Date: 21st June 2011 at 5:29pm
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As this summer is set to be the last biggest spending transfer window before the new UEFA Financial Fair Play rules come into effect, it is going to be important for Kenny Dalglish to spend as much as he can but at the same time being wise about it.

Dalglish has already started off on a good foot by buying Jordan Henderson from Sunderland. FSG are set to back Dalglish with more signings this summer in line with their policy of buying young players. This policy makes a lot of sense as in future transfer windows you will not be able to splash out big money and buy players unless your club has actually made this money themselves and not have it given to them by their ‘sugar daddy’ owners. So it is high important Liverpool have as much cash at their disposal this summer to buy the targets they want.

FSG have set out a budget for Dalglish but at the same time, Dalglish is able to boost this budget by selling some players he does not need. Kenny can easily raise an additional £20million this summer by selling on some players we do not need. Here is how:

1) Sell Christian Poulsen. Although the Danish player has said he wants to stay and fight for his place at Liverpool, I can not see Kenny keeping him if he gets an offer for him. Stoke are reportedly keen on signing Poulsen and a fee of £2million has been mooted.

2) Sell Paul Konchesky. Reports are suggesting that Wolves are interested in signing Konchesky. This is great news as I can not see a future for him at Liverpool after he joined us at the start of the season from Fulham. Liverpool should be able to get about £2million for Konchecky.

3) Sell David Ngog. Ngog could have been part of the deal that bought Henderson to Liverpool but that was not mean to be. Sunderland however are still interested in the French striker and Liverpool have valued him at £8million. Whether we can get £8million for Ngog remains to be seen. But since he is young and has Premier League experience, I am sure someone will buy him.

4) Sell Alberto Aquilani. Aquilani is meant to be a Juventus player by now but the Italian club have refused to buy him following his loan spell there. They say that Liverpool are asking for too much for the player we bought from Roma for £17million. There is no way Liverpool will get anything close to that for Aquilani now and we will have to settle for less, maybe in the region of £8million.

If we are able to see just those four players, Liverpool will have £20million to add to the summer transfer kitty. It could possibly be more if we are able to offload Joe Cole and Milan Jovanovic. Both players could bring us in £4million each and at the same time we stop paying their extremely high wages.


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  1. mr smart says:

    Jovavovic will be great once we get a couple of decent wingers – remember this guy terrorised England when he played for his country and dont wtite Joe Cole or Aqualani off just yet either – at their best they were class

  2. Greg says:

    Here in lies our problem.. our fans are way too willing to accept trash for class. The fact that ANYONE thinks Henderson was a good signing shows how far our fans sunk in accepting mediocrity for 20m. And to mistake Josephine Cole or Jova as anything but useless garbage shows how far up the mountain we need to climb before we are back to being worthy of top 4. We want world class… and all we get are Sunderlands best..

  3. Meireles says:

    Keep Aquilani…sell Cole..

  4. Pope says:

    We didnt pay 20 million for henderson though Greg. Cant believe how many people regurgitate this nonsense. He was £16.5 mil, which is about right for a squad player for a top 4 team. Look how much united spent on the likes of carrick, anderson, bebe. You could even argue berbatov as a part time player aswell.

  5. Hardeburlar says:

    To me signing henderson at that rate is a big mistake for the club.what we need now in that team is wingers nothing else

  6. matt says:

    @ GREG Completely agree with u on that one…we need to start thinking like a big team in order to become one…

  7. thomasz says:

    There is no way you, or anyone else, can suggest Henderson is mediocre. He has had 1 full season of football and is 20 years old. You have a case to say it is a lot for a youngster, but that is all you can say for certain. Teh point of signing Henderson is he has potential. He is not the finished product and to suggest he is, or should be, anything other than raw talent is foolish. I agree on Cole and Jovanovic however, especially considering their reported wages.

    As far as Im concerned, the fact that we were willing and able to spend anywhere near 20mil on an unproved youngster says we are going in the right direction. Let the off season play out, you never know who might turn up in a Liverpool shirt!

  8. Chunky says:

    It’s great to see that the writer has also been completely mesmerized by Aquilani’s agent! It has all finally been worthwhile as he has more people valuing Aquilani around the couple of quid mark! The rhetoric has it appears paid off and by next week I suppose LFC will be PAYING for someone to take Aquilani off our hands.
    This is rubbish as we need to keep Aquilani at Anfield to benefit from his abilities and undoubted skills not start being bamboozled as this writer obviously is by what an agent concocts!

  9. Lfc4lifer says:

    £8m or aquailani?? Lool
    For that price orient will have him!

  10. Lookhere says:

    Dalglish is going too buy and keep who he thinks is best for his playing philosophy. Its got nothing too do with accepting trash as class. Otherwise Ferguson would not be winning league titles with players like Carrick and Fletcher. Who would think of playing Giggs and Carrick as a central midfield pairing and dominating stronger sides. Let him sign who he thinks he needs and judge him at the end of the new season.

  11. daboy says:

    Well there is no doubt Liverpool need to bring top quality to the club.
    Benitez made mistakes but he was spot on about the value of top quality signings i would like Mata Cazorla and Aly Cissokho.
    Probably around 50 million worth there but that represents quality which is sorely lacking in some areas.

  12. USMAN says:

    all i want to say to dalgish is for him to go for some big names like kun aguero, juan mata, stewart downing among others…so that we will be able to compete for the premier league and also qualify for the champions league.

  13. houdi says:

    let wait and see lads

  14. Rabbit says:

    From when did buying household names guarantee success?? I can’t wait until Liverpool get back to the old way, getting players that are right for the team, who will play as a team and who with hard work and dedication will bring us the days we all want.. Don’t slag the new lads before they’ve even had their chance to show us what they got, support the team.. YNWA.. J96

  15. Lars says:

    “blodoy useless pundits” you are. We paid maybe 16 mill for a 20-year old future English national. His value may rise to twice that amount in a few years or he may diminish to someone who canottt cope and be resold at a minimum of 8+ million. The upside is (pound for pound) much higher than the downside. He can play for us for anthor 10 years and still be sold at break even in transfer fees alone. I am pretty sure his wagebill is moderate. Total football = total economics.

  16. Lars says:

    The author of this article is a dip-shit. We cannot command a transfer fee and at the same get rid of players in the mould of Cole, Jovanivic and Paulsen. They will not bring anything but expenditure when leaving…

  17. Andy says:

    2 points here
    Firstly on the subject of sales we’d be lucky to get Poulsen off our books for anything more than £1.5 million which considerig he’ll proably be looking for a payoff (as he won’t get the wages he’s on here elsewhere) means that’s 1 million max. Konchesky might just leave and 2 million for him seems fine. N’gog is probably going for £5 million and Aqualini we’ll agree on £8 million so your £20 million is probably already down to £16 million. Even if e get £4 million for Jova (doubtful) he’ll demand at least a million to leave he has a nice £60,000 a week contract who else will pay him that, Cole may go for around £3 million but again we could get hit on his wages so at best we’ll get 4 million for the pair.
    Secondly on Jordan Henderson read Comolli’s comments he stated many people have banded numbers around but none have been close so it’s not £20 mill or £16.5 mill. Also the lad has played 2 years of competitive football for Sunderland getting 8 goals in 78 games, at around the same point in his career Stevie G had 14 goals in 94 games, if and it’s a big if the lad gets 6 goals in his 1st 16 games for us he’ll have matched Stevie G’s record despite playing most of his games in a poorer team. So wise up and give the lad a chance I trust Kenny and if you don’t go support someone else.

  18. Lfcforlife says:

    I believe in the king, glory days are coming back

  19. KK LFC YNWA says:

    I simply dont understand, what is stopping Kind kenny for bringing in Juan Mata. Just look what he is being doing in U 21 championships, single handedly wining matches for spainish team. He is a guy which Liverpool have been missing all these years. we missed David silva, but dont miss juan mata plzzzzz Kenny, sign him…….. & also Pablo Hernandez wld be grt addition rather than spending 20 milln Downing & 12 Milln N’zogbia, they are mediocre type of players

  20. TG says:

    I agree 2 wingers are a necessity that is it, the full-back areas are well covered as Johnno can play either side. Carrol, Suarez and Kuyt are good strikers and a young back-up to replace Ngog is welcome. We have big Andre Wisdom to come in at centre-back if need be, really we have good young players already who need to play at times, get the wingers above all else!!!!!

  21. Simmo says:

    Well said Andy. At least one person on this site knows something about football.

    All this talk about Jordan Henderson is starting to get under my skin. I was delighted when we snatched him from under the noses of the Mancs and many other potential suitors. It ruffled Fergie that much that he is now trying to put a spanner in the works with the Charlie Adam deal and push our price up.

    In all of this I feel sorry for Henderson. He is an unbelievable young player and one who may grow into a £30m+ player in the next 3 – 5 years, but that will be less likely if we give him a complex by slagging him and the decision to but him off before he had even started. He is probably wondering why he left Sunderland where he was loved.

    Under the new rules we need home grown players and he fits the bill perfectly. Also, a lot of you may have noticed that as much as no one likes to admit it, at this time LFC are not able to attract the worlds top players like Kun Aguero and others in his league and nor do we have the cash to buy them at the 40+ million which they would cost, even with a much improved ownership situation. Buying tomorrows £40 million pound players is a stroke of genius and if we can pick up one or two more similar players in the next few seasons we will have a team of 20 year old prodigies who should remain with us for the next 10 – 15 years and take us back to the big time once again under the sound management of the King.

    Also for those idiots who say we don’t need him, do you think Stevie G is the bionic man? The reason that we are buying him now is that Kenny expects him to learn from the best midfielder which this country has seen for a generation, whilst he is still at the top of his game, so that there is a seamless handover when Gerrard retires in 3 – 4 years.

  22. Ungalow says:

    1st July is when the European market opens, impossible to do a deal yet

  23. phil07 says:

    ‘Jovanovic terrorised England’ ? When ? In some Serbian dream ?
    Cole ‘class at his best’ : yes but that was five years ago
    Aqua – talented yes, but fragile ‘glass’ as much as class, and does not want to play for us …..

  24. phil07 says:

    aquillani does not want to be here, so keeping him is pointless

  25. phil07 says:

    Thank god the people who write here do not pick the team. Unlikely to earn much from El Zhar, Konchesky, Deggen, Jovanovic, Ngog, Poulson, Cole, Insua, Jones. Mostly just need to get them off the wage-bill. Aquillani, there is no point saying keep him when he does not want to be here. Yes he has class, but he is fragile as glass. If we get a nett £10m recouped for that lot then we are lucky. Jova, Poulsen and Cole, we will almost certainly have to pay to get rid of them. Ngog (valued at 8) is worth maybe £3-4m, Aqua about £7-8m, and forget the rest. just get rid and save £25m off the wage-bill. Would be good to stop knocking Henderson before he starts. The same idiots moaned endlessly about Lucas and Kuyt, two of our best players.

  26. chri5jo says:

    Well i do not think we have a chance in hell signing Messi or Xavi. Some fans expectations who we can sign are way off the mark. If world class players where available don’t you think other top teams would be in for them.

  27. david dean says:

    i agree investing today for the future off lfc…gerrard is the man to show henderson the way.. in kenny we trust..

  28. jeff says:

    Ha! You don’t speak for all of us now do you?? “We want world class” no, we want young, hungry players with premier league experience and a real desire to well, not just play in the champions league…take a look at the quality of players we’ve got from the North-East over the years Terry Mac, Souness, Beardsley…there are others. The trouble with supporters these days is the “now, everything now” culture. Your bitterness is understandable but sadly misplaced.

  29. JB says:

    that is not true…club and players can pretty much agree a fee and contract just about anytime. The player will however not be able to register and report to liverpool untill july the 1st.