The transfer window started off so promising with the signing of England Under 21 midfielder Jordan Henderson but since then things seem to have stalled.

A number of questions are still to be answered. What will be done with Aqualani? How many others will be sold? Can other clubs match their wages?

Jovanovic and Aqualani are on ridiculous sums per week and have never produced or delivered the alleged talent they possessed before signing for Liverpool. All managers have their flops but it would seem that these are Rafa’s two most expensive flops.

However, with the sums they are on will anyone be prepared to stump up the cash or do we keep Aqualani after his season long loan with Juventus and hope his outlay eventually comes good?

After all we’ve missed out on Clichy who has now joined Manchester City. The Charlie Adam deal is stalling to the point where I feel Holloway and Oyston are trying to bleed dry every penny they can for a guy that cost them £500k not too long ago.

Nasri is available and says he wants to win trophies and it’s not about the money. If the money is there, and it is, we should take a punt on him. Having just turned 24 he has a wealth of Premier League experience. He has the flair and creativity that we are lacking and can roam across the midfield teaming up with Gerrard to provide the ammunition for Carroll and Suarez.

Had Rafa not splashed £17million on Aqualani at a cost of approx £90k a week for 2 years this August we would have saved the best part of £26-27 million available for a transfer. While Jovanovic was a free transfer his wages are steep for a player that has not showed consistent form.

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