Date: 30th June 2011 at 5:00pm
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Liverpool are reportedly interested in Brazilian midfielder Diego who currently plays for Wolfsburg. The 26 year old wants to leave the German club and try his luck out in the Premier League.

Diego is quoted as saying: “At this moment I desperately want to play in England. There are talks with several clubs just starting.

“It is way too early to admit my destination. Anyway, it would be perfect to feature in the Premiership in the future.

“I will definitely consider all offers in a careful manner. It is my dream to play in the Premiership. I am looking forward to getting a solution.”

Now if Liverpool are one of the clubs he is talking about that he is in talks with that would come as a surprise to me as we are currently looking to offload midfielders instead of signing them.

There is no doubt that Diego is a talented player, one just has to watch the video below courtesy of ElPistoleroJFT96 to see how gifted he is and on his day he is a match for any player in Europe. But the lack of consistancy in his game is a problem and we all know how Brazilians tend to struggle when they move to the Premier League.

Do you think it would be wise for Liverpool to make a move on Diego?


3 responses to “Thursday Rumour: Brazilian midfield target wants move to Premier League”

  1. aliGB says:

    If offload raul and aquilani and pulsen ; why not ?

  2. jonesey says:

    Clever -this story is a month old but are you gambling that something may break tomorrow – 1 st JULY. I was thinking on the same lines and wondering re a certain E Hazard – now theres a thought.

  3. kehins says:

    pls go 4 diego, mata,or hazard that is ready to go and get adam, erique,downing. Pls sell raul, aquilani and poulson, jocol