Date: 25th June 2011 at 5:00pm
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We are in a really tricky spot right. We have the money and salaries to get top notch talent but our footballing record is really poor. A player like Ashley Young does not need to spend another season dominating Premiership defences, he needs to be taking on Champions League teams. Look what happened to Bale last year. Now people talk about him being one of the best players in the world (which is rubbish though).

Ashley Young might not be a definite starter for Manchester United but he has the confidence to go there and compete. Would we really want him if he was the type to think, “I’m not as good as Nani or Valencia so let me go to Liverpool” – I don’t think so!

Bottom line is we have to get back into the top four and build a swagger image if we want to compete for talent. It is the same for Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea. They all lost out on Sanchez because he “wants to play for the best team in the world”. They have to compete against Barcelona and Real Madrid for talent and right now the Premiership is behind La Liga in that battle.


9 responses to “Why Liverpool must get back into the Top 4”

  1. m kop says:


  2. with the type of players mentioned in this summer transfer window (average British players) and the likely discardingof players like Raul and Maxi, I doubt if we will improve on last season’s league position

  3. michael says:

    cant wait to see our new squad.the big teams will spend but we have the most room to improve. am getting a bit tired of all the neysayers on the net. we have money to spend be happy.

  4. houdi says:

    name how many foreign players were in the champions side of 1970s and 1980s of liverpool than think what kenny is doing for us

  5. jak says:

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  6. ro says:

    as long as we keep reina stevie suarez and lucas im happy

  7. Harvey says:

    Right on….

  8. Gerrardious says:

    @howdi: that was about 40 yrs ago. Things have changed now. see if u can name 8 WORLD class English players, then u’ll see wot am talkin about.

  9. Red Datuk says:

    Are British players quality that bad? Or are the Managers and coaches unable to bring up the quality of the British players? Look at Arsenal, their players are world class because of Arsene, but how many British players benefit from his excellent coaching? Sometimes, there isn’t a single British player in the 1st eleven, this is a foreign legion club not a British club. For me a British club should have a good core of British players COMPLEMENTED by a few foreign players.

    Let King Kenny bring in the British players and put his magic on them, in time they will be world class and the whole of Great Britain will benefit of having lots more good quality players.

    By the way, I’m a Malaysian and a Liverpool supporter and I’m passionate about British football overall because I grew up watching English football from the 70’s till now and have witness great football from the likes of Daglish, Keagan, Trevor Brooking, Bryan Robson, Steve McMahon, Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker, John Barnes and many more but sad to say there are less of these talents around because of the apathy towards British players. Bring back the glory days I say.