Date: 30th June 2011 at 4:10pm
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With Liverpool having missed out on signing Phil Jones, Ashley Young, Sylvain Marveaux and Connor Wickham, we may just find ourselves missing out on another summer transfer target, Gael Clichy.

It is being reported that Clichy is now wanted by Manchester City and they are willing to pay £7million for him. Liverpool desperately need to sign an experienced left-back this summer and Clichy was one of the players we have been strongly linked with together with Newcastle’s Jose Enrique.

In my opinion, I do not think missing out on Clichy is such a bad thing if we are able to get a better left-back such as Enrique or Lyon’s Aly Cissokho. What will be disappointing however is if Liverpool are not able to add a new left-back to the squad this summer and we missed out on Clichy because we did not want to pay £7million for him.

John Henry has made it clear that he is not just going to buy players for the short term and rather buy players who will be at Liverpool for many years to come. Clichy is 25 years old, that does not make him too young or too old, so age can not possibly be the reason why Liverpool are not pursuing Clichy aggressively enough. I feel the £7million fee it not within our valuation of the player.

Will you be hard done by if we do not sign Clichy?


10 responses to “Liverpool are set to miss out on another transfer target”

  1. Mr. Chopper says:

    Did you ever stop to think that we were never going to buy any of these players, and it was just the press who linked them to us?

  2. Hoo says:

    Simply Liverpool is shortage of funds to buy more players in this summer.

  3. Mike Arms says:

    It’s all speculation, who said Clichy and all the players you mentioned where actual targets? It’s all agents spin and media hype, come the start of the season we will have the players we need because they will be the players who wanted to sign and who are wearing the red shirt.
    FSG have a business plan in place, it incorporates salaries, transfer fees and of course building the new stadium. Stability and progress are the key words, not spending tens of millions on over priced players.

  4. fergo says:

    why is it everytime i read a post from you lot its a negative one? there is enough moaners in england without you moaning all the way from africa about liverpool fc, fergo

  5. AJ says:

    Boring, boring, boring article.

    Don’t believe anything you read until you see a player stood in front of the Kop with a scarf round his neck.

  6. Harvey says:

    Tired of waiting for something to happen at LFC. Maybe when all the good players are gone then…we’ll start signing!!!! That too is a MAYBE!!

  7. Ben says:

    Moan come September when we will know who we got and if they live up to expectation! I am not bothered at all about ‘missing’ out on the players you mention (if we were after them at ball).
    Sometimes interest in a player can be just having a look at them playing, sounding out people in the know about them, or enquiring as to their availability! The latter doesn’t mean you intend to bid for them, just that you want to know if they’re an option and then you could decide whether they are right for you. Yes with some targets you’ll know whether they are or not without needing any evaluation, but not always! There are so many facets to club football that we don’t know about its not worth getting our knickers in a twist because some tabloid tells us we should! If we bid for Messi and he agreed to come, but we stalled and he went to manure then bitch and flame LFC all you like, but until then lets just wait and see!!!

  8. Ben says:

    * at all

  9. Margus12 says:

    Of the players you mentioned, only Sylvain Marveaux was a confirmed target for us. The only reason we missed out on him was because we pulled out of the deal.
    It’s an old trick the press are playing. First you link the club to nearly every player in Europe. When, inevitably, some of these players are bought by other clubs, it’s claimed that Liverpool missed out on this target or were snubbed by that target. Hopefully we’ll see some activity over the next two weeks.
    However if we don’t sign anyone else and just go with our young emerging players, Coady, Wisdom, Suso, Sterling, Ngoo, Silva, Adorjan etc, i honestly won’t be too disappointed.

  10. Zanz Kola says:

    1 by 1 our target run away.i don’t know why this happen. no money or slowly deal of transfer or may be lfc not serious to get players.untill now only flop talent lfc can bring to clubs.we all considers to juan vargas,eden hazard,christian zapata,juan mata,moussa sissokho and mario gomez or kun’s enough…lock door. but don’t forget to clear out unwanted player likes joe cole, konchesky,ngog,poulsen and others season better let many young talent to step up into senior squad.