7 Reasons why Steven Gerrard is set to have his best ever season

5) Kenny Dalglish : King Kenny is Liverpool through and through and he understands the Liverpool way better than anyone else. Dalglish’s achievement both as a player and as a manager commands the respect which Hodgson could never get from the players or the fans. Everyone looks up to Kenny and he brings in the motivation and desire to play for him which Roy failed to do and thus struggled. After a dismal reign of the bloody cowboys, we needed a leader who could steady the ship and keep his calm when everything around him was in utter chaos and since the arrival of Dalglish he has been nothing but that. He is an idol for the fans, an inspiration for all the players, a hero for everyone connected to Liverpool Football Club and is a living legend. This will be a influentional factor for Steven and the team next season.

6) Owners and Stabilty : Now that everything on and off the pitch seems stable and we have stopped making the headlines for all the wrong reasons we look to be heading towards the right direction. Now we seem to have owners who understand what our club means to the fans and are interested in the well fare of the club and not just in making profit. For the local boys (Stevie and Carra) who are so attached to the club, it does matter how the club is being and it will have an impact on them. So now with everything in place we can look towards a bright and successful future.

7) And finally Man Utd breaking our title record :

It was a very painful day for all related to LFC when ManU claimed the 19th title. It was heart breaking to see them go past us and claim what seemed to be near impossible two decades ago. But let’s face it, we certainly have not been good enough and have ourselves to blame for this. Born and bred in the red half of Merseyside, Steven Gerrard will want nothing more than to break United’s record and get LFC back on top where we belong. There will be a fire in his belly next season as this determination will drive him more than ever. Manchester United beating us for the 19th title will only make him hungrier for success. He will be ready for all challenges that comes his way and he should have a sensational season.

So we will surely be back not to knock Manchester United off their perch as Fergie once claimed to do to Liverpool but we will be back to take what is ours.

OurKop.com would like to welcome Bikesh Shrestha from Nepal to the team.