Date: 28th June 2011 at 5:22pm
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Liverpool have been linked with a move for Tottenham winger Aaron Lennon over the last couple of days. Nothing concrete has come out of this speculation yet with neither Liverpool or Tottenham saying anything. Personally, I would like it to remain this why as I do not feel Lennon is the marquee winger we should be signing this summer.

We do need to sign a a quality winger this summer who can come straight into the first team and do a decent job. For me Stewart Downing or Juan Mata are the best candidates for the job. Downing more so because he already has Premier League experience under his belt whereas with Mata we do not know if he will take a season to adjust to the league or he will do a Suarez and settle in straight away.

Going back to Lennon, the reason for me I feel Liverpool should not even entertain the thought of signing him is because we already have a player just like Lennon, if not better, in the form of Raheem Sterling.

Under Kenny Dalglish, many Liverpool youngsters have been given a chance in the first team and Dalglish is going to continue giving youth a chance for as long as he is in charge. Sterling is one of the hottest prospects at the Liverpool Academy right now and he came so close to getting a run out with the first team towards the end of last season when he traveled with the squad for a Europa League tie. This coming season, we are surely going to see Sterling have a chance in the first team even if it is a bit part role as Kenny is not going to rush him into the limelight before he believes he is ready.

Now if we have Aaron Lennon on our books, the chances of Sterling getting chances in the first team will be even smaller and thus diminishing his growth. Why should we go out and spend £20million on Lennon when in a season or two, Sterling will be ready for the first team?

ElPistoleroJFT96 put together a video of Sterling’s display for England Under 17’s at the World Cup recently where our winger scored an amazing goal. With a bit more work and the guidance of Kenny Dalglish, Sterling is going to turn into a star and why should his prospects be disturbed by an Aaron Lennon.


35 responses to “Why Liverpool can not sign Aaron Lennon”

  1. richard says:

    just put lennon on the right and sterling on the left add suarez to that and you have 4 bewildered defenders

  2. SouthernSpur says:

    So you would rather have Downing over Lennon??

    Lennon is a lot quicker, his final ball is much improved and he is a damn site better Downing will ever be.

    Shows how much you know about football then!!

  3. herts Yid says:

    Lennon is in the middle of renegotiating hos contract, he isnt going anywhere, keep spending 20million on the Hendersons of this world and you will have a good chance in the Carling Cup.

  4. Dale says:

    Competition for places is never a bad thing. But I’d have to suggest that the reason we should not sign Lennon is that he’s simply not good enough. We need someone hungrier, younger and with promise.

  5. Ron Burgundy says:

    So because a 17 year old played well against Rwanda he’s better than an England international?


    Talented youngster, sure, but he’s got some way to go

  6. Mike says:

    Deluded scouser thinks Liverpool have the option of buying spurs’s better players!!!

  7. sicnarf says:

    dont think rahem is ready yet, looked small even compared to other U 17s, he is going to be an integral part of our future though. Reasons for not wanting lennon;
    1. That eyebrow thing… trying to look hard but makes you want to splap his wee arse, thug life my balls.
    2. There is a lot better out there, probably a story started by the s£n

  8. aniket says:

    i dont agree with this guy lennon is damm good he is needed for us counter attacking which downing wont be able to do although he is also good but i think i would prefer lennon but anyway i agree that sterling will come good in the future i just hope he is good in the present :]

  9. Callaghan says:

    The articles on this site are rubbish. Really low quality. Thank gog you can blacklist on

  10. Mark says:

    This is just regurgitated rubbish. Column inches need filling. I cannot see us strengthening Liverpool when you will be one of our main rivals next season. I cannot see Lennon anywhere but at the Lane next season.

  11. spurs guvnor says:

    Lennon hates scousers for starters. Then there is the fact that he aint for sale and also the simple fact that tottenham are miles better than liverpool.
    That sterling is rubbish what are you on about son? Better than lennon! lmfao. You weirdos.

  12. Devonshirespur says:

    You make a good point about an established winger blocking the path of youth BUT you go too far if you think your promising youngster is better than Lennon.

    Lennon came to Spurs just aged 18 and while he has been pretty much first team squad ever since, he perhaps has not reached the heights that he may have. He is still a superb player, lightning fast and much improved delivery. I judge it by thinking would I like to see such a player up against our defence and the answer would be a resounding NO.

    LFC in my opinion lack pace and Downing will do little to improve that. He can play in a 433 more easily than Lennon though, which is the way LFC seem to be going, although if Saurez is on the left, Downing on the right is not ideal. He is very left footed & predictably comes in on to it all the time.

    As for Sterling, the reports I have heard are good, although whispers of a bit of an attitude (not uncommon in youth everywhere). But he would have to be absolutely exceptional to be a regular in LFCs 1st team this or next season. Lennon would be a starter and more likely to project you towards the top that unproven youth…..Luckily for Spurs and the OP, Lennon is not for sale. the rumours are all part of his agent getting him a better deal.

  13. TG says:

    Lennon can’t cross a road, rubbish. He is better taking up sprinting as he is no footballer, Sterling is already a better player at 16 years old…… Spur’s players all leaving for big clubs now!!!!!

  14. TG says:

    See all the cockneys on the Liverpool sites, sad twats!!!!!

  15. Lee says:

    I think it’s hilarious that Spurs have had one decent season finishing 4th in the league and that they suddenly think they are a bigger better club than Liverpool.

    Talk about frickin deluded, the facts are there for all to see that Spurs are no bigger than Everton!

  16. TG says:

    Chelsea and Arsenal are bigger clubs than Spurs, what happens when Modric runs away to Chelsea and Bale to Italy??????. Normal service will resume, hoping to beat Arsenal in the derby once every 10 years……ha ha ha

  17. HG says:

    Lol Spurs are there to stay, Liverpool have nowhere
    near the Quality of Spurs. Deal with is Liverpool Your on the Decline. Signed EVERTON

  18. TG says:

    Anyone got a tenner to lend to Moyes to buy some teabags……ha ha ha, he might get a striker for that….LOL!!!!

  19. Addiyo says:

    Lennon is useful And when he is on form he is so difficult for defences to play against. I don’t really think his overall game has improved over the past couple of years! Sure his final ball is getting better but it can still be hit and miss! Also I could have a go at marking him because 8 times out of 10 he will go down the outside! If he could inject a bit more variety in his game he would be very useful! As for downing never really been a fan but has impressed me at villa last season! Don’t think he would be as bad as some people are suggesting! As for kenny playing youth this has been down to the lack of squad depth Liverpool have had and has meant he has had to play them, as opposed to wanting to give them a chance! I personally liked the look of Kelly! I would say 2 wingers a centre back a creative midfielder should help balance the squad because at the moment Liverpool are not challenging next year

  20. Desy says:

    I think Lennon’s frequent bust ups with Redknapp, especially considering the nature of them (accusations of faked injuries and general bottling) suggest to me that Lennon may look to leave. Sorry Coys.

  21. patrick says:

    Lennon on the right, Mata on the left, and Liverpool would be a real force again. Sir butthole Ferguson would be sweating buckets..

  22. arklow red says:

    Good point about sterling but I dont know why you want to buy someone who wont keep a player out of a team and dont want a player who would? Are you suggesting we buy weaker players so that it is easier for our prospects to come through? But I cant wait until Raheem gets his chance though.

  23. Talking out of your arse mate says:

    Spurs fans on here with their cocky comments,it won’t be too long before you lot are back to being a mid table club,finish in the top four consistently before blowing your small trumpets.

  24. James says:

    One good season for Spurs and we finished above Liverpool, correct. Then we had a relatively bad season… And still finished above Liverpool, beating you home and away. Hmmm…

    I am inclined to agree with the subject of the original post – that Sterling should be given a chance before you bring someone expensive in. But not because he is already better than Lennon – which is just dreaming at this time – but because he ahold be given a chance to show what he can do and spending 20mn on a player in front of him then doesn’t make sense.

  25. Desy says:

    Hold up a second. So we shouldn’t buy a 24yo England intl right winger because we have a 17yo England U17 left winger in our youth squad? Seriously are you people mental?

  26. DJ says:

    This is hilarious. Typical bin dippers living in the past. Why on earth would Lennon want to come to your sh1tty team and why on earth do you all assume you can buy him from Spurs. Sad deluded fools.

  27. gray says:

    hey Dj.u need to suck some cotton candy befor u call liverpool,crap.who d heck do u think u are?some some freaky noisy flea infested ass.bah.
    have u achieved anything like,18 titles,5 champions leagues?n d list goes on and on.put ur money where ur mouth is,butthole.

  28. DJ says:

    haha job done. Threw out a line and caught a dumb fcking fat scouser. Good use of grammar by the way you brainless oaf. Up early to collect your dole cash and spend it on fags and nags are we?

  29. phil says:

    Neither Downing or Lennon could be considered ‘marquee’signings that would have Liverpool fans in feverish excitement. Lennon can beat a man for pace, but Downing is far more useful to a team, good positional sense, good crossing, good shot, anyway the club are interested in both as they play on alternative flanks. Sterling would not be held back by Lennon as he primarily plays on the left so Downing would be in his position. In the course of time, Sterling would not be held back by either, he is potentially much better than either of them. I don’t want us to sign Lennon, so much promise but so little results from it. Would rather we went after Mata (doubt we could get him though) or Milner.

  30. Desy says:

    DJ, Lennon’s spats with Redknapp when Redknapp suggested he was a bottler (especially before the Real Madrid game) seems to have pissed off Lennon big time. It may be a case of Lennon having a massive problem with Redknapp similar to the Darren Bent situation. When players feel disrespected by their manager like that (see Charles Nzogbia), they tend to up sticks and leave.

  31. Acton_Yid says:

    £20m on Jordan Henderson…muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  32. davspurs says:

    You ae all deluded and if you think you on the way back forget it the real Liverpool lost the last two games and if you knew what got you and Everton up the table away from the drop you wouldn’t be so confident for next year.Comoli will send you on the American road to ruin your dept is know 40 million 20 trading Loss and 20 for a dud Lennon is a figmant of the librarian Commoli wishful thinking Lennon his worth 35 Million if the under 21 let down Henderson is worth 20You will finish behind Everton seventh.

  33. jason scotland says:

    Tottenham need Aaron lennon because we have no other good wingers apart from gareth bale and without lennon we would have 2 play david bentley or dos santos who are not good enough to be in the starting 11 for a team with high expectations including champions league

  34. Aaron Lennon says:

    Liverpool suck why would i wont to got there when i can stay at tottenham

  35. Aaron saturday. says:

    Please coach should go for Aaron Lennon cos he is a good winger.