Date: 20th June 2011 at 7:34am
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Liverpool were heavily linked with a move for French winger Sylvain Marveaux. The 25-year-old Rennes player was meant to sign for Liverpool on a free transfer but he has now subsequently joined Newcastle on a reported 5 year deal.

It is no secret that Liverpool are after wingers this summer and Marveaux had been identified as a potential signing as far back as January when he said he will not be signing a new deal with Renne. Not many of us knew much about Marveaux but we thought that if he was decent enough for our scouting department to take a serious interest in him then he may turn out to be a good deal for us as he was coming for free.

Reports say that Marveaux actually came to Melwood and underwent a medical. Now most of the time today, when a player has gone for a medical it is 90% certain that he will sign for the club. But Liverpool had to do a thorough medical on Marveaux as he had a history of serious injuries. So when news broke out that Liverpool were not signing Marveaux any longer it was suggested that Marveaux had failed the medical.

If that were the case then Liverpool did a good thing by not signing a player who is deemed not fit enough to play. The funny thing now is that Newcastle have gone ahead and signed this player for 5 years! If he really does have injury problems then why would Newcastle sign him?

The other side of the story is that Marveaux did not sign for Liverpool because he did not agree to personal terms with the club. Yet again, I find this to be strange, why would he want to play for Newcastle ahead of Liverpool even if Newcastle reportedly offer you more money? Liverpool stand a better chance of winning trophies ahead of Newcastle and we are a bigger club than Newcastle.

At the end of the day, I am not too bitter about missing out on Marveaux. He was not the real out and out winger that I have been hoping for Liverpool to sign. He would have been a nice to have option in the squad. Now we can focus our attention in the likes of Downing and N’Zogbia, players who are tried and tested in the Premier League and not gamble on an injury prone player who has never played in England before.

Why do you think Sylvain Marveaux did not sign for Liverpool?

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36 responses to “Why did Liverpool not sign Sylvain Marveaux?”

  1. Dale Marlow says:

    Generally, medicals don’t take place unless personal terms have been agreed.

  2. Desy says:

    Can’t believe it was solely a contract thing being that the parties would have been in discussion since January. He was even at Anfield last season. I think Liverpool gave him the medical, weren’t happy with the results and may have offered a revised contract offer (less years, appearance linked etc). In my mind once a medical is arranged all contract issues would have already been sorted in principle. Why go to all the effort of putting together a medical if contracts haven’t at least been discussed? QPR might as well arrange a medical for Sergio Aguero then and see what happens!

    Marveaux will have been frantic and angry knowing that publicised injury doubts might have left him clubless or in the bargain bucket. The truth is that he’ll probably be an injury concern. Although I haven’t seen a lot of him, his YouTube footage weren’t enough to pique my interest. Wish him all the best but my initial thoughts are that we dodged a bullet here.

  3. Nye says:

    It’s a bit of both, he didn’t fail the medical but it did highlight some possible issues for the future (his operation hadn’t completely resolved long term weakness). As a result the club were not willing to meet his wage demands, but instead offered a contract with a lesser wage and some clauses related to his injury. He is a good player but i think his decision to sign for Newcastle instead of Liverpool shows a lack of ambition. I also believe that the club doesn’t need players who are only their for the money, I know its alot to expect foreign players to understand what it means to play for Liverpool as much as the local lads do. All in all I believe that this is best for the club as we want to avoid signing injury prone players who are only in it for the money.

  4. fid1892 says:

    You forgot option 4:

    Who cares – He is not a Liverpool player, so forget him and move on

  5. diamond says:

    Thank God we didn’t sign this player!

  6. sam says:

    i think liverpool’s wage bill is too high at the moment and we proabaly need to offload a few players.

    I’m sure Kenny is throwing a few red herrings out there like the good old days.

  7. reikirebel says:

    I would agree with desy … The press blow everything up to a drama … The guy said he did not fail the medical, so its simple, although he will have passed the fitness side of the medical, maybe they had concerns about his previous injuries and maybe spotted something they were not sure about, so LFC wanted to put a clause in the contract .. he didn’t like that so looked elsewhere .. no big deal, its gone now so why do we keep looking back and guessing….
    NUFC decided to go forward and we didn’t, good luck to him and NUFC 🙂

  8. Lippo says:

    I can tell you exactly why Marveux failed the medical. He is a poor healer. When he gets injured, he does not heal well and Liverpool did not want another player like Agger I’d Aurelio (or Stevie for that matter) who would require a lengthy time off if injured.

    Newcastle’s medicals are not as stringent….

  9. Sarkie says:

    Or both?

    He failed a medical so they offered him a lower wage or a pay-per-play for the first season and then increase it after the first season, ala Miereles.

    I’d not heard of him before he came to one of our games, not going to miss him either.

    Ben Arfa #2

  10. Law says:

    Surely not the right boy for us we need lads who will be proud to wear the shirt,,, not just looking for a big pay day (we have far too many of them on the books already). For me it sounds all rather desperate from Newcastle and sends out a good message to LFC fans that we have learned from past mistakes on transfers considering both Bosman and injured players. I feel sure we shall get some quality in this window and desperately hope we offload the dead wood that will be resented by all the players that deserve the red shirt.

  11. adam says:

    LFC comment one month ago – We will move quickly and decisively – WOW – most fans sick of hearing about Charlie and Ensua – BORING BORING BORING

  12. M. says:

    I don’t think he was that good. Had he been, then Rennes won’t have allowed him to run out of contract. Also, had he been that good, I don’t think a free agent would have finished at NUFC.

    However, I am a bit worried about our transfer policy now. Had Marveaux been English, he probably would have been contracted. We are offering silly money for players being English & possible non Brits are one by one being booked by other clubs.

    JH & AC were purchased for 52+mn & Phil Jones being reported to be poached at 22mn; & now Scott Dann is linked with 12mn with Downing 15mn; these are obnoxious amount. Imagine what these 100mn could bring us with 100+mn, had we gone outside British Isles?

  13. KD7 says:

    HE didn’t sign because he is shite and nobody apart from Commoli wanted him. Our physios have enough work to do in any case. Now lets not mess about and go for someone decent like Matta or one of the Spain u21 wingers.

  14. m kop says:

    Even if he passed medical and not get injured as much (which is very unlikely in PL) he wouldn’t play a lot for Liverpool.

    Liverpool needs world class signing and I wouldn’t blame them if they are unable to attract that type of players but I would mind them not trying when money is finally available.

    There is no need to say who is world class and who isn’t but we all know Dawning and N’Zobgia, credit to them, are not.

  15. nufc says:

    fuck off scousers … first of all .. nufc dont have more money than liverpool… haha idiots… 2nd of all .. he came out and said he didnt fail his medical … why the fuck would he lie … u stupid arrogant cunts … wtf… liverpool and worldclass signings???? WHAT?? you are not a big club anymore … u bought the ladyboy caroll for 35 mill .. and yet scousers are so stupid they think nufc have more money than them … u spent 20 mill on the unwashed henderson .. and would have 22 mill for jones .. u fuckin idiots jones has a release clause and lfc were gonna pay more … how fuccin stupid can scousers get … haha .. all the articles before marveaux signed was about how good he looked .. go on youtube .. haha you would find 100 scouser comments saying thats exactly the player they need …. shit article … we will see whos the bigger club when we meet next season .. im sure its gonna be hilarious … u fucking arrogant stupid cunts

    • the real scouse says:

      wena mbuzi, we are liverpool for a reason we have seen the best times and the good times and we know more good times lie ahead, we wont bother fighting with a middle table team that is prone to relegation and administration, go and fight with your own size the likes of portsmouth and leeds united. as far as i am concerne NUFC is a feeder club to Liverpool, we got carrol and enreque from you thanks, joe barton also wanted to come but we had no space, go jump in a lake you moron. YNWA

  16. carroll says:

    Learn to spell you ignorant moron. Yeah good job losing your best players to us and good job winning loads of trophies, I forgot youve won the champions league 5 times, oh wait you havnt you get relegated and your decent players move on as your a stepping stone club. Have fun being the french national b team next year you inbred.

  17. Willo says:

    I’m going to guess you’re about 14??

  18. Dan says:

    King Kenny probably saw him & realised he wasn’t good enough to wear the shirt of LFC.

  19. Dan says:

    NUFC have wasted more than most teams in the premiership actually, you illiterate, moronic, ranting, Geordie tosspot. You could only dream of having a manager as talented as King Kenny. I pity you.

  20. madafaka says:


  21. Neverman says:

    Newcastle signed him because that’s what newcastle do. They make dumb choices (like getting rid of Nolan and letting Barton spout off constantly). Marveux is a risk LFC do not need to take, whereas Newcastle see him as a bargain with a big risk attached. LFC will be much better off with Mata or Cazorla on the left, Suarez on the right and Carroll in the middle. Henderson and Gerrard will play in front of Lucas. Defensively the only clear choice is Carragher. Hopefully we get Chissoko (sp?) for the left and let Johnson/Kelly take the right. Among all the defenders mentioned I don’t understand why we’re willing to pay 14M for Zapater instead of a little more for Cahill who is a proven PL player. I will admit I don’t know Zapaters game very well but I don’t see him as an upgrade to Skrtel. Agger is our best second defender but that means nothing if he can’t stay healthy. Marveux may be Newcastles best player but again, that won;t mean a thing if he can’t stay on the field.

  22. Neverman says:


  23. Neverman says:

    Oh, or Cassano on the right and Suarez on the left with Carrol in the middle? Devastating attack there. Then Charlie Adam and Henderson will trade off. When a more offensive approach is needed, use Henderson, when a more defensive approach is needed use Adam next to Lucas.

  24. Ivar says:

    If you’re going to attack someone’s spelling, make sure you get yours right. Otherwise I agree with you.

  25. I agree with you there on being happy to see him at newcastle rather than liverpool. I dont real see him to be good enough to put on that red jersey. We need wingers with dribbling, crossing and scoring abilities at anfield next season if we need to challenge for the league. I would hope that Downing, Adam and Enrique will be coming in soon. Imagine:


    or Johnson

    or Henderson——or Gerrard——or Meireles

    ——————or Kuyt

    Flanagan, Aurelio, Maxi, Agger, Pacheco, Spearing, Gulacsi

  26. Dan says:

    Im tired of people talking about how they would rather sign Cahill or Enrique as “proven EPL quality”. Remember, Konchesky was also “proven EPL quality” and Joe Cole was also “proven EPL quality”. Theres a reason they play at smaller clubs, because its easy to be a big fish in a small pond.

    Second, if you can’t spell a players name, you can’t be a very avid follower of our club. Ensua? Who is that? There has been no player under that name at Liverpool. Theres Enrique, who is an above average but not world class LB. You may also be thinking of Insua. The young Argentine international that played brilliantly in Rafas last season, being a bright spot on the left? The one that the tactical mastermind Roy Hodgson sent on loan because he was too attack minded and probably didn’t play hoofball? That one? Well I hope to a greater cosmological force that he comes back and makes that LB spot his. He has the skill and experience already.
    Zapater? You mean Zapata? Voted alongside Thiago Silva as the best CB in Italy? In a country where everyone from the referee to Ibrahimovic play defense? That led Udinese to the CL, unlike a certain NUFC player? Oh, that Zapata! Yes, i’ve heard he’s desperate for a move to the ‘pool.

    Remember folks, world class is what we need. Not above average, Marveaux/Adam/Enrique style players. If our goal was 7th or 6th every year, then sure. But we have to aim for the stars, or die trying. We don’t have time to “build a base” over 3 years. We need good players. There are those out there that want to join us. But we need to stop pinking oursepves to overpriced, overhyped average players. IT WILL NOT MAKE US BETTER.

  27. dixie222 says:

    he is a good player and has a lot of potential otherwise he would not of arrived at the club and comolli would not have scouted him for so long. This signing just stinks of a player leaving a club on a free expecting massive wages. liverpool most likely offered him a good contract with add ons as he is injury prone. My question is did newcastle track the player at all or just heared that he had failed a medical and offered him a contract without any insurances? Whatever happended, the fact that comolli and kenny only sign a player if he is right in all departments tells you that they are only going to spend if it is right for liverpool. Carroll signed injured, however comolli and kenny are in agreement that the player will be an excellent signing, hence the 35 mil. some people have dismissed this and say he is not worth the money, however when kenny dalglish breaks the transfer record for a striker, he gets it right!!!

  28. Neverman says:

    I agree with half of what you say and disagree with the other half. — Disagree with: What is meant by a proven EPL player. I agree about Konchesky. He has all the mistakes of Riise with the speed of pensioner and the football knowledge of a rookie. But as in my post, Cahill is someone who has shown high quality while playing in this league. He can slot in next to Carragher and would immediately be an upgrade to Skrtel. He’s better in the air, is more consistent, and doesn’t have the out of position brain farts which creep into Skrtels game. Sure, every defender gets beat sometimes, but Cahill plays smart and is a leader on the field. As far as Zapata, I have about the same knowledge of his ability as I do with the Mexican revolutionary who bears the same name so I’ll defer to one better suited to make the judgment. Still it seems to me Cahill is a no-brainer. — Agree with: Enrique and Adam are very risky pickups. Enrique because he’s really only had one good year and makes as many mistakes as he does beautiful plays. I think sometimes people remember the beautiful ones and forget about the liability of the player being out of position. At times Enrique looks the real deal, at others not even close. I would prefer Aly Cissokho because of his speed and strength. He is at least as good a defender as Enrique but when he makes mistakes (and all sidebacks do) he learns from them and doesn’t get frazzled. Once Enrique messes up a couple passes, he needs a does of Ritalin. Cissokho is by no means as fragile. On Adam, I like him for 6M as a backup to Lucas (because I never ever want to see Gerrard playing in the DMF position again), not at 8-10M as a starter. What we need is Mata/Cazorla/or headcase Cassano to play the opposite wing as Suarez with Carrol up front – Henderson next to Stevie in front of Lucas, Aly, Cahill, Carra, and Johnson.

  29. Neverman says:

    That last message was for Dan

  30. Dan says:

    Thats better. Well thought out. I was saying that Konchesky and Cole were players who had massively overhyped reputations before coming to Liverpool, and we should steer very clear of players like them. As for Cahill, I suppose I will wait to make a judgement on him. Personally I would not even try to get Adam and go for Gago from Real. He used to be first choice, but injuries and mega-money transfers put him on the bench. Still a quality player for Argentina. Mata would be a good buy. Cissokho might be a bit of a risk bould could work out to be a potentially great player.

  31. nufc says:

    haha … why the fuck would mata or cazorla join the shity of livershite … you arent a big club anymore .. GET THAT INTO YOUR THICK HEADS… who the fuck said dalglish is talented.. he might have been in the 80’s and 90’s… hes 120 yrs old u fuckin morons .. so charlie adam and enrique are shite?? wtf are you idiots on?? adam’s performance last season made him into one of the top midfielders in the epl wether you like or not you fuckin idiots… i really next season when you dirty smelly scousers getted fucked by every pl team you fuckin glory hunters …. idiots .. you aren’t in any fuckin position to choose players .. players choose wether to join livershite … you saw that with marveaux .. he chose the better team … get over it you fuckin kids..when the fuck did saurez become world class .. u fuckin stupid idiot diry scousers..

  32. Neverman says:

    To nufc. You never were nor ever will be a big club. And btw, Newcastle smells like rotten fish. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father stinks of elderberries. Now go back to your mothers basement and learn a new swear word.

  33. Tom Campbell says:

    NUFC, why do you bother spending your time reading and commenting on a Liverpool forum. Personally, i couldn’t tell you the name of a Newcastle forum. I am glad that you got Marveaux. How many free transfers have worked out for Liverpool in recent years??? I am drawing blanks. And, newcastle, better team, are you having a laugh, or addicted to some form of drug? Joey Barton has been writing all over the internet about Nolan leaving, and suggesting that himself, Enrique and Gutierrez are following. Who does that leave you with? Sylvain Marveaux, Leon Best, Peter Lovenkrands? Wind your neck in you deluded clown and concentrate on watching your own team slip back down to the championship.

  34. Hmmm says:

    You all seem to forget that “king Kenny” managed Newcastle for a period of time and made a complete mess of the club taking them from second in the division to around thirteenth. This was mainly down to poor signings such as a well past it rush and barnes.
    Newcastle must have been rubbing there hands at 35mill for a player that only played half a season in the premiership and only managed 13 goals in the championship. And apparently your after signing enrique who I’m afraid is not the best defender in the world. And by the way I know alot of Sunderland fans who are delighted with the money paid for Henderson, sorry but he’s shit. So as Kenny did to Newcastle, he will spend all your money on average players that at best will get you mid table.

  35. D Boy says:

    Hey we’ll see. Bottom line is that he’s Liverpool through and through. If he can get us playing with pride then I’m happy. If it doesn’t work out then he’ll be the first to hold his hands up. Because unlike Hodgson, he’s a legend and a man of respect. I only wish the ‘supporters’ lining up to denigrate the man could show him that same respect.

    Ps: the fact that Comolli oversees the transfers suggest that real detailed analysis is put into new signings rather than what may have been a haphazard approach at Newcastle.

    Pps: West Ham fans were saying the exact same thing about Frank Lampard when he left for Chelsea. Only time and good coaching will tell. Either way he’s one of us now and as long as he holds his head up high he’ll never walk alone.