Date: 23rd June 2011 at 3:46pm
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Reports today (Thursday) are suggesting that Liverpool are on the verge of signing Stewart Downing from Aston Villa for £19million. The team have been debating this potential transfer all day and would like to hear what you think. Is £19million too much for Downing?

Kava said: We just have to accept that English players come at a premium and Downing being an England international is no different. I will be upset though to find out that Ashley Young goes to ManUre for a cheaper price as I believe he is a better player than Downing.

I think that Downing is good signing as he is a natural on the flank and has Premier League experience. However I dont think he is the marquee signing that we desperately need to send a message to the rest of the league that we are serious.

Manny rolled back the clock to when two Spurs stars left for greener pastures and said: I hope this isn’t a repeat of the Spurs scenario: ManUre got Berba and 20+ goals a season and we got Keano who scored that one amazing goal against Arsenal (He did get a total 5 goals though for us)!!!

Sam did not mince his words: £19m for Downing would be an EPIC SWINDLE

MoKo summed it up by saying: I think you must also consider the contractual situations. Downing re-signed last season. Young’s contract is near the end. That will affect their prices significantly.

It would have been nice to get Young but we are just not competitive enough to get the top notch guys. Hopefully the Downing type guys will get us there so we can buy better players.

What do you think? Should Liverpool spend £19million on Downing?

Should Liverpool spend £19million on Downing?

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28 responses to “Could signing Downing be another Robbie Keane disaster?”

  1. Lewsi says:

    No. Keane didn’t fit into our system because Torres plays better as a lone striker. Downing however is needed because we haven’t had a proper left winger since Harry Kewell.

  2. rick says:

    Stewart is a good winger, but the price tag put on him by Mcleish is too high. He can do his business elsewhere.
    We can afford that sum for Downing.

  3. Huw says:

    Im not fussed who we get and for how much as long as we get some wingers in! Look at man u, Valencia, Nani, Young, who do we have? No one, kuyt is not a winger, rodriguez is not a winger! If we are to have any chance in getting back in to the top 4 we need to sort this out quick! Downing has plenty of premier league experience plus i think he would blossom more around better players

  4. Sim says:

    Downing is average. This transfer window is critical for LFC and we are wasting our money on average English players who are nowhere in comparison with continental & S americans. We should be going for Gago, Zapata, Elia, Jeffren, Cissoko, Mato, Roux

  5. Brian says:

    No way would I pay 19m for Downing. Juan Mata is a way better player, and 3 yrs younger. Would go for him all day long before Downing. Valencia are up to their necks in debt and will sell for around €20m (£17m). Also I question the signing of Jordan Henderson for £16.5m. Anyone who watched U21 championship tell me who looks a better player Javi Martinez of Spain or Henderson ? Martinez is class and LFC could have got him for the same price we paid for Henderson.

    I am not in no means getting on King Kenny back but I dont agree with buying average over priced English player when there are better quality and cheaper players available around Europe. Gone are the days of the 80’s when we had a team of almost all home based players. Football has moved on substancially since then and LFC now need players with skill, vision, and craft to open up the opposition.

    Who would any LFC fan want in there side Mata and Martinez or Henderson and Downing ? For me the Spanish players all day long.

  6. Dave says:

    Have mata and martinez got premier league experience? No! Both are small players, the premier league is a physical league! Yeah Henderson didnt perform at the u21’s but does gerrard or lampard perform to their best when playing for england!? No they don’t! you haven’t even given Henderson a chance! Go and support chelsea or man city! thats obviously the kind of team you want liverpool to be, no fight, just a bunch of girls

  7. Simon says:

    Does anyone know, and give a link to, the exact criteria that will change as the tightening of financial rules comes into play? Is there also an increased emphasis on home-grown talent??

    Downing at £10, £12 or £19 million, it doesn’t really matter. We just blew £12 – £15 million on free transfers, Cole and Jovanovic in salary and signing on fees in last year

    What matters is, does he really want to play for Liverpool??

  8. TG says:

    Downing is a very good winger and way better than Young, well balanced running at pace with the ball, can go either way and is two-footed. I think his width is vital to Liverpool as he does not drift into a congested midfield, he is a real good player for me!!!!!… crosser in the league!!!!

  9. BootleBob says:

    I can’t believe we’re interested in signing Downing at all. £19m would get us a quality player not the one dimensional Downing. I can’t say I’ll be looking forward to watching him drift in and out of games next season. He tries to beat full backs by booting it past them and running – no thanks Kenny!

  10. John Jamieson says:

    I really hope that we do not sign Downing for that sum. There are cheaper players around the world, who although admittedly do not have premier league experience are more skillful than downing.

  11. FootieMan says:

    Please buy him and make your side an ever bigger flop … PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE and while you are at it, sign Forlan as he is a crap player so should fit right in with you lot …

  12. Chunky says:

    That’s grasping at straws! He is nowhere near HALF that amount and as for talent?……sucks! We deserve better.

  13. raman says:

    Although 19mill is a lot to pay for Downing.. with the position we are in I feel that he could become a good buy for us… a lot of fans are asking for marquee signings but without European football it will be hard to tempt quality players like mata and hazard to come to us when they have the chance to play in the champions league with the club they are at now and are settled there. So rather than take a 13.5 mill risk on untested players that we ve been linked to recently like payet i feel downing would be a better gamble.. a lot of the fans of lfc seem to think just cuz we have money we can buy anyone.. but this is not football manager an a lot of other things also factor into a players decision to move.. and also we do not have an unlimited bank roll like man city to lure top quality mercenaries by waving bundles of cash in their faces… while we had a great 2nd half last season i feel many of us are getting ahead of ourselves and talk like we are back on top when in fact we are just getting started… ppl are demanding top quality signings when what we need are good team players… here are a few reasons why i think downing would be a good signing for us..

    1. has EPL experience…less of a gamble than a foreigner and he has international exp with england tho that doesnt count for much nowadays does it
    2. is an old school winger, can play both sides, on the left he likes to get a yard on the def and put good crosses in instead of trying to run circles around them and score..our strikers( mainly andy and suarez) would benefit from this ( Its so frustrating seeing wingers take that extra touch an ruin a great chance when the strikers and midfielders are busting a gut to make good runs in the box… well except when nani does it..then its just funny) when playing on the right, tho his crossing with the right foot is only decent,he is intelligent enough also to cut back onto his left and set the ball for the likes of stevie and raul who we all know can blast them from just outside the box.. and with andy in the team pulling defenders with him they are more likely to get this space..
    3. mentality.. downing seems a level headed bloke with a solid mentality unlike most wingers nowadays who are temperamental at the least like the zog or whiny cry babies like.. no awards for guessing nani lol.
    4. can score goals mostly by making runs at the far post again with andy pulling defenders there is a good chance of crosses being missed by all an downing has scored some sweet goals from such crosses at the far post.. i know i have now talked about andy pulling def twice an ppl may say he is not good enough yet.. an i agree he might not be good enough to score 20+ this season but his physical presence alone will make teams wary of him givin more space to the likes of gerrard and suarez.
    5. played 39 games for villa last season and was player of the year(i read this in an article so ppl please dont leave snide comments about the exact number) the point is he can play a good no. of games for us and is not so injury prone which was a concern when he left borough..

    hence to sum up he is a quality player that can no doubt be a good addition to the squad and would be interested in joining us.. yes the 19 mill being quoted is a bit outrageous but i dont see many others at the same price who would be better and willing to join us.

    my biggest fear in this transfer is that i dont want it to turn into another barry… if kk wants him we should buy him even at 19mill, we spent around the same on keane and aquaman an i think this is a much safer bet than those two were. buy him now or dont but we cant let it drag on an affect our preseason prep.

    So in my humble opinion is the price too much? yes it is.
    that is the nature of the game/business now. He is villas best player with 2yrs left on his contract and with young gone to manure they wont let him go cheap.

    Should we buy him anyway? yes we should, because the main question is can he make us a better team? I think he can.


  14. Cona says:

    You mean could ye ruin his career after not giving him a fair crack? Possibly

  15. 'Wil says:

    Leighton Baines is the best crossed in the league by far.

  16. stan howard says:

    its madness to sign downing for even half of the figure mentioned, i believe he made 7 assists for villa last season. man utd have made us look silly in the transfer market, sad but true. it was us who needed jones and young.

  17. Olu Moses says:

    King kenny, what a bad alarm if you loose Downing cos of 19m (WHAT A BAD ALARM) OK, why not sell: Poul konchesky,Joe Cole, Milan jovanovin, David N’gog, Christian Poulsen, Alberto Aquilani, Emiliano Insua, Nabil El Zhar, Philipp Degen. Then join Raul Meriles. And buy player like: Juan Mata, (Connor Wickham to replace N’gog) Downing, Chamberlain, Zapata, N’zogbia, Payet. So Suarez and Mata playing behind Carrol. Ynwa

  18. 'Wil says:

    Don’t judge Henderson by the england u21 team performance, which like the senior team are good at qualifying for tourneys and poor in them.
    Henderson makes more key passes than downing.
    Martinez would cost at least double Henderson’s fee.
    Mata is simply different class to Downing. Both in pure footballing talent and value for the club financially. We would be far safer financially paying 29m for Mata than 19m for Downing.
    We are not stuck for funds at all, and neither City or Chelsea will be able to continue their current models due to FFP rules, which contrary to public perception have already begun 1st June.
    downing would be good value at 10m and worth up to 12m ish, but 19m for a player his age is frankly madness. After 29 his value like other players will be cut in half

  19. Lee says:

    Firstly, get off the bandwagon, Keane wasn’t a disaster. He played well and didn’t get much support from Rafa during his time here. In fact, he was treated very badly from day one only to be a scapegoat after he started banging them in. To say he was a disaster is a joke and so far from the truth.

    As for Downing, he’s useless. Ashley Young is by far the better player and he was cheaper. If we need wingers then we should bring in Mata and one other.

  20. Harvey says:

    Same old same old…..blah blah. Maybe its time we stop ‘hailing’ each other (the players) and actually put our money where our mouth is (FSG)! Tired of all these analytical experts too…

  21. rob says:

    £19m what a joke villa staff must be on acid if lfc buy him they must be on something stronger please kenny&Damian lets trie and sign a class player or 2

  22. Doc says:

    Rafa benches a Robbie Keane who seriously under performed and people say he treated keane badly. But, Harry after keane went back to spurs, does not even include him in his squad and people say Harry knows his stuff. Is that a double standed if ever there was one.

    Downing though decent player, but at 19M, LFC are becoming the new mugs on block. Downing at 19m, Adam at 12-14m, Whickam at 12-14m, hendo at 16.5M rising to 20, Dann at 9M…that would be nearly 100M on average rubbish.

  23. rob says:

    Look we just want to see 1or2 class players Does not mean the guy wants to support cheiski or £sss city Ageuro/Mata/Zapata or Wickham/Downing/Dann the difference is with the 1st 3 players you will be going for titles the others are exspensive gambles not saying these players would come to LFC but I hope we try because the teams above us will buy class acts and I believe if we don’t then nothing changes

  24. Chan says:

    Downing is good but does not worth 19 mill, period. We can buy cheaper but better player for this price abroad. Yes we wish to buy British but it must make economic sense as well.

    At 19 mill, KD please look elsewhere and quick before its too late.

  25. REGHAN says:

    I think £19m is too much for Downing, Liverpool should sign Charles N’Zogbia instead. Downing does tend to get injured too often. Would not necessarily be a good Liverpool signing, he may turn out as another Kewell or R Keane. Signing him would be a gamble. Better not risk it.

  26. Renny says:

    We should sign Downing…

    English player with EPL experience
    Much needed Left Winger!

    But paying so much is not worth, spend 10M and give Joe Cole or Jovanovic to Aston Villa.

  27. Rob says:

    Why would A villa want J cole or jovanovic when they can get £19m off us mugs and a class player can play in any league any level it’s time for lfc to start addressing the first 11 with 1or 2 class acts because at the moment we are over paying on squad members weather there English or from Mars class is class

  28. Rob says:

    Why would A villa want J cole or jovanovic when they can get £19m off us mugs and a class player can play in any league any level it’s time for lfc to start addressing the first 11 with 1or 2 class acts because at the moment we are over paying on squad members weather there English or from Mars class is class Oh yer footieman guess your a Manc well done BARCELONER maybe 1 of the most 1sided CL finals ever if not you must be Chelski/Arsenal or £sscity in that case you have not had the joy of watching your team lift the CL these been some great teams in Europe and you’s ain’t 1 of them I think lfc are 1 of those teams that hold stat