Date: 6th July 2011 at 4:19pm
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Liverpool and Blackpool have agreed on a deal that will see Charlie Adam become a Liverpool player.

Liverpool have confirmed this news and Adam is expected in Liverpool today (Wednesday) to undergo a medical and discuss personal terms. Both should not proved to be a problem as Adam is as fit as a fiddle, especially if you were following him on Twitter this summer as he underwent some boxing training and spent a lot of time on the golf course.

Personal terms should not be a problem as he wants to play for Liverpool and he is back in the Premier League where he belongs.

We now wait to see what the deal is. Did we agree to pay the reported £9million that Blackpool wanted or we managed to get a lesser fee? Are there any players going to Blackpool from Liverpool on a permanent basis or on loan as part of the deal? All should be revealed soon.

Welcome to Liverpool Charlie Adam!


12 responses to “How much have Liverpool paid for Charlie Adam as deal is agreed?”

  1. Greg says:

    This strategy of buying only UK talent is just a really bad one.. there is a reason why the teams that have won the EPL have done so with mostly foreign stars.. bcuz they are just plain better players. Relative to their foreign peers UK talent is just plain mediocre crap (why England will never sniff another major intl trophy) Overpaying for the Adams, Downings and Hendersons of the league will lead to more mediocrity and send us back to mid table… Dalglish is still stuck in the 70’s if that his strategy..

  2. YNWA says:

    Get your facts right, Rafa did what you just said and send us back to mid table. The likes of Torres, Mascherano etc Look at Man City, talent but absolutely no passion for the badge. Get lost mate you’re in the wrong space. Long live King Kenny!

  3. Tony says:

    Good signing no doubt about it, great passer and deadly from free-kicks……get Downing now 2nd most crosses in the league last season…nuff said really!!!!

  4. Riz says:

    I did not get to see much of Adam last season apasrt from bits and bobs on MOTD when they showed Blackpool and he was 9/10 at the heart of thier decent play. I hope he can step up to the mark and become a KOP hero. He wont offer us to much different from what we already have just abit more quality. I think the like of Shelvey and Spearing are not good enough yet. End of last season we were playing the Liverpool way and hopefully by adding some quality to the squad with the likes of Adam and now we have two world class strikers (yes im including the big AC) we can have a good go come August. Aqualni could be a bigger come back better than ever. He is undoubtably quality and hopefully under Kennys wing he can shine. Welcome to Anfield old Charlie A.

  5. Red Datuk says:

    How come u Brits are so against the idea of having British players? I believe KD is doing the right thing by buying British as this will lead to a bigger pool of better quality British players for the whole of Britain. Instead of nurturing your own home grown players, your top 4 clubs are training foreigners and their own countries are benefiting from it. How long have England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales international soccer been in the doldrums?

    Be proud that British players are more expensive and that Liverpool can afford to get them in despite the higher prices and be thankful that FSG is supporting King Kenny’s decision.

    If you are so into having foreign stars in the club then go support Arsenal, who are now having their own foreign stars deserting them. They have no love for the club and are a bunch of mercenaries.

  6. McGuire says:

    Too many English players might or might not work, but we can give it a try after playing too many foreigners before.

    I hope it works, let’s hope for the best. As long as the keeper is foreign, i think we’ll be alright. England lacks in this position.

  7. k says:

    That lad at the top is….wait for it…a tit, and probably a daft rangers fan or somethin, what utter nonsense.

    When we were at our best we were made of of UK talent, when manure won things with kids they were mainly UK players if not all, when arsenal won the title for the first time under wenger he had excellent UK players throughout the side.

    Oh and when kenny who last won the league in the 90’s not the 70’s with black burn he won it with a great UK double act up front and a towering scot at the back.

    So he is an LFC fan he’s one of these daft ones who thinks he know better than a legend who has won more battles than most in his life on and off the pitch.

    I mean frankly….wait for it…WHAT A TIT.

    Oh p.s England not winning owt doesnt have anything to do with the quality of our or UK players, the management and circumstance has not been the best, the difference a manger can make is emence look at what kenny did in the last half of the season, and how fergie won the league with nothing but experience.

  8. Simon says:

    Charlie Adam at sub £10 million is an absolute bargain

    I can’t believe there wasn’t more interest in him!!!

    Main rivals for his signature from January are in disarray, Spurs missing out on CL has them biding their time a little in the transfer market

    In a league where 40% of goals come from set plays we have signed the best set piece taker in english football since Beckham

    He will directly influence the outcome of so many games. Can’t wait!! and confirmed on my birthday, DEADLY DEADLY!!!

  9. Kazeem says:

    I know nd believe dat with adam, henderson nd aquilani things would change for the better at anfield…..long live Lfc (YNWA)

  10. Tom says:

    I agree the bloke at the top is a tit, you must remember we are not in Europe so no chance of signing some players, but those who do come come because the want to play for lfc, that makes a huge difference, you only had to watch the body langauge of torres at the start of last season to understand what I mean, also it makes sense to buy players with proven experience at this stage for lfc, Adam will offer a threat going forward And at set pieces, now for some width – Mata would be great and a really coupe for us, Downing would offer a solid option, your guess is as good as mine with what choice we go for