Date: 3rd July 2011 at 1:46pm
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Sunday is always a day notorious for transfer rumours as a lot of papers and websites ‘make up’ transfer speculation just in order to attract an audience. Today is no different but when several sources are claiming the same transfer speculation, then there could be something in it. There is no smoke without a fire!

Reports today (Sunday) are suggesting that Liverpool may be after Manchester City winger / attacking midfielder James Milner. Liverpool have been linked with a whole host of wingers and Milner is now the latest name on the list.

Milner has had a stop-start spell at Manchester City after his £26million move from Aston Villa last August. Milner started off well at Manchester City last season but then coach Roberto Mancini started to leave the England international on the bench and this is something Milner is not happy about. And now that City are after winger Alexis Sanchez (whom I still believe will not join Manchester City), Milner may decide to move on this summer in a bid to join a club where he would get regular first team football.

If Milner were to join Liverpool he would get much more action than he is getting at City and he needs as many games as he can to remain in the England setup. For me, Milner is still only 25 years old which ties into John Henry’s new transfer policy thus making him a realistic transfer target. He has the pace and trickery to become a great attacking threat for Liverpool. There is no doubt Milner would be a good addition to the Liverpool squad but how much would City be willing to sell him for could be the limiting factor. There is no way he is worth the £26million they paid for him. A fee of around £17million may be decent for Milner.

What do you think? Would Milner be a better option than Downing or Lennon?


33 responses to “James Milner, Stewart Downing or Aaron Lennon to Liverpool?”

  1. Varun says:

    If we get Milner we’ll have too many players who can play in the same positions. With Lennon and Downing it will be different. The 3 wingers that we should be buying are Lennon, Downing and Mata. With Lennon and Downing on both flanks to provide crosses to Carroll. A midfielder pushing forward from time to time to create chances for Suarez. Then we wont be needing overlapping RB and LB. Defenders will defend and attackers will attack. Just as DR kenny said.

  2. davspurs says:

    Trust me you wont get Lennon and Downing will be going to Arsenal Milner is better suited for Liverpool’s position seventh next season i have seen the light

  3. Pete Gill says:

    Milner, Carroll and Henderson. How can Liverpool possibly fail with quality of that magnitude.

    The answer is easily and hilariously for those watching.

    21 years…….

  4. davspurs says:

    These are dangerous times for Liverpool Comoli will send you down the road to ruin already 20 million in trading dept last season 20 million for a dud or make that two with mad Carrol that’s forty million loss. With the new rules starting from this June the champs league looks way off and another American fiasco looks on again never trust a older man with a younger Girl his mind is not on the job.

  5. Dean c says:

    Just loves the fact people are so obsessed with lfc, they have to search lfc sites to make remarks!. Small small people! He he he tools!

  6. Frank says:

    At least LFC are looking to bring good players in. Spurs are facing losing their best players. Have to sell before can buy. Harry Redknapp will struggle without heavy spending. LFC will definitely overtake Spurs next season.

  7. RIK Bradley says:

    We should b considering. Mata, Lennon, Kyle Walker, Chivu, Daniel Sturridge, Dann and if possible Di Maria and Yuri Zhirkov. These are quality players that are available and would add depth and strength.

  8. SG INDONESIA says:

    no for milner .
    We need winger like downing and mata .
    LB like baines .
    Backup CB like zapata or cahill .
    striker like hmm maybe aguero *hope

  9. I suggest that Liverpool fc should sign adam Johnson,and Aaron Lennon,mata and samba,these are quality players that can help Liverpool fc to win the title.LFC SHOULD MAKE SURE THEY PAY THESE PLAYERS BECUASE THEY ARE GOOD ALOT.

  10. Zahid says:

    id prefer Milner, Adam Johnson n Mata. Lennon wnt be coming he was wanted by us b4 he singed for Spurs in his Leeds Utd days, and has always been linked since, but i cnt see it happening unless a stupid fee is offered.

  11. Stannyharry says:

    I nid adam johnson,milner or lennon.and maybe aguero.pls liverpool

  12. Sanjay says:

    Lennon is quickest.

  13. Fadi chahin says:

    I think he will be a good addition to squad, lennon is a different type of player and very exciting to watch. Bring adam and add one of the two in addition to a central defender.

  14. Dennis says:

    The Three wingers we should bring to club are:

    1: Jesus Navas Of Seville for £20-£24M Or A Lennon for £17M To be out and out right winger with lighning speed, pace, trickery, skill,quality, cutting edge and to keep teams stretched.

    2: C Nzogbia Of Wigan, has speed,pace,trickery,goals and quality and club could get him for £10-£14M Max. LW/RW

    3: S Downing: Has a bit of pace and speed, good at holding width,good crossing ability and can play well on either wing,he could be brought to club for £17-£20M, hopefully £17.

    We desperately need 3 wide men who will stretch teams and bring speed and pace out wide to the side:

    A Sanchez is being touted at £35M alone this summer

    Nani,Valencia and A Young have cost united :£51M and give them choices out wide on the flanks.

    J Navas/A Lennon,C Nzogbia and S Downing would cost King Kenny: £49M and would bring more speed,pace,quality,class to the club that we currently are in desperate need of.

  15. Alan says:

    Did anyone actually watch Milner last year? He rarely did a positive thing for City. While he was not bad he did the job of a 8 million pound role player. Every cross he ever attempted was blocked and displayed how he is not made out to be a winger. Not only do I not rate him high enough to make our squad but his price would also be far too high, possibly reaching twenty million.

    Aaron Lennon could be a useful addition with all his pace, but I am inclined to think there are options that would be a lot more cost effective.

    Downing I feel is the best option of the three. A real out and out winger who get to the byline and produce good crosses.

  16. marko5times says:

    davspurs u’ve only finished above us twice in about 30 yrs so worry about ur own crap team and ours. ur gonna lose modric lennon bale and redknapp in the next 12 months and return to ur normal mid table position

  17. Chambers says:

    Looks like I didn’t foresee that there was yet another barrel to scrape!! Utter yawning mediocrity and that’s the good side!!!

  18. hamid says:

    i see that king kenny is confuse or the club dnt wnt to spend,if this is so let get ready for 15th on the league table next season

  19. Ben says:

    @ Pete Gill – what a boring cunt you are, taking time out on a sunny Sunday afternoon to comment on another teams page! Fuck off you mug!

  20. joe says:

    Spurs fan ..its back to looking over the fence at your neighbours after one season in with the big boys,and when Harry takes the England job you’ll be back to calling for Glen Hoddle to save yez..ha ha ha

  21. YNWalkA says:

    I think that, YOU should concentrate on CRICKET, the three players you mentioned here are……….Totally OVERATED and totally OVERPRICED, if they were’nt English, would you go abroad and, do everything you can to bring them to Liverpool???, the answer we all know, is three big NO, NO, NO’s!!!.

  22. Steve Ash says:

    Davspur is a nugget who needs to read other teams websites coz his own club ain’t gonna do no tradin’, except maybe a sell off of theit “2” BIG players. For next season “LOSERS”.
    By the end of the window I will be a lot happier than you coz atleast we will have new players to talk about.

  23. dave says:

    downing yes. milner if for about £10 mill but wouldn’t pay a fiver for lennon hes all pace no product. couldn’t cross hes legs never mind a ball and if we did get him tottenham would want £20 mill, would rather pay £25 mill for matta.

  24. Gerrardious says:

    do u guys know Milner was in’s ‘flop 11’ of the season.

  25. 'Will says:

    mata would be 1 st choice.
    N’Zogbia is the best value in PL based players.
    If we get anyone from Citeh it should be Adam Johnson!

    5 example players that would give LFC a great chance at CL spot, at least.

    2 positions essential
    LB/LWB – Izaguirre
    LW/LWF – Mata/Johnson/N’Zogbia

    2 positions wanted
    CB – Dann
    ST – Sturridge

    1 position is a bonus because Aquilani is back
    MF – Adam

  26. carlos says:

    i think it would be ok if we signed milner cuz he has true talent , its just being wasted by city and king kenny would improve him!

    i would love if they signed lennon and johnson they are perfect 4 lFc ! im not mentioning mata cuz he needs to adapt and i dont think we’ll sign him ….

  27. Sammytime says:

    dave, I couldn’t agree more… “wouldn’t pay a fiver for lennon hes all pace no product…couldn’t cross his legs never mind a ball.” We’d be better off with Benny Hill/a headless chicken on the RW.

    davspurs – you’re an idiot. Enjoy watching Spurs crumble after Modric and Bale leave.

  28. E'lnino says:

    Liverpool should sign lennon and downing and introduce eljaro elia in the club.

  29. E'lnino says:

    Liverpool should sign lennon and downing and introduce juan mata in the club.

  30. I Prefer Aaaaadam Johnson He Has Every Thing As A Player, He Is Young,He Is British, And Also He Is Cheeeeeeeeeep

  31. linley says:

    buy adam, downing, diego and lennon

  32. robidakidfowler says:

    We dont need a left back as much as we need a quality wide man andd two quality wingers. Sacrafice the hunt for a left back and invest in the priorities – which must be to insure that we get the best out of our investments in Suarez and in particular, Carroll. Of those mentioned and not I would like to see NZogbia(wide man) and Downing (winger) and if we could get 3 Lennon. Two have shone in struggling teams, two are english and all three are young enough and experineced enough to fit into the Conneli strategy. Obvioulsy the price of the players andw the willingness of thier clubs to sell present the stumbling blocks , especially in Lennons case. I would get Nzogbia (12m or 8m with player exchange?)) now and cant see why we haevnt done this already for the price we can get him at – he can be a match winner Downing 15 – 20 mill (i’d pay it even if 20m seems overpriced – can beat a man on both flanks and put in quality crosses and like Nzogbia can cut inside and set up play. As for Lennon (12m),only caught this rumour today and if true and we can swap for Aqui (good player but we are now overloaded centrally) then it would be a good piece of business for both clubs if Modric goes. About 44m total outlay straight cash deal or a £20m outlay with some wheeler dealing. We need too get rid of dead wood in sales or exchanges to release resources. Warner is a man who doesnt mind spending the money as long as its spent wisely. He is a business man first and a sports fan second. This is where Connelli must come through cuz still scratching my head about Henderson when wide man should have been the priority with Gerrad Lucas Adams Mierelles Aqui Spearing in aquad. Hnederson would make better sense if there are funds available to fill the wide positions with quality. I suppose we will have to wait and see – ps I havent mentioned any of the foriegn options like Mata because we dont have a chance of getting them without CL football at Anfield . 2011 we saw the return of the king and in 2012 we will see the return of the crown.