Date: 22nd June 2011 at 3:59pm
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As we are now firmly in the middle of the transfer season, it is important for Liverpool not to make the same mistakes of the last summer transfer window and sign players who will not deliver the goods. One can never be sure how a new signing at any club will do. There will be some players who will come in and set the stage alight just like Luis Suarez did, then there will be some who you will think, “Has this guy ever played football before?”

Last summer, Liverpool made four really bad signings. These players had terrible seasons for Liverpool and are all more than likely to be sold on this summer.

What we would like to know from you, out of these four, who was Liverpool’s worst signing?

Who was Liverpool's worst signing last summer?

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22 responses to “Liverpool’s Worst Signing”

  1. Tom Ted says:

    Oh this is a close one.

    Paul’I dont know where I am’ Konchesky or Christian ‘I’m scared of tackling unless I foul them’ Poulsen…

    Christ, such a decision.

    It cant be joe cole or jovanovic because we got them on free’s (forgetting the apparently huge wage we pay them!) and at times they showed some class, small patches of class I will admit but some nonetheless.

    For me it would have to be Poulsen. I’ve never seen a midfielder look so out of his depth and clueless as to what to do. Constantly backing off the attacker and then diving into someone without the ball.

    Clearly should have been better off taking up plumbing or being an IT consultant.

  2. Bob says:

    I think there all equally bad signings with Joe Cole being not as bad as the others as he was free and he scored one or two goals and had one or two decent not exceptionally good games… hopefully they will all be gone by the start of the season as there on high wages and are youngsters are more reliable than them. YNWA

  3. King Kong says:

    His mom was horrible. His defense was terrible. He makes wingers like Snoogy Doogy look like Ronaldo. A simple one-two will definitely invalidate him. You can also nutmeg or run over him since his sense of awareness against teams like Wigan or Bolton is atrocious. Definitely the worst fullback I’ve seen ever graced the club.

  4. DONALDO says:

    Andy Carrol, a big white elephant

    We cant/wont play the way Newcastle do so never make the best use of him.
    plus its only a matter of time before he’s in jail.

  5. albert says:

    Never heard Martin Jol former Spurs manager have a bad word for anyone – a true gentleman but today we hear he really does not have any time for David Conolli – just what does this guy do ? he might be easily our worst signing – hope not but signs are not good.

  6. Birdy says:

    Can’t believe we paid Cole £5m signing on fee, then £100k per week wages

  7. Badri says:

    Cole has to be the worst. No transfer fees – But!! His wages are astronomical. He played one game and got a red card in it. After that he was gone.

    Seriously was anyone shocked about Konchesky?? If you are, Start drinking during day time as well

  8. Billy says:

    LFC all time worst signing was El Haj Duff

  9. sam says:

    Albert, are you for real, he brings in Suarez thats what he does. You shouldnt comment when you cant even spell his name. Jol is hated at Ajax just have a look on there forums, hes a crook.

  10. Steven says:

    If i can vote for all then i would… Probably Cole is a little more because of his wages and expectation was much higher than the others…

  11. Digger Barnes says:

    Poulsen all the way.

    One of the worst, most out of depth players I’ve ever seen in the red of Liverpool.

    Konchesky was bad, granted, but at least he had the good grace to get his mum to slag us off so we could ship him off on loan.

    Jovanovic and Cole have badly underperformed, but Poulsen is different class.

    It appears Hodgson believed “The Liverpool Way” TM was to make signings even Souness would’ve thought twice about.

  12. Ajiri says:

    lucas leiva is the worst signing but poulsen has beaten him quite easily to it..

  13. ColALFC says:

    From this list it’s a close call between Poulsen and Konchesky, but Liverpool’s worst signing ever by far was Sean Dundee. He wouldn’t even have got into the local Sunday League sides around Liverpool. What potential Evans saw in him I will never know.

  14. Dan says:

    you’re joking right? Lucas was the best player last season, he’s really come on since Alonso and Mascherano left

  15. paul konchesky says:

    how dare you liverpool fans criticise me! I

  16. paul konchesky says:

    hey u morons! How dare u criticise me…I`m not gonna let you get away with this. I`m going to tell this to my mummy…

  17. Trey says:

    We should actually pay clubs so they take all four of them off our hands

  18. barry mc from fazak says:

    cole outta this heap of shit but remember jean michel ferri

  19. alex says:

    anyone of them :))

  20. vishnu4lfc says:

    Probably the worst ever signing is ROY HODGESON no doubt about that

  21. kev says:

    Heh Ajiri, did you see any games last season. Lucas was outstanding and for 23 will only get better. Try keeping up with the game.

  22. shane says:

    pellegrini, weak as a defender and worse as an assistant coach