Date: 20th June 2011 at 4:57am
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Whilst a lot of the talk so far this summer has been about who Liverpool are going to sign and bring in this summer, we also have to look at who we need to get rid off. When Henry took over Liverpool, one of the first things he highlighted as that there were too many players at Liverpool who were getting high salaries but not delivering on the field. Coupled with that, these players are no longer young and this is probably their last big paying contract of their careers.

We can never be 100% sure on how much a player earns as that information is not easily available but all we can work with are the figures we hear banded around in reports when these players sign their contracts to join the club. Based on these figures there are five players currently on the Liverpool roster who have scored 4 Premier League goals for Liverpool between them and they cost us £370,000-a-week on wages!

All five of these players have simply failed to cut it at Liverpool and we need to sell them on this summer:

1) Joe Cole: Signed on a free transfer from Chelsea but he has not lived up to his billing, Cole is on a reported £100,000-a-week contract, making him one of the highest paid players at the club. Injuries have contributed to his poor form but I believe it is best we cut our losses and move him on. We can not afford another season of paying him such a high wage if he is not contributing positively on the field. Two league goals in a season is not good enough for £100,000-a-week.

2) Milan Jovanovic: He also arrived on a free transfer at the start of last season but never set the stage alight as he was meant to be the left winger the team so badly needed. He is on a reported £90,000-a-week contract and for that he has only started 5 league games for Liverpool without returning a single goal.

3) Alberto Aquilani: We all know the Aquilani saga and we will not rehash it now. He virtually failed to cut it in the Premier League due to his injuries and spent last season on loan at Juventus. Now Juventus do not want to buy him and we may be stuck with him this coming season and paying him £80,000-a-week.

4) Paul Konchesky: The least said about Konchesky, the better. He will go down in my opinion as one of the worst Liverpool signings ever! Paul Konchesky made 15 league starts but lasted just six months before he was loaned to Nottingham Forest. We need to sell him this summer or else continue to pay him £50,000-a-week.

5) Christian Poulsen: Christian Poulsen arrived from Juventus and was said to be a great Danish star. He has only started 9 games for Liverpool and has not looked anything like a star. Getting rid of him is the best option but I wonder who would buy him and match the £50,000-a-week we pay him.


17 responses to “Five Liverpool flops cost £370,000-a-week”

  1. Jack says:

    At the moment both Aquilani and Konchesky are on loan so we are losing £240,000 a week. Still too high I guess. I personally wouldn’t mind Aquilani coming back though.

  2. JJ says:

    And how do you know we are not paying some of t heir wages while on loan? All these players can go.

  3. Raj says:

    Get rid all five of them and get decent players asap…

  4. Chunky says:

    I feel you are mis-representing Aquilani. He CAME to us injured at the outset and was being treated for this nagging ankle injury that Italian clubs could not repair. Most of his actual time at Anfield he was being treated for this. As soon as it was completed an idiot sent him out on loan! He was willing to play for us as soon as he was able and the couple of starts he DID get showed his craft and vision. He should be kept and integrated into the team ASAP.It seems you want to punish Aquilani for the mistakes of others and remember that ALL the talk of wanting to be in Italy ( after all he is Italian) comes solely from his agent. This guy is out to make money plain and simple!

  5. migwar says:

    whether we paid a contribution or not, and with Konchesky we probably paid most of his wage while he was on loan, is irrelavent

    season has finished and so have the loans. we are paying everyone’s wages right now

    i liked aquilani, what little we saw, but we have a massive midfield overcrowding, especially if we sign adams too.

    as for cole, this article is incredibly biased. i agree he has hardly set anfield alight, but to say 2 league goals for £100 a week is misleading. cole only started 9 games, with 11 sub appearance, racking up 861 minutes on the field, so a goal every 430 minutes from midfield.

    kop legend Gerrard managed 20 starts, 1 sub, 1955 minutes and 4 goals… so a goal every 490 minutes. his wages are even higher. should we sell him?

    PFA player of the year, Meireles, managed 32 starts, 1 sub, 2617 minutes and 5 goals… or one every 523 minutes

    the only other goal scorer we have who is listed in midfield is Maxi, and he was on fire at the end of a season in which he was mostly poor.

  6. Voland says:

    Aquilani was not a flop – and if he comes back I am sure he will prove a key member of the team in the coming season.

  7. Mr. Chopper says:

    We actually paid ALL of Konchesky’s wages whilst he was on loan. I think it was a Guardian journalist who let it slip.

  8. Mr. Chopper says:

    My bad.

    “One leading club is currently paying three-quarters of a former international player’s £40,000 a week, with the borrowing club supplying the difference, mostly because their supporters cannot stand the sight of him”

  9. hadi says:

    they should get shit but no mony i don’t fuckn know what fuck they doing in LFC

  10. Andy says:

    Firstly as both the English and Italian seasons are over we are now paying both Aqualini and konchesky’s wages in full Jack. Secondly I have a reliable source, he told me that Carroll was coming in October and I thought no way, who’s told me that Cole (on 90 grand a week) will leave this summer for a London club, I presume this to be Spurs. He has stated repeatedly that Jovanovic is not on £90,000 a week but rather is on £60,000, regardless he admitted to me that removing him will be Kenny’s biggest task as the level he probably suits will only pay half that amount. konchesky as we all know is a cockney chavwho’ll probably demand money to leave. Poulsen seems determined to stay, even knowing he’s not wanted we’ll have to pay him a wad to move but Aqua at least wants to go so it’s just getting a good price for him.

  11. Trey says:

    Lets not forget we also have Degen and Insua coming back from loan and we also do not need them. We need to clear out a lot of trash. I would rather we use our kids than some of these old guys who just want to get paid for nothing.

  12. tough says:

    liverpool are the worst run club in the prem, should have gone bust long ago. shit team, shit players, a string of shit boring managers, loadsa debt, more fat clueless players. fans are morons. please, go bust littlepool, no one will miss u and your horrible hackball

  13. tough says:

    oh yeah these owners are as dumb as the last ones, throwing huge money at shit players like slimer suarez and carroll guffffawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  14. Old Nick says:

    clearly a bitter blue or a manc so what the hell are you doing on an LFC site, get a life and a brain and watch out cos the reds are on the way back with KK,ynwa.

  15. Ivar says:

    Isn’t it pitch, instead of field? Or was that Henry quoted?

  16. Marvel says:

    @Tough: I won’t give u d pleasure of racking up words 2 show hw deluded u’re. I reli think u should see sum1. all dat bitterness is killin u, isn’t it??
    By d way, u should av left out Suarez

  17. Gary LFC says: