Date: 9th June 2011 at 8:14am
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According to reports in Liverpool Echo, David Ngog will not be going to Sunderland as part of the deal that is bringing Jordan Henderson to Anfield.

It was widely thought that Ngog will be going to Sunderland as part of the £20million deal with Ngog being valued at £8million thus Liverpool only had to pay £12million cash.

Henderson was at Melwood yesterday (Wednesday) where he agreed personal terms and underwent a medical. But paperwork at the FA and Premier League prevented the deal from being completed last night.

More information about Henderson’s signing and Ngog not going the opposite direction will be made clear during the course of the day.


8 responses to “Ngog will not be going to Sunderland”

  1. titinho says:

    i don’t tink he is worth dat amount

  2. Bill Shankly HATES Computer Football Managers !!! says:

    Its not a question of money its a question of will he improve the Sunderland squad ?
    I think he will & £8 million isnt a lot of money for a 22 year old striker who has played in Europe & the Premier League for a consistently top 4 side .
    Is he better than Bentnar at Arsenal ?
    There isnt much in it .
    I’d say based on both their high standards of experience that both are worth no more than £10 million .
    After Sunderland made £23 million from selling Bent I’d say N’Gog is good business to them at £8 million even if he is only used as a squad man for his first season .
    They need strikers & he has the experience & Potential to be a very good player for them at that price .

  3. YNWA says:

    Ngog is no good, rather just release him for free.

  4. sparq says:

    Ngog is worth £8m !

    People judge him on the games he played when Torres was injured.

    What they forget is, Ngog played up front as a lone striker.

    A foreigner, in the hardest league in the world, aged just 22, he did alright in my opinion.

    Had he played a whole seaseon with another striker along side him, I bet his cofidence and finishing would have vastly improved.


    He is strong on the ball for such a slim build, yes his 1st touch isn’t the best, but with more regular football, his finishing will improve.

    Good luck David N’gog.


  5. anthony says:

    i agree give the yougester a chance,he has proven to be better than most wth the fewer games he has played

  6. why is it always so easy for u guys to be blindly biased wen its comes to ur players. selling N’gog for 7m(if it happens) should be seen as a bargain 4 us cos there’s no way he’s worth it. he’s made no notable improvement over the past 4 years. of course, he’s got European experience and big match moments but still, his movement is bad enough, not to mention his terrible first touch. he cant chase down long balls n doesn’t put in d slightest idea to get physical with defenders when necessary. the guy’s so lazy he wouldn’t mind Carroll carryin him on his shoulders while runnin down d pitch.
    point is he’s not good technically which makes him not good enough for a big team, n he lacks work rate and strength.(not good enough 4 small teams). The only good thing is his age. if we sell him for 5m, no one will complain. Bendtner is a lot beta than him.

  7. Bill Shankly Hates Whiney Cunts !!! says:

    He isnt lazy .
    He has a decent first touch but is a bit selfish/clueless or just slower in thinking than our players around him who are mostly highly experienced senior professional international players .
    He chases long balls & pressurizes defenders on the ball .
    He is fast .
    He is decent in the air .
    N’Gog is easily as good a player as Bendtner but not if he stays at our club where the pressure of expectation is chipping away at his confidence & slowly destroying the lads game .
    If we were to sign him or Bendtner for £10 million I’d be complaining because neither is up to the required standard & the truth is very few players on the planet are up to the required standard .
    Slagging him off because he is in the majority is petty , foolish & a poor reflection on the club .

  8. i thot lazy was a compliment, or should i rather say he is weak cos how do u explain him falling down everytime an opponent as much as breathes on him?? even Crouch(who is lankier) doesn’t do that.
    u say he pressurizes defs, i was beginning to think u were talking about kuyt. i dont understand d part of him being decent in d air cos despite his height, players who are at least 8cm below him still win headers off him (comfortably) every now n then. he doesnt pressurize defs both on d ground n in d air, so am beginning to 1da if ure d one playin too much FM.
    as for his speed, he is obviously fast, but chooses to deploy it only once in a while.
    and by d way, I said ‘sell’ not ‘buy’