Date: 23rd June 2011 at 8:20am
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Last season was one to quickly forget for our captain Steven Gerrard. Not only did the team not perform well during the first half of the season but Captain Fantastic had arguably one of his worst campaigns as a Liverpool player largely due to injury. Gerrard only managed 24 appearances last term and was sidelined for the rest of the season after a 3-1 win over Manchester United on March 6.

It amazes me that some Liverpool fans are already saying that Gerrard is past his best and we should look at selling him or giving him a bit-part role in the team. That is insane! Gerrard still has atleast two or three more seasons of good footy under his belt even if he is 31 years old. He is our captain after all and if we can get him fully fit again, he will continue to carry the team on to success.

Gerrard himself has admitted that he will be back with a bang this coming season.

“I want to come back with a bang, I want to have a big season,” Gerrard told in an interview during the Steven Gerrard Foundation Trophy golf event in Portugal.

“It’s been non-stop football for me since I started when I was 17. I’ve never had a period of more than four or five weeks out of the game, so it’s been nice to rest mentally. You don’t want to miss games but when you’re watching them it gives you that edge, that buzz to get back. I’ll come back hungry and hopefully there’s a very productive season ahead for me.

“I’ve had a rest mentally, my injury’s coming on well and I can’t wait for the season to start.”

Click here to view Gerrard’s goals and assists from last season courtesy of ElPistoleroJFT96.


4 responses to “We Want Our Captain Back”

  1. Kava says:

    Steeve Gerraaaaard, Gerraaaaaarrd!!! Yeah we need his leadership badly, especially with such a pivotal season coming up we need our best players to get back into the Champions League.

  2. walks says:

    Steven Gerrard is our leader,
    Steven Gerrard is a Red,
    Steven Gerrard plays for Liverpool,
    He’s a scouser born and bred.

  3. frank says:

    Couldn’t divert from what has been said of our Captain Gerrard. He is the best leader of all times!!!!

  4. michael says:

    stevie will finish his career with us i hope but he shouldnt be expected to carry the team. i think he still has a big part to play and really hope him and carra get a good shot at the title.