Date: 24th June 2011 at 3:58pm
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One wishes that transfer deals could be done quickly but alas they can not. Another thing I am hating right now is the European Under 21 tournament taking place in Denmark. There are a lot of hot young transfer prospects there but no transfers can be done until they have finished playing in this tournament. And it is because of this that Liverpool now find themselves having to compete against Manchester City to sign Juan Mata from Valencia according to the Mirror.

Mata is currently representing Spain in the tournament and he will only decide on his future after it. Liverpool having been monitoriung Mata for a while now and we seemed pretty set to sign him if we agreed a fee with Valenica. But now that Manchester City also want to sign him after missing out on Alexis Sanchez, we face a battle to get him.

It was thought that if Liverpool bid £20million for Mata we would get him, but now that may not be enough as Manchester City can easily offer Valencia a higher price than that if they really want him. How I wish we had tied up this Mata deal as a ‘mata’ of urgency as soon as the season was over!

One thing though that will come out of this if we are to compete against City in signing Mata is that if we get him ahead of them, it will go to show that we are still a major attraction in Europe that players will rather play for us than other money rich sides.


11 responses to “Liverpool set to battle Manchester City for winger”

  1. Gary says:

    We could not have tied up the deal for Mata, as the transfer window in Spain dies not open until 1st July. I think fans need to be a little more patient and think KK does actually know what he is doing.

  2. Jim says:

    Agreed gary, the media wheel is in full spin!

    Have patience and confidence fellow liverpool fanatics, the king has returned

  3. netraider says:

    people even if the transfrr window is not open they can still agree and tie up deals with the clubs and players! he will spoil his career if he goes 2 man city! it was the case with alota plyers like adebayor,johnson,milner etc. but even if mata wants 2 come 2 liverpool i see city offering valencia a higher amount and gettin him there!:(

  4. Rick says:

    Juan Mata’s agent announced that his client will listen to all transfer offers from EPL Clubs.
    Now, a rod is set to start as all EPL giants are chasing for the spanish star.
    In my view, the situation created by agent put Mata in a dark light. I have some doubts about player’s determination and desire to win.
    Is He going to us for money or silverwares?
    Maybe Is He finding the best wages?
    We need to build a young team in a long term view.
    There’s no room for money grabbers.
    We should seek for a better profit for value and tracking young players with a lot of potential & motivation.
    Why We don’t go for Jeffren?

  5. Ebrus says:

    Mata is a good player and kk is not serious with this deal

  6. DIZO says:

    i quietly agreed with u,kk is not serious with the pursuit of mata..n why are we not getting hulk n sisoko?????????

  7. Micky-G says:

    Comolli is working his butt off trying to sign us top players so please stop second guessing who we are chasing and not chasing! Keeping your business quite is important to getting it done without bringing players to other clubs attentions. If we get Mata great, if he goes to City we go for A.Johnson maybe!! Personally Id prefer Afellay or Santi Cardoza. Gotta have faith in KK!

  8. Simon says:

    Mata will not come to Liverpool

    Let City compete with Mata for us and then we could try to get Adam Johnson

  9. SuaRed says:

    When we signed Pepe Riena from Villereal as part of the deal we played Villereal in a friendly.
    When we signed Fernando Torres from Atletico Madrid as part of the deal we played Atletico Madrid in a friendly.
    When we signed Albert Riera from Espanyol as part of the deal we played Espanyol in a friendly.
    When Manchester Citeh signed David Silva from Valencia as part of the deal Citeh played Valencia in a friendly.

    Liverpool p[l;ay Valencia in a friendly on August 4th

    Just food for thought!!!!

  10. Redblood says:

    Thanks to all the supporters for broadening our education on what’s going on! Even in our current state (missing wide classy players and defenders) we were magnificent at times this season. (under kd that is). What I want to know is who watches a tape of dossena or voronin for eg and thinks, hey that’d be a great signing for Liverpool. We must sign quality or not at all. Kelly will be even better next season and carrol will be awesome. I hate to say Henderson is a strange decision I can’t wait to be wrong about that. I really don’t know!! Good luck comolli l am sick of these gloating mancs. Sick. I kno the wheel has turned for us and them but other teams choking in the home straight every season is also sickening. Looks like we have to do it ourselves. YNWA.

  11. YAHAYA says:

    I totally agreed wit Gray. If Mata wants to join us, we will definetly get him. If not,its his head ache. YNWA!