Date:10th July 2011 at 8:06am
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Anfield has been home to Liverpool Football Club for over one hundred years. In that time, the club has achieved record success, 18 domestic titles and 5 European cups. Memorable European games at the stadium involved opposition such as St Etienne, Inter Milan, Barcelona and Chelsea. Lets not forget the number of enthralling matches at Anfield in the English Premier League and the old Division One that are too numerous to mention. Having attended numerous matches and been part of the match-day crowd that sang You’ll Never Walk Alone, I can safely say that the atmosphere at the ground is second to none. Even the gruesome twosome, Hicks and Gillett, tried to replicate the design of Anfield with a single tier Kop-like stand in their designs for their new stadium. John W Henry speaks with great fondness about the ground and it what with some degree of sadness that he lamented the ‘obstacles’ that stood in the way of redeveloping Anfield.

The simple fact is, however, that the ground as it stands right now is too small in terms of capacity. If the obstacles that Henry mentions are too onerous to overcome, I would happily say goodbye to Anfield for the simple reason that Liverpool Football Club needs a ground that can hold 60-70,000 fans for every premiership game. I would rather see Liverpool Football Club winning titles than staying in an antiquated ground for the sake of its past. To do so, particularly in the context of the new financial regulations that are about to be implemented, Liverpool Football Club needs to boost its coffers. More money means better quality signings, more success on the pitch and happier fans. A stadium holds the fans, who in turn create the atmosphere. If Liverpool Football Club has to leave Anfield for its long-term success in the future, I will gladly follow.