Date: 24th June 2011 at 2:15pm
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One of the longest running transfer sagas since January could finally be coming to an end this weekend. According to the Blackpool Gazette, Liverpool are set to make a new bid worth £10million in order to clinch the services of Charlie Adam.

Adam has been a target for Liverpool since the January transfer window when Blackpool refused to sell him to us. Now that they are relegated, they have very little chance of keeping him and getting him to play in the Championship.

The report goes on to suggest that Liverpool’s Director of Football Damien Comolli is scheduled to hold talks with Karl Oyston from Blackpool this weekend to thrash out a deal. Hopefully this time round, we can finalise a deal quickly without the likes of Aston Villa, Tottenham or Manchester United coming in with a late bid for Adam.

Whether £10million is a decent fee to pay for Adam, that will hopefully be a debate for next week when he would then be a Liverpool player.


22 responses to “Charlie Adam signing for Liverpool this weekend?”

  1. Billy says:

    Keep Raul, forget Charlie

  2. john says:

    i would like charlie adam if we get melo as part of the raul deal

  3. glen says:

    i say we kp both raul n charlie… sell poulsen, degen ngog n otha guys who hav not lived up to expectations… we need a rotating squad filled with quality n enough back up to fight for trophies nxt season… mancs chelskis watch out here we come….

  4. frank says:

    forget Adam, retain Raul – he is a prooven LFC player, very hard working & a team player.

  5. L. Dun says:

    Keep Raul, and get Adam. Forget about the dusting.

  6. Doc says:

    Charlie Adam will be the biggest flop there is. He’s simply a big fish in small pond. He scored most of his goals from the penalty spot. There is no way he would have that privileged at Anfield. He had an awful pass completion rate of 69%. Simply because, Instead of hitting the simple 4 yard pass. Keeping play moving. He will go for the extravagant 60 yard pass which mostly result in giving play away. The few times he hit his targets, people deluded themselves thinking he’s a great passer. A passer with 69% completion.

  7. ArmchairLFCfan says:

    I’m sure Comolli has all the statistics to go along or against KK. If both are in agreement, then Adams is the man. Raul Miereles is good. It will be to the detriment of LFC if he’s to be sold.

  8. Ballz says:

    It’s utter madness to sell Meireles & if it’s anything other than him wanting to go, I won’t be happy. Adam has a sweet left foot & will be a great edition to the squad

  9. Saad says:

    completely agree with Doc….and like other people said forget charlie keep raul

  10. Rozay says:

    if Kenny is planing to bring adam in and chase raul away that would be the same as woy done last year with aqua-poulsen just horrible whether we should sign adam or not i dont know really, i think hes a bit over rated blackpool bought him for 500k now they want 10m thats a total madness i wouldnt pay more than 5m. for him but if we get him we get and hopefully hell prove the worth but my concern is mata aguero and hazard these are the players we fuckinggg NEED right now .. at least 2 of them should be here if not all 3.

  11. Tommy O'Neill says:

    did they not say this last weekend?

  12. TG says:

    Am i the only one going up the wall?, this is a nightmare waiting for these deals to be done!!!!!

  13. md says:

    let’s get adam and keep meireles.

  14. Jordan says:

    Stop saying forget about adam alonso even said he could be the next
    Him so stop saying forget adam I would laugh if you all end up sayingcharlie adam is a amazing player I am so glad we are getting
    Him we need to buy someone like that his left foot is a god damn
    Rocket is free kicks are amazing defo next xabi I seen him today in a HMV because I work their and he looked like he likes the look of
    Every thing in liverpool accept the fact he didn’t pick man u over us that’s a quality commited player to LFC accept him

  15. i think we lfc having adam will be a good value to our club and for the fans but saling raul will be a very big mistake and lost,everybody have seen how good is raul and making raul leave lfc will be a hearth broken toraul and his family even good lfc fans who actualy seen how raul contributed to lfc when gerrad was’nt arround,what are they keeping c.poulsen -jovanovic-ngog-j.cole-and other scrapps in the club for.

  16. sani says:

    adam and gerrad will conquer midfield

  17. Redblood says:

    I’m sure we all getting impatient for positive news on transfers, other clubs seem to be in the same position, it’s just that our position is critical. Why we have adopted an apparent obsession with english players is as bizarre as Benitez obsession w Spanish players. Maybe it’s just perception right now, but we all know that we seems to be chasing midfielders when we need wide players to support our incredible investment in carrol and in my view equally desperate for support at the back. I hope we haven’t resigned kiriakos he cost us our run in Europe this season and in the last 2 games for us caused penalties with ridiculous defensive tackles in the box. And hes gone off the boil completely in the opposing box with his head. We need to shore up our defences, Carra as much as we love him is getting dangerously close to pulling opponents down in the box all the time. And everybody is investing in speed. Ar u kidding me, we cannot sell Raul!!!

  18. LFC fan says:

    In : J.Henderson -20m
    C.Adam -10m
    G.Clichy -8m
    2nd choice keeper -2m


    jones…konchesky…cole…pacheco…jovanovic…maxi…wilson…ngog…degen…poulsen…el zhar…insua…gulacsi…aquilani…

    Keep: Meireles





  19. ruben says:

    In Kenny we don’t trust anymore

  20. Tom42 says:

    to lfc fan @8:41 what do you mean get rid of wilson, i hope you mean on loan!!at the most. he is gonna be quality. a real ball player and reader of the game. he could be in the agger class without the injuries. kenny wouldnt anyway as it was him that suggested the club buy him last summer. and yes keep raul and get charlie. we need strength in depth, th only reason chelsea didnt win the league last year was because lampard and benayoun were injured for such massive chunks of the season. strength in depth means we can have a quality midfield all year round

  21. YAHAYA says:

    My fellow kopites,let support n respect King Kenny’s judgement. Yes! no 1 is abv mistake bt, in KK we trust. YNWA!

  22. redblood says:

    Are u kidding me?? We need Raul, hes amazing! Just now no foreign players will want to sign for us they just wont feel welcome!!