Date: 6th July 2011 at 8:04am
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Aston Villa have rejected Liverpool’s latest bid of £15million for winger Stewart Downing according to reports. Villa apparently want £20million for the England international. It will be interesting to see if Liverpool do buckle to Aston Villa’s demands and pay the required amount.

On the other hand, Stewart Downing himself may hand in a transfer request and demand to be sold and then Villa may end up accepting Liverpool’s £15million offer.

The valuation of players this summer is very interesting and confusing at the same time. We reportedly paid Sunderland £16million for Henderson and now we could be spending £20million on Downing. That is a lot of money to spend, no wonder we are only willing to pay £15million for the Aston Villa winger.

Now the other option for Liverpool is to stop pursuing Downing if we are not willing to meet their valuation and rather go for Valencia’s Juan Mata who can be signed for £20million. Mata is younger than Downing and in my opinion is a better player than Downing. If we have £20million to spend on a winger, would you rather we buy Downing or Mata?


6 responses to “Liverpool’s bid for England winger is rejected”

  1. Doc says:

    Can somebody please remind how many years a 26 yrd old downing been p;aying in the top flight. and more importantly, how many times has he come close to pfa player of the season…oh, oh, i know, zip!!

  2. Tony says:

    Mata comes inside too much and doesn’t cross as often as Downing, we need real width, (chalk on the boots) width. Downing is stronger physically and quick running with the ball, two-footed as well. Downing is no risk at all and will settle immediately, McLeish wants Ngog as he tried to sign him twice at Birmingham.
    I know many fans want Mata but it was never going to happen, KK wants proven players in the Premier League. When we get into the Champions League then Im sure KK will go more European, for now we need to hit the ground running next season. Look at it sensibly from KK’s point of view!!!!!

  3. Chambers says:

    I cannot believe that we would once more be held to ransom over someone who can , at best , only be called average. Villa, having been bullied into selling cheap to RedNose, are determined to screw us for an extortionate fee.
    I think we have no intention to continue as we could buy 3 wingers in Europe for the £20m demand! A little more patience and we shall see results…

  4. Barry says:

    Guys, just looked at the stats and they have Downing with 1 goal and seven assists last season. Is this really what you are looking for in a winger. Check out the thread on this site with Mata’s stats. Whether we can get him or not is another issue but thats the quality we are looking for. Ashley Young had 9 goals and 15 assists.

  5. RedHeart says:

    Liverpool has earned a very bad reputation of over-payer by paying £35 million for Andy Carroll and £16 million for Henderson.

    We need to teach these english clubs some lessons. Don’t buy their players….

    Comolli should be answerable for such poor summer in transfer market. He cant get any decent deal. Everything he buys is at rediculous prices.