Date:6th July 2011 at 12:23pm
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Hello Fellow Liverpudlians,

Being a die hard Liverpool Fc Supporter I have approached to write for them, I hope my views are fair and logical to all readers.

Sitting back in South Africa anxiously waiting for the new season to get underway, I have taken up trying to follow Liverpool’s play in the transfer market, reading every single byte of information online, searching through my Blackberry, reading Newspapers, anxiously waiting for Sky Sports Breaking News on news that Liverpool have made the scoop of the summer transfer window and have signed a big name player.

I have been thinking recently what Liverpool needs to finally win the premier league. I mean we have been blessed in a cruel kind of a way by not qualifying for Europe. We do not have to travel outside England; we do not play midweek games, leaving Liverpool to concentrate domestically only. While the favorites (Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Man City) will be playing a whole lot more than us and stand a better chance of star players picking up injuries and hopefully collapse in the chase for the League.

So I am left with these questions, where do we lack in the coming season to win the league?

Okay, so we know the two key positions we need to strengthen are Left-back and Winger.
In terms of a left-back, we have a strong youth academy that will eventually throw out some great players, like for me the find of the season being Martin Kelly. But for the now part, José Enrique does look like a great buy (if we are not beaten to him by Arsenal).

Winger: Stewart Downing, I would definitely sign him and he will enable us to use the full potential of Andy Caroll.

Now the midfield questions, Dalglish seems to be going midfield crazy (with Charlie Adam and Stuart Downing poised to join). How do we fit in Gerrard, Kuyt, Henderson, Lucas, Meireles, Adam, Downing and Spearing.
The answer is simple; Strength in Depth. That is the factor that always denied Liverpool the league. While our main competitors have 2, 3 or 4 players per position, Liverpool were lucky to have 2. Without Torres or Gerrard we would collapse. Now with the King managing the players and giving us the depth we sorely needed, I know we can win the League. I am sure we will get busy in the transfer market and we will be ready to claim number 19 and our Title of being “England’s most decorated Team”.

Looking forward to 2011/2012 Season. A defining moment for all Liverpool Supporters.

This is the season! We are ready for the season here in South Africa. would like to welcome Craig Naidoo from South Africa to the team