Date: 18th June 2011 at 5:00am
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Reports have suggested that this week Liverpool will open up negotiations with Blackpool over their midfield talisman Charlie Adam, who enjoyed a remarkable season in the Premier League, attracting many potential suitors. Liverpool are widely expected to continue their January transfer market approach by spending big, but is the former Rangers man actually needed on Merseyside?

Well, why wouldn’t a big side want Adam’s 12 goals and 9 assists? Imagine the statistics the Blackpool man could achieve next season with the likes of Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard around him. But perhaps the reason the Scot has done so well is because he was one of, if not the, main attacking outlet at Blackpool; on Merseyside he would be in amongst several world class players in the final third. Would Adam thrive or get lost in amongst some of football’s biggest names?

Tactically Adam is an ideal signing for any manager to have, centre midfield, attacking midfielder or even a deep lying striker, but who would he replace? Kenny Dalglish appears to already be onto a winning formation, so too much transfer activity could hinder his rebuilding process. If Adam were to join though, I simply cannot see who he would replace. Lucas’ performances have improved greatly this season, and he is the only defensive minded midfielder in the starting line up, so sacrificing the Brazilian would be foolish. Steven Gerrard is obviously the first name on the team sheet (even if his influence has dropped in the last couple of seasons) and then you have Raul Meireles and the returning Alberto Aquilani to consider. The main issue I would have in signing Adam is the impact it would have on Jonjo Shelvey and Jay Spearing, both youngsters who have enjoyed breakthrough seasons and are key in what ‘King Kenny’ is trying to achieve at Liverpool, but signing another centre midfielder would no doubt force the two Englishman out on loan or reduce them to merely a few league cup appearances. Oh, and there is of course a certain Jordan Henderson to consider.

The one thing Adam would add to Liverpool’s play is his ability from set pieces. Liverpool have always relied on Steven Gerrard for his free kicks, but when the Englishman isn’t available Liverpool lack that threat from free kicks and corners. Fabio Aurelio clearly demonstrates superb technique from short free kicks too, but since Liverpool are pursuing a new left back and with the Brazilian, now in the twilight of his career, already fighting for a place at full back with the ever-improving Martin Kelly and England international Glen Johnson, he will presumably have to settle for a place on the bench for much of next season. The Scotland international has a delightful left foot, that delivered some of the best corners last season as well as scoring a couple of contenders for Goal of the Season from set pieces.

Adam’s sweet left foot surely isn’t worth £10 million though? Because in this writer’s humble opinion, that’s the only attribute Liverpool will be gaining in signing the guy who didn’t even get Blackpool’s player of the season award for the 2010/11.

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22 responses to “Is Charlie Adam’s left foot worth £10million?”

  1. Davie Dire says:

    Can’t believe some of these idiots saying Charlie Adam isn’t good enough, he scored more goals than any of our midfielders last season, he is a far better player than merelies (who is yellow in the tackle). Get him ASAP. Sell merelies for £14m to Inter and leave £5m to fund a quality left winger like Mata!!

  2. anto says:

    if henderson is worth 20 mil then adam worth about 60 ha ha…..35 mill for andycarroll best bit of business since
    united bought veron…
    can sum1 explain how liverpool pay 35 for carroll yet suarez a real world class player costs 10 mill cheaper?
    wtf is goin on there?

  3. M. says:

    you are forgetting the birth country of those 2 costing at least 25mn more. JH ‘ll not draw a fee more than 5mn outside england, carroll at best 15.

    Local fascination is bullying us & if this goes on, Arsenal or Tottenham ‘ll beat us to cl easily for their non english quality players.

  4. doctorz says:

    Isnt a fact that Liverpool have never won a leage title without a scot in the team [ not the reserves like wilson] so maybe fate is back on our side with adam.

  5. anto says:

    60 mill for carroll and henderson.yet modric will go for about 25.who the fk is givin the ok for tat money to be spent on 2 average players??

  6. Matt says:

    Thought we were signing him by the end of the week ?
    I am on the fence with this one really very good player… Helped Blackpool beat us twice after all !

    Am just worried there no real winger / lb storys around ? Does it mean we’re waiting for the international window to open, then we could sign Mata / Cazorla ? ?

  7. williams says:

    if c.adam was an english player kenny and co could’ve sign him [adam]with 45m but because of he’s not now 10mll is so much for them to pay,and kenny keep saying he would take lfc to champions league spot and a trophy in these coming season,pls kenny and comolli should look for a blind and deft man to decieved.uptill now no top stars that kenny have signed when other clubs are doing good deals arround europe,and all the names they [kenny and comolli ]have contacting since have dissappeared from their eyes am sorry for suarez and other good players in our club because they are going to suffer a lot.

  8. AAA says:

    Carroll’s transfer fee was based on Torres’ transfer fee. Whatever liverpool get for Torres they will pay 15mil less for carroll.

  9. Simon says:

    Carroll was hugely expensive, and he is the most worrying aspect of our squad at the moment, because if he doesn’t do it for us we can write of £25 million on him

    However, the £50 million received for Torres was outrageous given his injury problems, and this is what we spent

    The new owners stated that they were willing to spend Torres fee less £15 million on Carroll….. £50 – £15 = £35

    The splurge on Carroll actually shows how willing the owners are to trust Commoli / Dalglish

    It was an amazing demonstration of them doing exactly what they pledged to do

  10. Simon says:

    It is imperative that we sign Charlie Adam

    The importance cannot be understated – he will be the first name on our teamsheet

    He won’t score as many goals, unless he replaces Gerrard as panalty taker, but his range of passing is Alonso-esque and his dead ball ability is amazing

    We haven’t had a proper free kick taker for as long as i can remember. John Barnes maybe, Suarez is good too

    Aurelio cannot really be counted as he rarely plays for any sustained period of time, Gerrard is great but not in the Beckham / Baines mode where a goal can almost be expected every time

    If Man Utd sign Adam we will know all about it with them getting even more late winning goals from set-plays supplied by his sweet left boot

  11. JackC says:

    I hope Liverpool sign Charlie Adam.

  12. Gerrardious says:

    @William: do u own a dictionary by any chance?

  13. nufc says:

    HAHA yer you bindippers get charlie adam n we’ll have marvueax WHEYYYYY also tar for the 35mil for a 10mil player lads, it’l help us pinch a few more of your targets,,,
    liverpool full of deluded tw*ts haha ,,,,
    ohhh yer steven gerrads on holiday ain’t he,, get roond his hoose n steal his stuff haha,, great fans you like,,, toodles tramps

  14. Andy says:

    Fucking idiots signing a player who couldn’t even pass a simple medical at anfield. The so called toon army are as stupid as they sound when they talk.

  15. Lee says:

    Marveaux, 25, had been available on a free transfer after the expiry of his contract. Liverpool did hold an interest in the Frenchman, but chose not to complete a deal due to doubts over his durability and fitness.

    So you signed a player who liverpool do not see being “Durable”, another player to sit on your treatment table for most of the season.

    Read More

  16. maljay says:

    He couldn’t spell it

  17. Hezer says:

    the answer is very simple: NEVER. until when we are going to buy average expensive players just tell me someone of you? first henderson which we never ever needed in the team now adam then downing WHAT THE HELL MAN.. then you say oh lfc lack in class thats why we always fail , fair enough so heres the opportunity to sign class players and get rid of crap ones we have now .. players fans want are: hazard sanchez mata aguero coentrao , not henderson dann adam downing enrique … PLEASE FSG UNDERSTAND THIS just stop this, we have enough average over rated players in the squad already , no more just go for CLASS.

  18. scouse bob says:

    People were always going on bout STRENGTH IN DEPTH now all people can ask is he worth with is it to much money for the signing. Who gives a shit I want Liverpool to have as many attacking options as they can. Sorting the formation an the lads is down to Kenny Steve an Sammy, exciting times for us to support our club Adam will fit in we all know he’s made of the same stuff Kenny can get the best out of a player. I make no apologies for my grammar an spelling an remember YNWA.

  19. udie90 says:

    worth 10mil. but lverpool dont need him.

  20. Gerrardious says:

    @hezer: wen will ppl like u get it into their thick skulls that we can’t sign dis guys u’ve mentioned bcos we cant offer dem Champs league football (rite now)?. also, we’re buyin player for squad depth rite now. u should understand dat we need to build from the foundation. think about it dis way – how do u convince an average/gud player to come when we’ve already bought a world class player who plays in d same position?. its obvious that there are not many classy British players (especially wingers) who are realistic targets rite now. so just wait till the European window opens in July, then u’ll know.

  21. Hezer says:

    @Gerrardious- then how we gonna challenge for the title next season or even top 4 which is impossible to reach is we sign players like adam or any of those average players we’re linked with, u need to understand that we need class at must convince players join us somehow by offering a lot of money time to spend big see real madrid they got a fantastic squad and still investing in the team, if u dont invest u dont win thats simple u think we can finish at top 4 if we sign adam downing dann and enrique? never we’ll remanin 6th of lower than that, its 22 years already without the title dont u think thats too much, time to spend big and start competing for big things , its just sad how some lfc fans are satisfied with some average players we sign and thats it, and thats why we always fail, LFC need to change the mentality of transfer windows we’re totally clueless on that.

  22. cosmicdave says:

    Adam scored 12 goals last season – 7 pens and two free kicks, so a net 3 goals.

    Bang average.