Date:21st June 2011 at 11:48am
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I had a good laugh today reading a report that suggested that Manchester United may be lining up a bid for Real Madrid’s Xabi Alonso. Apparently, Alonso may find himself on the Madrid bench next season as Mourinho would prefer to play with their new signing Nuri Sahin and Sami Khedira. Now this report may just be from someone trying to stoke up a fire where there is not one.
Manchester United are looking for a new midfielder to come in and replace Paul Scholes and Alonso may be the man they target to come in.

Now, Manchester United may want to sign Alonso. Why wouldn’t they? Alonso is one of the best midfielders in the world right now. He is 29 years old which means he has another three or four seasons under his belt. But why in the world world Alonso himself want to join Manchester United?

Alonso has made is clear so many times that he loves Liverpool and he never wanted to leave. It was Benitez who forced Alonso out. If Rafa was still in charge at Liverpool then maybe Alonso may want to move to United just to spite Rafa. But I do not think Alonso is that kind of a person.
Seeing Alonso in a Manchester United shirt could be worse than seeing Torres in a Chelsea shirt but not as disgusting as seen Owen wearing that United shirt!