Date: 23rd June 2011 at 10:46am
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What is intreaging and also very satisfying for me as a LFC supporter is we seem to have a plan for our first, second and third choice buys for each position and Kenny Dalglish and Comolli seem to have done their homework.

Last year with Woy,(I know timing was not on his side or his ability to see a Liverpool signing) but it was shocking and stunk about panic buying, thank god he guessed the Mereiles deal correctly even though he didn’t know how to use him!!!!

We may need to pay a few extra pounds for a British player but at least that will take away the “homesick get out of jail card” some of the foreign players use to engineer a move.

The backing he is getting is second to none and there have been no quotes about having to sell before we buy even though it would be even better if we could lose the reported £1million-a-week we are paying out in “deadwood” wages that we need to lose in order to free further monies and move the payers on.

Keeping his cards close to his chest also means that the players that really want to play for us will make decisions in our favour.

I know its only paper talk but Wickham and Clichy are supposed to have turned down bigger and better offers as they would prefer an Anfield move, lets hope these rumours are true.

What are your thoughts?


16 responses to “Can anybody work out his masterplan for us yet?”

  1. michael says:

    its great that nobody seems to have a clue who we are after. its just good knowing we are in the market for players to improve our team. the last few years was a nightmare with club owners lying to us about money available. hope we get clichy & wickham we want players who really want to be here. saw an interview with clichy last season where he really seeemed desperate for tropheys. we want players with a will to win. also its really important to get rid of the deadwood. let them go for free if we have to. their bleeding the club and could get in the way of younger players.
    p.s. not the players fault it was the club that made such ridiculous wage agreements.

  2. rolando says:

    Dont mind all these british youth buys so long as we mix it with a few stellar foreign imports to provide some flair down the widths, something that english players can rarely offer. jefferen or Mata please!

  3. doctorz says:

    Too right , its looking very rosy though , lets keep the faith and im sure KK will deliver.

  4. HM187 says:

    Agree with you Michael, we need players who have the desire to join the club and wear the shirt in pride and do the club pride. The club is going into a new era now and we only need players that really want to play for the club not pick up a great wage packet and be done with. Totally agree with shiffting out the deadwood. that is just like giving away free money. We need to bring in players not just for one season but for many. Gel and mould the players so they can be a unit.Clichy or Enrique would be a good choice for LB and Wickam would also be one for the future.

  5. doctorz says:

    Too right some natural width would give us another dimension , we did great scond half of last year with Kuyt and Maxi but with some real whie line huggers we could do even better and give Carroll some service

  6. doctorz says:

    Whats your thoughts over the 16 million bandied around for Downing , seems to be KK has got his sights firmly on him?

  7. adagio says:

    I cannot see the mileage in Downing esp at £16m+. He is woefully one-footed and I am amazed that fullbacks can’t work him out; show him onto his right foot and he has no idea. There must be better bets out there for the money?

  8. fidelis says:

    we’ve been linked wit soo many players recently.but pls kenny,go for downing and jeffren for wing,sign zapata for center back,clichy for left back,gago in mid field and lastly wickham in kk i trust

  9. Simon says:

    The following comment made me laugh: “we’ve been linked wit soo many players recently.but pls kenny,go for downing and jeffren for wing,sign zapata for center back,clichy for left back,gago in mid field and lastly wickham in kk i trust”!

    Its writer obviously doesn’t trust KK that much as he/she has effectively told KK exactly who he should sign….

  10. Steve says:

    Please do not get rid of Meireles!! In the Top 3 of the Liverpool players last season..

    I can’t believe people are saying he is getting on in years?! At 28!? You need experience in your team. Look at Arsenal and their youngsters. Always failing at the final hurdle..

    Would be glad if Clichy came. A few defensive frailties but KK and Mr Clarke will sort those out quick stix.. Can’t wait for the new season to begin!

  11. Kim says:

    We spell “intriguing” like that !!!

  12. thomasz says:

    I would like to see Clichy and Wickham sign.

    Jeffren also seems to be decent from reports. I expect him to be good, or very good, but obviously not good enough for the Barca starting 11. This gives me some doubts about him, but we are never going to be able to sign the truely top 1% superstar players in this transfer window.

    So we have since Jan got in Carroll, Suarez and Henderson. If we can finish the transfer window with the addition of Clichy, Wickham, Jeffren and Chamberlain, say (or similar players), then I would be very happy and confident for the future and the upcoming season.

  13. llcooljoel says:

    I know his plan. It’s called “calm down and have some faith”. Stop falling into the trap of obsessing over paper talk that the media want you to.

  14. Stuart says:

    What about all the right footed players that are no good on their left foot. DOH!

  15. adagio says:

    A fair point Stuart, there are a shocking number of right footed players who are far far weaker when using their left foot. For me, though, esp at the price, Downing is one of the worst one footed offenders. Like most things on a fans forum, it’s just an opinion…..

    If he comes to Anfield and is a success, I promise to be big enough to come back on here and apologise!

  16. TG says:

    Comolli needs to get get his finger out before we lose our targets, he has had loads of time since Jan to get his players lined up, yet here we are?????