Date: 22nd June 2011 at 9:00pm
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Liverpool continue to be linked with Valencia ace Juan Mata. Not much is going to happen regarding this transfer until Mata finishes representing Spain at the European Under 21 tournament taking place in Denmark right now. It is thought that Valencia are willing to to sell Mata if they get a decent offer.

Mata recently played for Spain against England in the Under 21 Tournament and he was up against Liverpool new boy Jordan Henderson.

Below is a video courtesy of ElPistoleroJFT96 which shows highlights of Mata’s display against England in a match that ended 1-1. You can not read much into one video but Mata put in a decent performance for Spain. He was not deployed as an out and out winger which is where we would really want him to play for us, rather he looked more like a Luis Garcia type player.


24 responses to “[Video] Juan Mata vs England Under 21”

  1. lee says:

    If Mata was English the price would be £90m ..

  2. jonesey says:

    So ??? Very ordinary – give him F Hazards boots to shine,

  3. jonesey says:

    The more I look at this the more I think this guy is way overated and of no use to Caroll – come on – S Heighway is still better than this guy.

  4. ritters says:

    This guy looks ordinary and , although he is clearly ( very ) left -footed , the one thing he didn’t do in the footage was appear on the left wing . I really thought he would be the answer to our width problems , but not on this evidence .

  5. If we want better players than whats already there then ya have 2 pay 4 it and 2 me he is better than what we have played out of position in that clip still like to c him wearing the famous red

  6. pooben says:

    looks a skillful player, makes space to recieve ball. good brain on the passing game. can also hold ball and dictate play. made the england players look stupid. will adapt well with lfc style of playing. cannot understand u guys comments as liverpool fans, i taughtr u guys knew football. seems i was mistaken.

  7. Jas says:

    Juan Mata is a brilliant footballer, played in such a position as it was required of him for his country. He has pace, vision, skill and can finish. He’s young and would be a fabulous addition to Liverpool football club. To judge him on a youtube clip is ridiculous just as Fergie found out with Bebe the bung.

  8. Hady Sparrow says:

    i really wanna watch him in the red shirt .. one of the best talented players i have ever watch .. he has the playmaker vision and the skills for a decent winger .. just great to watch him playing in your side

  9. Alfonzo says:

    He looks good on the ball, has great control, and always is on the move, even without the ball. Wud love to see this guy in a red shirt, think he’ld suit our style of play.

  10. Chunky says:

    Boudebouz is much much better.

  11. pantomyme says:

    some of these comments are ASTONISHING!!!

    this lad was probably the most intelligent footballer on the pitch that day, and if he were english he would put every current winger out of the side….

    i am PRAYING we bring him in, he has “suarez quality” written all over him

  12. Handrit says:

    Totally agree with above …. I pray we sign him. End off ……….

  13. Zz says:

    It’s obvious most people who have commented above never watch la liga. Mata is a superb player and easily and if we’ve just signed Henderson for £16m (or £20m) this guy based on that logic alone is worth £40m (and before any of you start to have a pop at me for saying that just because we’ve signed him, if manure of Chelsea had paid £16m for Henderson you would have laughed at the size of the fee). He has great vision, pace, touch and can finish too. Mata and Saldado were the main architects of valencia’s qualification into CL. Would be a great signing for us but doubt we’ll get him. How stupid must Real feel now for letting him leave!

  14. JB says:

    I can’t believe some of the comments on here. Juan Mata’s spatial awareness is out of this world. He’s always on the move, good in small spaces, fantastic link up play, lovely in the channels. Juan Mata is simply quality. Those who call him average just do not know what a football match looks like.

  15. kkkkkkkkkk says:

    bring in mata, downing ,baines,wickham,dann,adam
    squad:gk reina,?,? cm gerrad
    rb johnson lucas
    flangan adam
    kelly spearing
    cb carra lm downing
    ?,maybe sterling
    agger st saurez
    skertel kuyt
    lb baines
    rm mata

    add 2 more youths to make our 28 squad nt 2 bad
    what ye think , aswel as havin pacheo,shelvey,wilson ,ayala on loan

  16. kkkkkkkkkk says:

    lot that their positions mixed up but u shud where they play

  17. joered says:

    For those who don’t have football brains then you will say MATA is crap!! How many times have you seen any young english player making so much space and has the brains like him? Worst still with their inflated price tag !!
    For me he is even better football brains than ashley young when he was at that age and some rising english stars. Someone says he will be no use to caroll but I would say caroll would be no use (no disrespect to him)if he doesn’t know how to read MATA’s smart and intelligent runs…
    MATA is definitely worth being in LFC

  18. Baam says:

    and the more I read your comment I think you dont know much about football.

  19. Doc says:

    How can anybody claim to know football and then conclude that juan mata is an average player. It just doesn’t make any sense.

    As for those claiming mata would be of know use to carroll. Just as the comment above reads, it is carroll who would be of no use to mata.


    A striking trio, built on movement, fludity and awarness. The trio will make a fulham out of many sides.

  20. jonesey says:

    It worked – I deliberately played devils advocate to get the real strength of feeling re Mata – he is very good BUT E Hazard is the best apart from Mr Messi of course

  21. Annie G says:

    Buy Mata now or never get him, his value must go up in near future and at that time we can afford him anymore, so sign him ASAP, otherwise we’ll regret

  22. Annie G says:

    He’s not only brilliant in skill, but also a good team player with decent pass and movement, at least from this march, he is much more outstanding than Henderson, who we paid for 16m or 20m, I can’t see why not pay for Mata now, he’s at most slightly expensive than Henderson, he’s obviously under-valued now

  23. Annie G says:

    if using formation of Mata—Carroll—Suarez in 4-3-3, it’ll be exited and horrible to all defenders, this is the combination with skill, speed and power, can play at both ground and air

  24. johng says:

    watch raheem sterling Vs rwanda u17 championships if you you want to see a real winger and in my opinion the next john barnes with the pace of usain bolt!!!