Date: 4th July 2011 at 3:01pm
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With Gael Clichy on the verge of joining Manchester City as it is being reported that he is undergoing a medical there today, Liverpool are set to miss out on another transfer target.

The left-back position has been one that Kenny Dalglish is looking to solve for this coming season as Fabio Aurelio would be the first choice but you can not rely on him as he is always injured and then young Jack Robinson has all the potential to be a great left-back one day, but it may be too early to entrust him with being the first choice candidate for this season.

So the search continues for Liverpool and we are being linked with a move for Celtic’s 25 year old left-back Emilio Izaguirre again. We have been constantly linked with a move for the Honduras international after his great season for Celtic where he won both the SPFA Players’ Player of the Year and Scottish Premier League Player of the Year awards for 2010–11. Fanatix is suggesting that Celtic may be prepared to sell Izaguirre for £11million.

Whether he would be able to produce the same kind of form in the Premier League remains to be seen as many players who have shone in the SPL have come to the Premier League and looked pretty average.

Liverpool have to move fast now in trying to get a new left-back before the season starts. Newcastle’s Jose Enrique is still a target and we could know more about his future after he speaks to the Newcastle bosses this week.

Courtesy of ElPistoleroJFT96, we have some video footage of Izaguirre. What are your thoughts on this left-back?


15 responses to “Monday Rumour: Liverpool to solve left-back problem with £11million bid”

  1. Gary says:

    £11 mil is too expensive for Emilio Izaguirres he is already 25 years old.

  2. nomad says:

    You accept the unlikelyhood of us spending 11 million on a foreign left back (or anyone) when we’ve apparently baulked at 10 million for Adam.Circumstances similar,reaction to media hype similar.

  3. Darren says:

    I’d personally go for a.cissoko of Lyon, we would have a good chance of signing him and he would cost about 15 million euro’s which is cheap compared to baines at 20 mil, Izaguirre at 11 mil. If we can’t get cissoko then Enrique would be ok as he has premiership experience. And would cost about 10 million

  4. die red says:

    we can givede same bid to blakpool and buy adam

  5. Donal says:

    I’d fancy sticking with aurelio and robinson, i think robinson will do fine with experienced players like carra, reina and gerrard around him. Moving Johnson to left back is always a good option given the cover we have at right back. Forking out 10 mil for the sake of it is ludicrous if you ask me. I’m sure king Kenny has more sense.

  6. Burt says:

    we have flanagan, aurelio, kelly, johnson, robinson, Insua and Mavinga who can play at left back. There have been good prem left backs who haven’t been predominantly left footed in O’shea, heinze, Irwin, kenna and branching out abroad Paulo Maldini. Glen Johnsen was arguably the best left back we’ve had for ten years when he played there during the 2nd half of last season. I’m no fan of Insua, but if he can lose 3 or 4 stone and improve his defending he’s still one of the best crossers we’ve had for a while.

    why spend such massive amounts on a left back when we clearly need to invest this money in offensive players? we should be spending no more than 5 million on a left back if indeed we do buy one.

  7. Stannyharry says:

    Yeah get him,at at a cheaper rate

  8. dom says:

    we need to buy a left back! i dont care how much it will cost because we cant rely on aurelio with his injuries.

  9. Aurelio, a man cool defensive & great in attack. Instead get a center back. Let aurelio n agger take care of the left back. Aurelio, the man that left van.der sar rooted 2 spot in 2oo7.

  10. Adam cast says:

    Why does everyone want the mediocre player that is adam

  11. Tim says:

    “Adam cast
    2011-07-04 21:44:16
    Why does everyone want the mediocre player that is adam” —– Finally someone who “gets it” – I just don’t see the obsession with Adam.

  12. nufc says:

    idiots… hes a great left back and ur moaning about it …. ffs u spent 35 mill on caroll and you still say that kk has some sense.. he doesnt .. hes an idiot just like you lot thinkng liverpool will be genuine title contenders next season .. haha … 20 mill on henederson ..and you lot think kk has some sense .. fuckinn idiots

  13. nufc says:

    i didn’t see any livershite player to be on the best player list last season .. but i saw adam???? oh i get it .. you lot still think you have alonso mascherano garcia and gerrard in his prime … deluded idiots FACE IT…. adam is much better than what you lot have in your shitty team .. if kk had any sense in him … he’d spend 20 mill on this guy … much better value for money than hendershite….

  14. Mike says:

    Would prefer Enrique, proven in the PL.

    I’d suggest you speak with the advertising network regarding the ads on the site, keep getting ads for VIP tickets for Taggarts lot!!!!! Seriously!!!!

  15. nd says:

    Kk liverpool need zarate lazio’s winger pls bid 4 him