Date: 9th July 2011 at 2:00pm
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Kenny Dalglish is a happy now right now. Liverpool have been able to sign Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adam this summer and more signings are expected to come in. What is making Dalglish happy is that the owners are backing him in the transfer market. Yes we have missed out on some signings but that is to be expected. What is pleasing is that we are trying to make those signings and not sit back like what we did in that past under Rick Parry.

“The owners know what they doing and we’ve had great support from them,” Dalglish said.

“They know not to bankrupt the club and are running it the right way.

“John and Tom will give us whatever they can afford. We have to use that money with a certain amount of responsibility.

“We won’t get everyone we are after this summer but other clubs won’t always get who they have enquired about.

“That’s just the way it is. We’ve done some business already and we’ll continue to do what we are doing in a responsible manner.”

So far things seem to be going very well at Liverpool and we are in a good space. We have owners who know what they are doing and a manager who is equally good. This is a big relief for Liverpool fans as we are quickly forgetting about the rough times we went through when Hicks and Gillett were at the club, and Roy Hodgson could not stop wiping his face in the dugout. How quickly things change in the world of football. Let us all soak in the happiness that King Kenny has.


19 responses to “Why is Kenny Dalglish so happy right now?”

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