Date:23rd June 2011 at 3:46pm
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Reports today (Thursday) are suggesting that Liverpool are on the verge of signing Stewart Downing from Aston Villa for £19million. The team have been debating this potential transfer all day and would like to hear what you think. Is £19million too much for Downing?

Kava said: We just have to accept that English players come at a premium and Downing being an England international is no different. I will be upset though to find out that Ashley Young goes to ManUre for a cheaper price as I believe he is a better player than Downing.

I think that Downing is good signing as he is a natural on the flank and has Premier League experience. However I dont think he is the marquee signing that we desperately need to send a message to the rest of the league that we are serious.

Manny rolled back the clock to when two Spurs stars left for greener pastures and said: I hope this isn’t a repeat of the Spurs scenario: ManUre got Berba and 20+ goals a season and we got Keano who scored that one amazing goal against Arsenal (He did get a total 5 goals though for us)!!!

Sam did not mince his words: £19m for Downing would be an EPIC SWINDLE

MoKo summed it up by saying: I think you must also consider the contractual situations. Downing re-signed last season. Young’s contract is near the end. That will affect their prices significantly.

It would have been nice to get Young but we are just not competitive enough to get the top notch guys. Hopefully the Downing type guys will get us there so we can buy better players.

What do you think? Should Liverpool spend £19million on Downing?

Should Liverpool spend £19million on Downing?

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