Liverpool owner John W Henry commented on twitter about the club’s transfer strategy:

“Speculation on players shouldn’t include those of a certain age. We are not going to be successful by merely filling short-term needs at LFC. Everything in sports is overpriced now – especially the cost of winning. But you make your choices based on a plan. Some things happen early and some late. The important thing is that things happen. Sometimes what you avoid is important.”

Comments about the club not buying players of a “certain age” is unsurprising, considering it was apparent from very early on that FSG subscribed to the “Moneyball” approach. The appointment of Damien Comolli very shortly after the takeover of the club was all but confirmation of this strategy.

This rumoured strategy was further reinforced by the signing of 20 year old Jordan Henderson and the genuine interest in 19 year old Phil Jones and 18 year old Connor Wickham. Questions remain however over how effective the approach will be.

As Henry mentions in his twitter messages, everything in football and in sports in general are “overpriced now,” and he no doubt was referring to some of the transfers fees being paid by Liverpool as well as other clubs. What Moneyball effectively boils down though in its most basic conception is the aim to get “value for money.” Younger players maybe overpriced but their value in the future will only go up while those in the latter stages of their careers will only depreciate in value. It makes financial sense to invest in younger players.

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