Date: 29th June 2011 at 1:44pm
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Charlie Adam’s proposed transfer from Blackpool to Liverpool seems to have stepped up and extra notch according to the Blackpool Gazette. They report that Charlie Adam has held talks with the Blackpool chairman and has told him that he wants to join Liverpool.

This does not surprise me as there is no way Adam can play Championship football this coming season with his talent. He has to move back to the Premier League and he sights Liverpool as his prefered destination. As the transfer rumours have been making the rounds, Liverpool have been pegged as favourites to sign Adam ahead of Aston Villa, Tottenham and Manchester United.

It is now suggested that Blackpool may want Liverpool defender Danny Wilson to be part of the deal that takes Adam to Anfield. Before it was Jonjo Shelvey who was said to be part of the Adam deal. Either way, it is a good move if Wilson or Shelvey get the chance to go on loan to Blackpool for a full season where they can get regular first team football.

I guess the ball is now in Liverpool’s court and they have to come in with a formal bid for Adam now. I know many fans are still not convinced if Adam is the right signing Liverpool should be making as it could mean that Raul Meireles will be sold this summer.


29 responses to “Charlie Adam wants to move to Liverpool”

  1. Davie Dire says:

    Will be a great signing, scored more goals than Merelies (who is yellow in the tackle). Don’t know what the fuss is about!! Get him signed ASAP

  2. redmatt says:

    Raul is a different player to charlie. Keep merieles unless he wants to leave. Dont think he does tho. We need strengh in depth. So it will be good. Cant w8 4 season t start! YNWA

  3. patrick says:

    Davie most of Adam’s goals were spot kicks. Meireles goals were pure class.

  4. nigel de rozario says:

    Pay Blackpool 8 mil
    and give Lucas instead!

  5. frank says:

    keep them both.

  6. charlotte adoria says:

    Take Charlie, give Ngog & Lucas… please o please i beg you do this!!!!! 🙁

  7. dewale says:

    why should you guys suggest lucas instead of willson and jonjo, pls bring in adam

  8. cheesed off says:

    WHICKAM MISSED – prefers sunderland and joins young jones and Connollis french mate who again prefered Sunderland

  9. kkkersh says:

    just swap him for all the deadwood

  10. TG says:

    Karl Oyston is a moron and Charlie Adam must be in turmoil at how he is being treated, Oystons dad Owen is a convicted Paedophile, lovely family eh??????

  11. kkkersh says:

    hes a convicted rapist

  12. gray says:

    awwwww cmon wats all da fuss about.jst get him in asap.

  13. J J says:

    Liverpool keep missing out on all the signings. Not surprise if we miss out on CHarlie as well. Deja vu here and deja vu there. By the time the season starts, we will probably only have the Henderson signing. Come on Comolli, stop pussy footing all over.

  14. Dan says:


  15. miky says:

    pls lets keep meriles and lucas. Instead of Adam, lets go 4 sneijder or kaka. Pls

  16. Alan says:

    Kaka is a shadow of the player he was 18 months ago

  17. RSA DIE HARD RED FAN says:

    liverpool will bite a dust again if they keep on dragging ft jus like wat heppen with connor we need 2 act fast!

  18. Jamiu says:

    Liverpool should keep meriles,aquilani,and buy adam for this season and anybody that want to leave after this season can leave.let us use them win the league.incase of injury purpose.atlist u people can see ferguson that, he dont sell out any how.that made man u to be competing for all competitions.

  19. MB says:

    Connor too expensive with no 1st div exprience. We have enough young talented strikers and not worth it for that price. Mereiles started with injury before last 2 games. he is now 28 yrs better sell him and keep Aquilani and buy Adams, a winger, a left back and CB.

  20. Slimmy says:

    Pls king k,try and sign charlie adam for us.

  21. grahame says:

    Why R we getting rid of decsent players like Mereles and Maxi when we should B getting Shut of deadwood like Lucas and Poulton and dont leave it to late to bring Adam in or we will miss the bus again this season

  22. grahame says:

    lets not wait until its too late to get Adam or we will miss the bus again this season Get shut of Lucas and Poulton they have not done a lot for us

  23. DaveWestAus again says:

    It’s not easy to get rid of the players they don’t want!

  24. Nyasha says:

    We need charlie get rid of aqualan, poulsen, jovanovic, joe, ngog ‘n’ paul k

  25. fizz says:

    Aqua man will be back! Will be a hit!

  26. pete vickers says:

    Some people are morons why would we get rid of Lucas a mid twenty Brazil team starting midfielder who has just won our player of the year award? Obviously some of you didn’t go to any games last season if you had of you would have noticed Lucas kept the ship together in midfield. Idiots.

  27. tosin says:

    i think it will be betar if we keep them.