Date: 17th June 2011 at 9:17am
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It takes a lot to get Kenny Dalglish to be angry but today (Friday) the boss is not a happy man following the announcement of next seasons fixture list. Dalglish is not upset with any of the fixtures and how they have come out of the computer but he is upset that the season is starting on Saturday August 13 which is only 72 hours after international friendlies.

I feel where Dalglish is coming from, I for one am not a fan of these international friendlies and why are we having them right before the start of the season?

Dalglish is not asking for too much, all he wanted was for the season to start on the Sunday and not the Saturday. That would give the players who were away on international duty an extra day to prepare.

“There’s not a lot you can say about the fixture list really but I would ask why the season is starting on a Saturday when there are international friendlies the midweek before,” Dalglish told “Clubs are doing their best to bring in good players and that usually means they are international players.”

“There is a free week after the first weekend so I don’t understand why we can’t start the season on a Sunday to prevent players having to travel back on a Wednesday night in time for a Saturday start. If you are going to have international games then have them but surely it makes sense to put the league games back a day if it’s possible. To me it’s common sense.”


2 responses to “Why Kenny Dalglish is angry”

  1. magnumopus says:

    Agree… now it is time for the FA to act to change the day to begin the season to Sunday.

  2. Ebrus says:

    Rubbish fa