Date: 2nd July 2011 at 6:00pm
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Most Reds fans would agree that one of the more pleasant surprises from last season was the huge strides made by Jay Spearing. The 22 year old went from being one of the doomed fringe players to Steven Gerrard’s first team replacement in the space of a few months. However, with central midfield already looking overcrowded coupled with the fact that we are being linked to yet more central midfielders, the future is again starting to look bleak for our number 26.

It is a shame for Spearing as it now looks like the competition for places in midfield may be a bit too much for him to get decent match time. The fact that he was awarded a new contract in May however shows that for now at least he does remain very much a part of Kenny Dalglish’s long term plans. Considering the competition for places along with his new contract, it seems that the most logical outcome for Jay Spearing next season would be to send him on loan to another Premier League team.

A season-long loan spell really is a win-win situation for all parties as he could gain valuable first team experience for an entire campaign while also ensuring that his stock rises should we ever need to sell him. He’s never exactly been known as a gem but Jay Spearing proved last season that he can be relied upon to perform in high intensity games and it was a pleasure to see his confidence in the middle of the field grow with each starting XI appearance.

I recall Jay Spearing stating in an interview a few years ago that Rafa Benitez was trying to mould him into a holding midfielder and the tenacity in his tackling at times has shown that there is definitely potential for him to be effective in this position. One thing to consider is that with Lucas being the only specialist defensive midfielder currently at the club, there is actually room for Spearing to stake his claim to be Lucas Leiva’s first choice understudy next season.

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25 responses to “Jay Spearing’s future at Liverpool”

  1. mcshattery says:

    this is one piss poor article. it says a million different things.

    a piece of sheet



  2. SuaRed says:

    You took the words out of my mouth McShattery

  3. Burt says:

    didn’t you catch the second half of last season? didn’t you notice how spearing and Lucas dominated midfield match after match? Didn’t you notice in our last game of the season when spearing went of injured early on that the team collapsed? The team hardly missed Gerrard at all, Spearo runs more tackles more and never leaves spaces in behind. If he can be a little more productive in the last third then ‘roberts your fathers brother’

  4. SS says:

    Spearing and Lucas are the two worst players in LFC. Who says otherwise is stupid or blind or both! Trust me, I have 3 PhDs.

  5. marko5times says:

    to S.S. congratulations on ur 3 phd’s but u kno jack about footy. the jury’s out on spearo but lucas is worth his weight in gold. stop watchin and judgin from ur armchair u tit

  6. nicky Gee says:

    Jay Spearing is not good enought to be the Liverpool squad – reserve yes – first NO. Would he serioudly get in Chelsea, Manure No he wouldnt – best off playing bottom table teams or sell to blackpool in exchange for Adam, even tho i have my thoughts on him not being good enough!!

  7. Burt says:

    nicky gee said
    “Jay Spearing is not good enought to be the Liverpool squad”

    I don’t think any footballer is equivalent to 24 players lol.

    Man utd won the league a few seasons ago with Phil Neville and John O’shea in the middle of the park. Were they better than Xabi, sissoko, Gerrard and Kewell? Like Eff were they. My point is a TEAM is all about the blend. Lucas and Spearing showed last season that the team ticks along nicely when they play together.

  8. Chuky 64 says:

    Spearing is a good player no doubt. And also a box to box midfielder. But with the with again Steven Gerard and the ever imroving lucas leiva and signing of jordan and adam and the returning of albeto aquillani, there wil be limited chances for him to prove himself once again. I think the best option will be to send him out on loan.

  9. philC says:

    Obviously SS never watches football in his life, if he did he must be watching the replay from two season ago, or maybe he’s from US. Besides Mareiles & Suarez Lucas was easily the best player for us last season and Jay have prove he is a valuable asset to the team. Those phDs must be bachelor of stupid & bachelor of blind

  10. Burt says:

    I have a Columbo style hunch that Henderson and Adam will be used in wide areas next season. Adams’ left foot is made for crossing and he often plays out their as does Henderson. At Blackburn Kenny played with two solid up and down mids in Sherwood and Batty. Spearo, Lucas, Gerrard will be fighting it out for those two spots in my opinion with the versatility of Adam and Henderson (only if needed) as back up.

  11. Alex says:

    Philc u just said my mind guy u are 2 much

  12. njanja says:

    Kenneth and Comolli should be ashamed of themselves! All they do is identify players for other serious clubs to buy. We have lost in all the important targets: Ashley Young, Phil Jones,Gevinho, Zapata, Payet, Clichy, Enrique, Wickham, Bojan, Jefrren etc, and for about 6 months running, they cannot close or stall Charle Adam’s deal. They are gradually making LFC look inferior

  13. 'Will says:

    And you know this how?
    Hack into LFC emails?
    Tap KD and DC’s phones?

    Truth is no one knows who the LFC targets are outside those involved in the process.

    That is pissing the press off no end.
    It’s clear they are trying to make it look like you believe it is,
    ie. LFC are missing out on the 61 players linked with us this month.

    Luckily some fans can see thru it and are not all complete numptys…

  14. lee says:

    Spearing should be on loan to a club in Spain ..That will be great for him as a footballplayer..

  15. Darren says:

    Fair enough Lucas has had his best two season ( the last two ) but if you really think players like Lucas and Spearing are good enough to get LFC back to were we belong then your dreamers !! Adams and Diego are twice the players they are, if not both are better than both on there own!! There’s rumours Meireles is leaving but KK should consider selling Lucas or Aqualini( not spelt right but who g.a.f) and for Spearing I’d love to see him make it but he is not good enough and should find a new team for first team football. I’m really looking forward to the new season and would like to say to all those fans going mad about players were linked with to just judge it when the window shuts because I really believe we will have a team to defo get in the top four and maybe just maybe we can challenge for the league ( no European football will benefit us in the league ) YNWA

  16. Lookhere says:

    I like the combination of Lucas and Spearing. The advantage last season when they combine is that they both always running and closng down opposition, closing space and winning tackles. Some see this as a negative pair but it works as long as the five attacking players ahead of them are of high quality.

  17. SS says:

    @philC – I have 2 season tkts, you ignorant fool! U are jealous because u are stupid and have no phds. Also, can’t u count, stupid and blind, only make 2.

  18. reid says:

    @ss u are just one of those people that get thier phd certficates through theory and not practical…if not a phd holder shouldnt be saying shit like this..except your phd is in cooking or fishery…or maybe badmington and ping pong..if its sport, i guess you certificates should be recalled…and mind u i have a 5 season premium ticket nd i also hold a total of 32 soccer managemnt certifications nd yes i also have my phd in sports mangement and also in football studies…but i am definitely not ignorant as u fucking are…..spearing is growing, lucas is definitely one of the best.and even ur son cant be better than him with u lecturing him…bomboclark

  19. Pete Gill says:

    Two reasons why liverpool failed to get European football last season

    #1 Lucas Levia was one of their midfield players

    #2 Jay Spearing was the other.

    21 years……..

  20. Ajiri says:

    Lucas is total rubbish, ever improving my foot. Spearing is a better player than he is only that they dont play in same position

  21. nicky Gee says:

    @ Burt – i think you know exactly what i am saying there… stop nit picking. As stated I do not think Jay Spearing is good enough for the LFC SQUAD hes ok in my opinion not world class and that is what we need to balance the average

  22. SS says:

    @burt – that why you are stupid. Only a PhD in sports nonsense (if that is not a lie in reality!). Mine are in medicine, science and law, all proper subjects for clever people, not soft subjects for fools like u!