Date:1st July 2011 at 11:47am
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From the moment FSG took over Liverpool, one of the first questions they had to address was the new stadium. When Hicks and Gillett took over, they promised us a new stadium but we all know how these two’s promises went. FSG have not come out yet and made a commitment about the new stadium as they are still taking their time to analyse if it is better for the club to build a new stadium or to just redevelop Anfied.

Liverpool Managing Director Ian Ayre has explained what the latest situation is with the stadium.

“Nobody is going to force ourselves or the owners to make a decision until we know what’s right for the club, because that was what partly went wrong before,” Ayre said.

“Sometimes people won’t like that it takes a long time. That’s unfortunate but it’s the way we do it. Once a week someone will ask me what is happening with the stadium and the answer is ‘we don’t know’.

“The reason we don’t know is there are still the two solutions.

“They are a new stadium in Stanley Park or a refurbished Anfield – that obviously comes with all sorts of issues – and there are a million questions to answer.

“The new stadium in the park comes down to the economics; how do we pay it back? It needs a big naming partner.

“Until you get the answer to those questions it would be wrong and unprofessional for us to make a statement about what we are doing.”

At the end of the day whether we move to a new stadium or stay at Anfield, it is going to boil down to an issue over money. It would be great if we could move to a new stadium which seats 60,000 plus fans but developing such a new stadium would require a lot of money. Ayre touched on the issue of naming rights and that is going to play a major role if we decide to get a new stadium. There will be no way we would be able to build a new stadium without selling the naming rights which means that will be the end of Anfield.

So for now we just have to continue on waiting to hear what is going to happen to Anfield. What would you want to happen? Stay and redevelop Anfield or move into a brand new stadium?