Date: 10th July 2011 at 3:00pm
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Liverpool winger target, Charles N’Zogbia is going to be sold this summer by Wigan as they do not want to risk losing him for free next summer. The French winger has one year left on his current deal and it does not look like he will be signing a new contract.

“We have to sell Charles N’Zogbia because he’s on the last year of his contract,” explained Wigan chairman Dave Whelan.

“We can’t keep him if a big club comes for him and he does deserve a big club because he’s that kind of quality player.

“We would love to keep him and pay him what he wants to stay with us but it’s a very difficult situation.

“He’s such a great player and we are such a small club sometimes we don’t go together.”

Liverpool are in the market for a winger and N’Zogbia is one of the players we have been heavily linked with. Since the deal to bring Stewart Downing to Liverpool is taking a while as Liverpool and Aston Villa are not agreeing a fee, Liverpool may just turn to N’Zogbia.

ElPistoleroJFT96 has put together a video for us showing N’Zogbia’s goals and assists from last season. He is certainly a very talented winger and on his day he is one of the best in the Premier League. It would be interesting to see how he copes in a team with quality players around him, I am sure his game would get better.

You can be sure that there will be a fight among clubs in the Premier League to buy N’Zogbia now that Wigan have said they will sell him.


7 responses to “[Video] Liverpool winger target is put up for sale by his club”

  1. Andrew says:

    Holy Comolli, I didn’t realise he was that good. Is he still a d***head?

  2. Towson Tom says:

    Arn’t we looking for a left winger? or maybe we could leave Suarez out!

  3. Tony says:

    Downing for me but if Villa want £19m go and get N’Zogbia, the lad can play and is rapid. We must not over-pay here!!!!. N’Zogbia will help us big-time, Downing needs to force a move or jog-on!!!!!. Liverpool are on the up and Arsenal are losing players, I know where i would go!!!!!….Anfield…..

  4. Kopstar says:

    Mata then sign N’Zogbia if we don’t get mata diffenley get N’Zogbia

  5. Word says:

    Why not 2 out of 3 in any combination with Mata, Zoggy or Downing. You get that, left back situation can wait til January. We were 2nd in the league with the same back 4 situation and I think our fullbacks did well enough for us to not be overly concern about paying above the odds for an experienced fullback unless that fullback is 23 or under with top shelf experience. I also think Jonjo can fill in as a fullback, because he is that good. This will help our younger players gain experience at different positions and most importantly playing time on the pitch. I hope this doesn’t sound blasephamous(sic), but I can even see Gerrard or Kuyt seeing time at fullback. Can you imagine a Gerrard or Kuyt overlapping on attack with Suarez and Carroll in or near the box. Imagine Adam, Mierles, Aqua, Henderson, Lucas, Downing, Zoggy, Mata, Johnson, Kelly etc. etc. or any combination Daglish decides to play that day on the pitch.

    If Barca can have Masch at Center back and win the Champions League, why not consider a Lucas or Gerrard in the same manner. It’s all about the W!!!! Get your best 11 on the pitch and make SHITE happen.

    Maybe i’m thinking a bit too ambitious or that Footballers have a different mentality about be able to play multiple positions. Hmmmm.

  6. Domin8nDom says:

    Class! Buy seems like an out-n-out forward, occasional right winger, cuts in onto his left from the right from what I’ve seen of him. Superb talent though. Agree with some who say get him and Downing / Mata. I’d say, go for broke and try to snag all 3!

    I wish…


  7. williams says:

    kenny and comolli should not pay so much for downing,for me i prefere C.NZOGBIA he will surely gives us what we want for CAROLL and SUAREZ, c.NZOGBIA can take any defenders out of the line and give our strikers all the assist to deliver the goals,buying c.nzogbia will give us some balance of cash to buy another fininsher up front to booster our attack.