Date: 29th June 2011 at 8:25am
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Reports this morning (Wednesday) suggest that assistant manager Sammy Lee has left Liverpool Football Club.

There is no official statement from the club as yet but we expect more to develop during the course of the day.

If this news is true, how do you feel about Sammy Lee leaving Liverpool? Many reasons already spring to my mind why Lee could have left Liverpool: Steve Clarke has come in at Liverpool alongside Kenny Dalglish and maybe there is no room for Lee in the backroom setup anymore now that Clarke is there.

There is also a suggestion that Lee is leaving Liverpool because he wants to partner up with Sam Allardyce again at West Ham.

We will keep you posted throughout the day with regards to this news.


15 responses to “Wednesday Rumour: Sammy Lee leaves Liverpool”

  1. ynwaDrew says:

    We will miss you Sammy. Thank you for all the great moments. Hope you will come back again one day. All the best!


  2. Craig (South Africa) says:

    This is a good move, I do not really see what Lee was doing now that we got clarke. We saw how the whole joint manager thing went wrong now we need to get rid of the joint assistant managers.

    Thank you tho for the service Sammy.

  3. JD says:

    no matter the reason if he really has left, LFC will still be okay. I think Dalglish and Clark will have no problem handling the team. At times too many cooks spoil everything.

  4. stacey7 says:

    This has come as a shock to me. I hope it does not mess up the team spirit. I hope if he is leaving it is in good faith. The West Ham link makes a lot of sense.

  5. TG says:

    Sammy was on the periphery of things anyway, his time was done. Clarke is a better coach!!!!!

  6. Badd says:

    That should be happen since the arrival of Steve Clark. It’s good for both (Samy & Liverpool).

  7. dixie222 says:

    kenny brought steve clarke in and the only person who had kennys ear was steve. the assistant manager is sometimes as important as the manager we have seen this when pako left liverpool benitez management was not the same. this has also been the case with chelsea this year when ray wilkins was sacked. steve clarke is an excellent assistant manager and is the right choice as he has worked with the best and will fill the holes with the modern training packages that kenny may not be familiar with. Sammy is liverpool throuhg and through and i know he would always do his best but at the moment it is the dalglish and clarke show and sammy being ahead of steve would have only caused problems in the long run!!

  8. Raj says:

    All the best to you Sammy…. With Mr. Clarke in things will be fine at Liverpool…

  9. shane says:

    sammy is from the stuart pearce school. he was a failure at bolton, i was gobsmacked when liverpool hired him again. Working with Big Sam again, good luck to him, thats about the level.

  10. Brian Denson says:

    It is a shame but what is his role in the current set up.Maybe its time for Sammy tohave another go at management.
    Good luck in whatever you do Sammy

  11. stan howard says:

    sammy sitting next to the horrible hodgson saying nothing – said everything.

  12. Jacqui says:

    I am shocked, maybe he has had his nose pushed out a bit with the arrival of Steve clarke..

  13. Joshua kessiena says:

    Why should he go he his gud

  14. albey says:

    If any body has got any reservations about Kenny Dalglish’s managementship if he is up for the job then this answers all your questions . Kenny knows that there can only be one manager and one head coach hence Sammy leaving ruthless that is kenny he knows what he wants for the club and he will not let friendship get in the way . the last 3 seasons all I ever seen Sammy do on match days during the game is sit there and say very little even when rafa was in charge rafa really spoke to Sammy hodgson never either so maybe he forced his own exit from the club but were ever Sammy goes we wish him well .

  15. Joe says:

    Sammy Lee has been a fantastic player, assistant manager and coach for Liverpool fc but it is time for a change to maybe bring in a younger coach that the current players will remember playing,someone like Sami Hyypia or Didi Hamman.Thanks Sammy hope you enjoy your retirement.