?

Any local fans have a point of view on the change of stadium and re-generation of the Anfield area?

Anyone have any new songs that could be created and sung in a potential new home?

Would you prefer to keep the same songs we have now?

Naming rights aside, any potential new stadium names?

One response to “Fenway Sports Group have a big decision to make in the next few months”

  1. magnumopus says:

    I haver no problem with a new stadium and the ability to challenge the other big teams!