Date: 16th June 2011 at 1:46am
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Liverpool have unveiled their new third away kit for the 2011-12 season. When I first saw it, I was SHOCKED to say the least. How can Liverpool have the colour blue as part of their kit, especially since those are the colours of Everton? In the past we have had some pretty outrageous away kits, I will not forget the yellow and red kit we once had and then there was a green and black one at some point. Those I could get over but I am not sure about this blue.

Adidas say the blue (or cyan blue to be more specific) is a throwback to Liverpool’s first ever home kit back in 1892 which incorporated alternate white and blue halves.

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10 responses to “What were Adidas thinking with the new Liverpool away kit?”

  1. Gerrardious says:

    I dont care what jersey colour we wear as long as Jova, Konch, Joe C, Pouls, Degen, Darby, Ngog, Aurellio, n El Zhar are not wearing it come ext season.

  2. chri5jo says:

    Are our fans turning into Everton fans, what does it matter if it as a bit of blue on. All this outrage reported, I wish these fans would grow up and stop being so childish.
    What does it matter if it as blue on! Manure play in red so should we stop using a red kit. People make me laugh when they disgusted with a colour just because our neighbours play in that colour (not the same colour neither)

  3. Obi says:

    This is the 3rd strip, NOT the new away kit as your article title suggests, please correct to avoid misleading punters. We’ll probably only ever wear this strip on 2 or 3 occasions at most so I’m not sure what all the hullabulloo is for… it certainly won’t be the first time LFC have had blue on a strip.

  4. Rubs says:

    I think the kit is classy. Fas have to grow up and not let colours of football kits bother them. It is the third kit so dont expect to much of it next season. It should’nt matter what the lads play in as long as we are top come Christmas. The blue is a nice touch though.

  5. Red Datuk says:

    I think the “Cyan Blue” was chosen because it represents Standard Chartered colours. Paying 20 million pounds a season for the sponsorship, I should think they like their colours in it as well as the name. Thats my opinion anyway.

  6. L Dunn says:

    If you are waling aroubnd in Liverpool, one could be mistaken for a bluen nose.

    I actually like the kit. It looks great.

    Ont he other hand the blue noses won’t be able to say anymore that they are the best team in Blue on Merseyside. 🙂

  7. REDseptember says:

    You people writing this nonsense really need to get over yourselves, the countrys media are lumping on this and again our club is being dragged through a needless media circus. This is nothing like everton blue,wise up!! Our modern day fans with their home computers have become a horde of constant complaining,all in the name of finding something to scribble about during the close season. BUY IT OR DONT BUY IT…………. END OFF !!

  8. JD says:

    Red Datuk has totally hit the nail on the head. Forget this 1892 crap. Have a look at the cyan stripes. Then have a look at the Standard Chartered logo. It’s MONEY, people, what do you think drives the premier league?!! They’re laughing all the way to the bank (hoho) at all this media coverage. Considering it will only be worn about twice they’ve deffo got their money’s worth!!
    PS as an impartial observer (i.e. Everton fan), I think it looks rather fetching …