Date:26th June 2011 at 3:00pm
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My name is Jason Mohr. I’m an American from just outside of Philadelphia, and I’ll be contributing to

I began supporting Liverpool in earnest last year. After watching every minute I could of the last World Cup, I knew I had fallen for the beautiful game and wanted a team to follow. Philadelphia had recently added an MLS club (The Union), and I knew I would monitor their progress. But to truly commit to a club, and ensure I would be motivated to watch every match, I would need to select a team from the greatest football league in the world.

The selection process was brief yet thorough. I knew the team had to meet a few conditions. It couldn’t be a club with a lot of recent success – I wanted to earn the right to enjoy a trophy, not have one handed to me. It couldn’t be a team in danger of relegation, because the chances of me finding an npower Championship match on American television were significantly less than zero. And most importantly, I wanted the team to have some American presence.

I quickly narrowed my choices to Aston Villa, Everton, and Liverpool. Aston Villa had a respected American owner and goalkeeper Brad Friedel. Everton had our Cup hero, Landon Donovan, but his future status with the club was uncertain. Liverpool had an owner that was hated on both continents, for simultaneously driving baseball’s Texas Rangers and Liverpool toward bankruptcy.

But despite the ownership situation and lack of American players, Liverpool was the clear choice. I loved reading about the club’s history – it’s glory days, as well as it’s tragedies. I knew they weren’t on the cusp of a trophy, but also that they were unlikely to ever be relegated. And I knew the Beatles loved them. Game, Set, Match.

I watched nearly every Premier League match for Liverpool last year, even resorting to low-quality, illegal-somewhere-in-the-world web streams of the broadcasts when they were unavailable on Fox Soccer Channel. My understanding of English football grew with each passing week. Maybe I didn’t suffer as all of you did during the brief Roy Hodgson era, but I knew the Kop was tortured and I was determined to follow the club until I was capable of similar pain.

My development as a Liverpool fan isn’t nearly complete, but I knew the exact moment I passed the initiation phase. I had been hoping to see Blackpool win their last two matches, as I wanted to see the plucky underdogs secure another season in the Premiership. I pulled up the results during the final matchday, did some quick math in my head, and sunk as I realized Blackpool was doomed to relegation. I felt sad for the club, but only for a moment. My brain interrupted, reminding me of the tense moments during the January transfer window. Something just became possible. Something just became very possible…


Maybe we will, maybe we won’t. But if that’s the thought that pops into mind after reading a Blackpool score on my iPhone, then I feel quite comfortable calling myself a member of the Kop.

But really, the judge of whether I am accepted by the Liverpool community will be you – the readers. I ask you to share your thoughts in the comments, or by messaging me on Twitter at @JayHD. Do I belong on this site, or is this not the place for an American still learning the intricacies of the game? What would you like to see me write about? Should I stick to only Liverpool news, or should I write more personal, longform pieces about my general development as a Football fan?

The decision, truly, is yours. would like to welcome Jason Mohr from the USA to the team.