Date:2nd July 2011 at 1:00pm
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Downing may not be a world class winger but he is what we exactly need right now. He is an out and out winger who hugs the touch line…has that little bit of pace, the ability to take on defenders and put in an accurate ball into the box. We have been crying out load for a decent winger now for many seasons and he could just be the solution.

To all the people complaining, I think Downing will be a better signing for us than Young. Young might have that extra yard of pace and is more skillful but Downing too has the pace and the ability beat defenders and most importantly he has the final product as well. Downing always gives a 100 percent to the cause which Young lacks at times. It’s not like we missed out on a brilliant young gem and are going for an average player instead, I think they are both equally matched and downing maybe a bit underrated. Both are of at the same level of their career age wise ( downing a year older) and this will probably be their last major transfers of their career. Downing has a great footballing brain and plays for the team whereas Young tries to do all by himself at times. Downing has one hell of a sweet left foot and is one of the best crosser of a football in the premier league. So I’d say both are equally matched.

At this moment in time with no European Football we will certainly fail to attract top class players who want to play in the Champions League. With the premier league experience under his belt Downing will not be a gamble. He can come straight into the team and can instantly adjust to the league which foreign players might find it difficult.

So if we can get him, he will be a great addition to the team. At 26 he may not fit the owner’s plan but we need to balance youth with experience as well or else take the risk of turning into what Arsenal have, where every next season is said to be the season. He is at his highest point of his career also highlighted by the fact that he had his best season at Villa Park and was their player of the season. He will do the job that is needed at present and will be the stepping stone for us to getting the world class players back at Anfield.

We might have to pay a wee bit more for him than we’d like but in today’s inflated market I think it would be reasonable as we will benefit largely by this deal. I think anywhere around £13million will be a reasonable price for him.