Date: 28th June 2011 at 10:09am
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I know we all have our favourites but also the ones we bought by mistake and don not want them associated in a red shirt any longer. The Meireles rumour of him going seems to be based on him not settling although his improved deal keeps cropping up.

I have complete trust in Kenny with the new signings and think all you doubters should belt up until the season starts, look what he turned Maxi into in a few short months: a goal machine. Meireles also went on a scoring rampage, just wait before doubting him to see what he can do with the new signings.

My only concern is the biggest drain on the club, the deadwood who obviously are not going to get a game yet show no signs of coming off our enourmous wage bill that still hinders the club.

Degen, Insua, Cole, Poulsen, Konchesky, Jovanovic, Ngog, El Zahr and Brad Jones.

Some of these might have even left by now but we must be paying in excess of £750,000-a-week in wages, that is £39million quid a year, what could that buy us? I would prefer two Jordan Hendersons that at least look promising than this deadwood like a mill round our necks.

What are your thoughts?


11 responses to “When will the Liverpool clear out begin?”

  1. RedHeart says:

    According to news, Liverpool are set to loose on Connor Wikham. Comolli could have forced Ngog on Sunderland in Henderson deal. He rather gave them option.

    Our money is being used for buying liverpool target and we are stuck with Ngog.

  2. steven says:

    the deadwood is what is hurting us, still never quite understood why kenny didnt give insua a chance I thought he had some promise and he fits the bill young player that likes to attack, the rest of them must go especially cole and jovanovic.. the amounts we pay the two of them are shocking. Ngogs also top of my list with his new pay rise due to contract putting him around 40k a week hes just not good enough to be earning that, end of the day the liverpool board must make tough decisions.. try and hold out for selling these players or just try clearout even if it means not getting much in transfer fees but freeing up millions in dead wages

  3. richard says:

    i think you will find it was suarez that helped maxi’s game just as he did with kuyt. and with forlan and huntelaar

  4. michael says:

    agree about insua. but on the deadwood they are killing us,its not their fualt they have such great contracts and who would’nt want 40k a weeek knowing full well your only worth 10. i think the club has to seriously look at giving these player’s away for next to nothing so the buying club can offer a big sign on fee with much lower wage’s then their on at liverpool. sick of all the doubter’s when a ball has’nt even been kicked. totally trust kenny

  5. Sam Kiernan says:

    Considering the window doesntopen officially till Friday and then we have 2 months to get rid of the wood, I agree the sooner Poulson, Jovano, Ngog all go the better it will be and the fresher, I still think Cole has a role to play as we need a squad. I also agree letd not try and hold out for too much for the likes of Ngog letsd just get what we can and move on ASAP

  6. sib says:

    So what have Konchesky, Poulsen, Cole, Brad Jones, Jovanovic got in common….ahh yeah they were all bought by Woy with the support of Purslow. Thanks the lord, those two fools are out of our club now.

    As for N’gog its not Comoli’s fault that;
    1. N’gog was on holiday when the Henderson deal was done so could not negotiate,
    2. Sunderland dont want to match his current salary! (again agreed by Purslow)

  7. David says:

    Selling these players for £m on the last day of the transfer window will barely recoup the wages we are paying them for doing nowt all summer. I’d let them all go for free now – it would save £5m and make way for new blood. Clean house Kenny!

  8. LFC lad says:

    Patience I guess is needed, none of us are mentioning anything the new owners and staff don’t know.
    Once we finally start seeing arrivals, the drift wood will see they will never get a game and be forced to smell the cofee.
    Personally? just want to see them off the books and not on loan which many clubs will try!
    The only possible worth keeping out of all mentioned for me would be Joe Cole, but admit it is a risk. I believe Joe needs to play with class players around him to shine, and most outings last year was with the others mentioned here and some promising youngsters.
    I trust all the club is trying to achieve, and we have to bear in mind, we cannot have it all our own way in the transfer market, it is a game of bluff, double bluff, plain lies fantasy and the odd truth. LFC will prevail.

  9. Davevilla says:

    I absölutely agree!. The likes of ngog, jovanovic, poulsen, degen and el zhar should be sold out. Cole can still be kept.

  10. doctorz says:

    The only issue with Cole is 5m signing on fee and 120k a week for what? a hope he might be arsed to do some serious graft for the red shirt.

    A year ago I though he would be our saviour, now I kinow hes overweight,overpaid and not interested for sweating or the shirt

    Id prefer to see sterling or Ince given a go out wide or even Pacheco at least they will try,

  11. Peter says:

    Insua was good better than konchesky, maxi crap dont care bout his hatricks let him go