Date: 22nd June 2011 at 8:00pm
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Liverpool are reportedly keeping a close eye on Wigan winger Charles N’Zogbia. The 25 year old French winger was meant to join Birmingham last summer for £9million but that deal fell through and it was thought that the reason the deal did not go through was because N’Zogbia ‘was a problem’ and refused to join Birmingham.

It is not the first time that a player has been dubbed ‘a problem’ be it because he wants a high earning contract or he demands too many signing on fees. We do not have to look to far away, just look at Sylvain Marveaux, he was very close to joining Liverpool but he opted to join Newcastle at the last minute for what ever reason, probably he was holding out for more money and Liverpool were not willing top offer him that.

Reports had suggested that N’Zogbia’s failed move to Birmingham tainted his reputation and thus some clubs may be reluctant to make a move for him this summer. But Wigan chairman Dave Whelan insists that is not the case.

”Clubs are perhaps looking at him and thinking twice, thinking he’s difficult, but that wasn’t his fault at all,” he told the Wigan Evening Post. ”It was the agents who were to blame for what happened, not Charles.”

Whelan goes on to say that he thinks N’Zogbia will leave Wigan this summer but they will only let him go for the right price.

”I do think he will go this summer, but we want the right price before we allow that to happen,” said the Wigan chairman. ”We have a fee in mind that we want, and we are fighting to get that fee.

”There’s been an awful lot of interest in Charles. We’ve had three or four clubs biting, wanting to be kept in the know. There’s been no official bids yet, and I think it’ll be another week to 10 days before things get as serious as that.

”But he’s worth a hell of a lot more than the fee we’re asking. Whichever club gets Charles will be getting a great player for far less than what he is actually worth.”

Do you think N’zogbia would be a good signing for Liverpool?


10 responses to “Would this winger pose a problem to Liverpool if they signed him?”

  1. lee says:

    could be a good LD !

  2. Dale Marlow says:

    Problem might be between his ears. The mercenary type vibes that are coming from his camp are not making it look like a good deal for Liverpool. KK is trying to put together a hungry, motivated team full of desire, last thing you need is someone more interested in his pocket than commitment on the pitch.

  3. Tiger balls says:

    All players try and get the best they can OR let their agents get the best they can.. He isn’t any worse than most.. Occasionally you’ll hear of a player dropping wages to go to a club but its a rarity..

  4. iliya friday says:

    Lfc should sign n’zogbia

  5. Dale says:

    Totslly agree with you Tiger, but there are ways and means. You have to remember the agent is employed by the player and as such he should be told how to behave, CN does not seem to think it matters how he is perceived, Anelka did this before at Liverpool and was never really taken to heart by the fans despite some really good performances. At Liverpool the fans are far more important than at other clubs you only have to look at the events of the last few years to see that.

  6. Sign him up i say if not in 1st eleven then a great squad player we all seen what he did 4 Wigan in the closing stages of last season he kept that team in the premiership nearly on his own he could b the new Benayoun…

  7. joered says:

    This Guy is very demanding on his wages. I would rather get Mata or Hazard

  8. frank says:

    Let’s not have potential problems when we hear that he is a problematic player.

  9. Bob says:

    No point signing him if hes going to demand high wages and high signing on fee I don’t think that hes a great player as he goes through good and bad forms during every season and isn’t consistent and is known as a problematic player, however I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Liverpool red next year and I’m sure he would improve if he goes to a big team.

  10. Gab says:

    You have to be kidding, he just kept one of the worst three teams in the league in the Premier League single handedly, we have enough ‘characters’ in our attack already and no one has complained about them. Andy Carroll is not exactly looking like a low maintenance player and I did not see the fuss when he signed. He basically asked for a pay rise from his club and then forced a move. N’Zogbia would be a better signing that Downing as well, who would do a job but I think N’Zogbia is better. Signing N’Zogbia should be a no brainer, considering the totally unproven player we have just paid 20 million or so for. And 10 million for Charlie Adam who looks as if he is in the boozer every night?