Date: 5th July 2011 at 4:10pm
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It is no secret that Liverpool are after a winger this summer. Many names have been linked with the club and Stewart Downing seems to be at the top of the wanted list but apparently Liverpool have not made an offer yet to Aston Villa.

However, The Mirror is reporting today that Liverpool have made a bid for Spanish winger Santi Cazorla and they are just waiting for Villarreal to make a decision as they want to find a replacement for Cazorla first before they sell him.

Liverpool have been linked with a move for Cazorla in the past but Villarreal were reluctant to sell their star winger who is capable of playing on either flanks. His versatility could be what has prompted Liverpool to make a move for him.

Many fans many not have heard of Cazorla so ElPistoleroJFT96 has put together a video for you to have a look at this Spanish winger whom also won the Spanish Player of the Year award in 2007. What are your thoughts about him?


25 responses to “Tuesday Rumour: Liverpool have bid for Spanish winger”

  1. tony says:

    HE looks good cazola on right mata on left great.
    Still need striker and two defenders or wide backs.

  2. nigel honeyman says:

    arda turan please is the man for the job

  3. Tony says:

    Nothing special for me!!!!!

  4. DaveWestAus again says:

    As I have said numerous times ‘If you want the player,pay the money’, or keep falling further & further behind the likes of the two MANCHESTERS’& Chelsea !!!

  5. don wynne says:

    don’t know much about this player but watching the u tube attached, he seems to spend more time playing as a deep lying attacker alla Suarez, we need someone who loves to use pace to get around the back, cutting inside and scoring goals is a bonus, but allows defenders to crowd the box, limiting our scoring chances….but all of this KK knows so we’ll see eh..

  6. Tobas says:


  7. yussif says:

    cazorla is a good player and must join reina in Anfield

  8. Desy says:

    Quality player and poddibly better than Mata. His performance against USA the other day was spectacular. Downing on the left and Cazorla on the right would do the business. I’ve been thinking this for a while and felt that it explained Pepe Reina’s newfound enthusiasm for the club. He’s had a chat with Kenny and the management team and may have suggest Cazorla to them. If they responded positively to his suggestion (I’m very much reading between the lines here) then he might have been swayed to stick around. I don’t know, but Cazorla is still relatively young and affordable. He’s a regular in the Spanish squad and is very creative. If we can get him unlocking doors from a deeper wide position and Downing getting to the byline on the other side we will be difficult to defend against. However as much as I’ve criticised others before for treating rumour as fact and then judging my childhood hero on them I have to acknowledge that this may just be agent or paper talk with no substance neither.

  9. King Yaweezy says:

    Carzola is awesome! I’ve watched him severally and I believe he’s more class than most wingers we’ve been linked to in the past! He normally works hard for the team and can dribble and creat openings with his amazing sudden burst of pace! I’m nt sure if ther’s anytin tangible in d news anyway, but Carzola is a good player anyday!

  10. nomad says:

    Isn’t this the same player Pepe was reported to have recomended to KD sometime ago?

  11. RDN says:

    He is a fantastic player, the way he played, positioned, decisive passing, versatile, rapid and intelligent. Pepe Reina was right to request King Kenny to bring his colleague to liverpool, he will sort out the problem liverpool is facing as winger. Hope strongly that we get this player instead of Downing and Lennon. I think we will get him by end of this month. YNWA

  12. tkx says:

    i would rather play sterling than downing even if we got downing for free sterling is miles ahead of downing like the pundits say after englands under 17 defeat to germany sterling is one of the games outstanding young players even if he can or cant handle the league he will still do 100x better than shitting he has a better footballing brain a hell of a lot quicker and miles more skillful plus looks like a goal machine where downing doesnt look capable of a tap in anyone who wants downing is thick as fuck with a iq of minus 800

  13. Desy says:

    Tkx you’re a mug who doesn’t deserve to watch football. Raheem Sterling is a 17yo child with no premiership experience. How stupid can you be to put that amount of pressure on him? Crazy. Obviously you didn’t watch Villa last year but Downing was their best player even scoring a tidy finish against us. When it comes to delivery from wide positions there aren’t many better in the country. It’s easy to say ridiculous statements based on nothing but there is a limit.

  14. zeino says:

    I dnt think we have the balls so sign these type of playa.Talk is cheap its time to start building a team for the Champions League.

  15. SuaRed says:

    Watch him play for Spain against the USA this year!

    He played in place of Xavi Herandez in central midfield and was truly outstanding! I think it’ll be instead of Charlie Adam.

  16. Andrew says:

    Santi was ranked 69# in top players in the world in 2009 by fourfourtwo .wud be good signing

  17. tkx says:

    desy you are a fucking cunt u have got the fucking cheek to say that shit yet you rate downing go and fuck yourself you twat downing was villas best player well whoopi fucking doo what a dumb twat you are he is fucking shit for 5 mil more WE COULD HAVe mata who is miles better you gay prick if you had any kind of intelligence your thick brain would have worked out what i meant about sterling no shit einstien of course he has no experience but he has more potential than your fucking bum partner downing will ever have instead of wasting money on your queer lover play sterling

  18. Desy says:

    No you said Sterling is miles better than Downing already when all he’s played is u17s. That’s a dumb comment. You said Downing couldn’t finish but he scored 7 premiership goals last year including a finish against us. He crosses well with both feet and has improved immensely as a player. He’s an out and out winger who puts early crosses in (left or right foot) something Mata isn’t, so he would be better for the likes of Andy Carroll, one of the best headerers in the game. I would prefer him AND Mata or Cazorla. To say he’s shit and that you would prefer Sterling at this point is mental. Having said that I’ld stop at £16M for Downing and maybe add Ngog.

    And I’m going to allow the gay talk cos if this was real life you’ld have no teeth.

  19. Bomber25 says:

    He is a class player without a shadow of doubt. He will be a class addition to Liverpool FC.

  20. ColGee says:

    Hi Desy .. no point conversing with Tkx, he is clearly a little child and highly insecure with his little insults. Sterling is the answer to our wideman requirements? Maybe in 2-3 years time but definately not now. Amazing how the youngsters like Tkx think that an unexperienced player like Sterling can just make the leap to the top level, just like that. Clearly the dude is under 15 years old, at most – probably closer to 10.

  21. ruben says:


  22. dan says:

    I haven’t seen this guy play so cannot comment, but what they are asking for Downing is far too much and as for Tkx this post is about football and only football. Your insults show your intellectual limit. We are all supporters of LFC and no matter what we think, Kenny will buy who he feels is right for the club and as supporters we can voice our opinions but at the end of the day we have to back our team no matter who is playing for us. If you don’t like who we are buying and cannot support the team as a result, then bugger off and support a team that you are happy with.

  23. rolando says:

    hurry up and sign someone ffs

  24. Navin says:

    Santi is a fantastic player who’s aldo very much a Liverpool type player. He would be a perfect addition into Dalglish’s style, he wants to leave Villareal more than Mata wants to leave Valencia, and he’s a very consitent, skillful player with a strong mentality (never goes hiding in games) who is very highly respected across Spain, the World and European champions.

  25. Ritters says:

    This guy looks almost as good as Albert Riera and Mark Gonzalez so we are in for a treat , did you notice that he didn’t visit the touchline once ?