Date: 8th July 2011 at 8:20am
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After Aston Villa said Stewart Downing was not for sale, it left one option really for Liverpool to get their man; Downing had to hand in a transfer request. That is never the best way to get a player to join your club but if push comes to shove, then that is what has to happen.

And according to The Mirror, they believe that Downing is going to tell his Aston Villa bosses today (Friday) that he wants to leave the club and join Liverpool.

Downing returns to Aston Villa’s pre-season training and if he really wants to leave he has to tell them today so that a deal can be thrashed out between the two clubs before Liverpool jet off to the Far East on Sunday. It would be ideal for Downing to be part of that trip if he does sign for Liverpool.

Having had a reported £15million offer for Downing rejected, I am sure a deal around that fee can be reached if the player hands in a transfer request, or better yet we give Villa one of our dead wood players as part of the deal to lower the fee.


21 responses to “Friday Rumour: Downing to quit Aston Villa today”

  1. ken08 says:

    Hope Joe Cole is the makeweight but more importantly i hope Downing proves to be worth it ynwa

  2. jtnkm says:

    if we sign downing for that price and then dont sign or try to sign mata im going to do a killing spree on manures team

  3. Greg says:

    When was the last time a team made up of this many UK players won the EPL??? There is a reason for that..

  4. Nayan says:

    I’m not sure about Downing, he shows flashes of brilliances with his crosses and runs but I don’t think they’re common enough for him to be worth £20m, as bring roumoured. Why does everyone think of him as a player, not thinking about the price?
    I’d much rather have Adam Johnson or Juan Mata at Liverpool 😀

  5. Livmad says:

    Get Downing now, and sell all deadwoods, Konchesky, N’Gog, Poulsen, Cole, Jovanovic, Degen, Mavinga, El Zhar.

  6. Badd says:

    Downing’s price should be around 12-15 mil. Not more than that or with additional 1 player – Joe Cole. Otherwise, look for the other player…

  7. fisseha mamo/ETHIOPIA/LFC; fan says:

    why liverpoolfc get in to protracted transfer with villa? please!leave and go for J.matta and bring Bastos and Enrique to the left side as well as lennon to the right wing.

  8. Redsim622 says:

    Don’t rate Adam, Downing or Henderson – none of them world class which is what we need. Dreadful transfer business. Don’t understand why KK doesn’t seem interested in real quality players who are interested in coming to LFC like Mata, Coentrao, Diego and Zapata. Can see us finishing 6th again next season.

  9. Tony says:

    Kenny Dalglish has never been a manager that buys glitzy players, he won 4 titles with a core of British players at Liverpool and Blackburn. Yes Suarez was an exception to that rule, Downing is quality end of story, the 2nd most crosses last season, scores goals and gets plenty of assists. ……I think he will quit Villa today and join the best club in the world, Liverpool!!!!!!!

  10. Tony says:

    Too many poorly informed people posting, stop listening to rubbish in the press, Downing is a priority for KK……Shut up moaning or go and support the mancs!!!!!

  11. jJ says:

    Greg prooves he knows absolutley NOTHING about football.

    Are you another Manure fan posing to be a Liverpool fan, posting on Liverpool boards because you are A) Insecure that Liverpool may be rebuilding a team that is going to challenge Utd. B) You have no like and no knowlege of the game or is it C) Both

    You choose.


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  12. Shane says:

    Adam and Downing are quality players.Stop moaning abt quality, look at wat KK did last term when he came in with an average side.These boys add depth to LFC

  13. Deji Omole says:

    Which ever player we gat will surely be a hit with KK. Look @ the way Torres hands in transfer request to Cheksi when he wanted to move in January. Villa should allow him to move to the club of his choice because i see no reason for them to be keeping an unhappy player. Let him quit today and join the most celebrated team in England. YNWA. Manure supporters pretendimg to be LFC fan should hang their mouth now cos LFC is coming to knock them out. YNWA

  14. simon says:

    Adams is good just wait.And downing not worth 19 million no way they could pay mata for that kind of money so… WHY?

  15. Big Al says:

    I remember us signing another English winger who had played more crosses than anyone in the Premier League.His name?
    Jermaine Pennant.

  16. michael says:

    greg you tool the last time was blackburn and kennys 1st liverpool team was core brits and i think they were the best liverpool team ever.

  17. lushesturk says:

    if we sign downing wud prove liverpool are really thinking about transfers rather then just looking at playing abilitys but looking at what type of player downing is an out and out winger i see alot of comments about mata who is a attack mid that plays in the same way as joe cole or aqua or mirelse (bad spell i no) so really we dont need him and would be a waste of money whereas downing is the right player as he is the best naturaly left winger in the prem maybe n’zogbia adam johnson is more of a right siden ashley young

  18. m kop says:

    It’s really stupid spending so much money on Downing with players like Mata looking for a club this transfer window.
    If owners want resale value, Mata has it, Hazard has it, Downing dosesn’t.

    I think us Liverpool fans will be left disappointed yet ageing in transfer window.

  19. maljay says:

    lusheturk s right. LFC desperately need a player who can stay wide and give quality service. A player who can get down the wing and pull the ball back, with Carroll in the middle – a recipe for a defence in panic. Suarez can feed off the result, as will Stevie G moving forward from midfield. I think Downing could be an absolutely excellent signing.

  20. Mike Arms says:

    Kenny is signing players with Premiership experience because we have to finish in the top 4 next season, we can not afford to wait a year for the foreign players to adapt. Once we are back in the top 4 then we can look ahead to signing real top quality players to take us to the title.
    I fully expect to see the likes of Nzogbia, Downing, Enrique, Milner etc touted as potential signings as they are all proven premiership players.
    It’s not very often a foreign player arrives in the Premiership and hits the floor running, we most definitley need to this season, hence!

  21. James Beckman says:

    Downing are probably set for a medical at Melwood tomorrow morning.He checked in at Adelphi Britannia just after midnight.