Date: 7th June 2011 at 1:47pm
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As Liverpool look set to sign the young English duo of Jordan Henderson and Phil Jones, attention may start to focus on another young duo, this time from Barcelona. Liverpool are reported to have made contact with Barcelona regarding the potential signing of Bojan and Jeffren Suarez.

Now these are two potential signings that excite me if they do materialize. Liverpool have been linked for a while now with Bojan as we seek another striker to provide cover and competition for Suarez and Torres. Bojan has not really gotten a look-in at Barcelona due to David Villa being their main striker. Bojan needs more games under his belt and he would certainly get more action at Liverpool than if he continues to sit on the Barcelona bench. Bojan himself has said that he wants to stay at Barcelona and fight for his place but it may be a fight he can not win.

With Liverpool set to miss out on Ashley Young as it looks like he will be joining Manchester United, the search continues for a new winger. Thus the name of Jeffren Suarez pops up. The 23 year old Barcelona winger is also not getting much game time at Barcelona and he is thinking of moving on so he can establish himself as a top European player. Jeffren could easily become a regular starter at Liverpool if he does join us as we need his pace and trickery.

Barcelona find themselves in a tricky situation now. They have a great side right now which can stay together for the next 2 or 3 seasons, what do they now do with the fringe players such as Bojan and Jeffren who can not break into the starting line-up but want to play regular football? Do they sell them or persuade them to hang around? I hope they sell them as we could so with these two players.


12 responses to “Barcelona duo could be the key to Liverpool’s summer spending”

  1. badri says:

    SUAREZ & TORRES? We have Suarez and Carroll!

    And we dont need Bojan – what has he done except miss 8 our of 10 changes in front of goal as a substitute? He is not Van Nistelrooy or Raul or Odemwingie!! Nobody has even seen him play in a big match? What do we know to buy him? or jeffren ? Can’t finish the simple tap-in’s.

    Atleast perotti or Vargas have been tested against the top teams in La liga or Italy to know what they can do!

    We are not playing virtual football in Xbox!

  2. ro says:

    not sure if bojan or jeffren will make it at liverpool wat about marveaux and negredo

  3. Propetis says:

    jeesus… are you talking about a liverpool team somewhere in south america? cause the one based in Liverpool isnt buying those for sure… good job on getting some hits for your website, but at least make sure you know our squad. torres has left in january, we bought carroll. you seem to know who our manager is though, which is quite admirable man… NOT

  4. Neverman says:

    Torres? crap article, full stop. I can understand making a mistake, but don;t you at least proofread or edit before you go to post?

  5. danske says:

    I’m removing this site from…..what a pile of crap.

  6. titinho says:

    i tink we beta go places like brazil,argentina,mexico nd uruguay to scout 4 young places

  7. titinho says:

    i tink we beta go places like brazil,argentina,mexico nd uruguay to scout 4 young places

  8. sanj says:

    if you people can see these two junk rubbish such as jones and hendersson as a liverpool player eventhough they are from 3rd class team then y not bojan and jeffren. i think most of you r racist here. bojan he has the quality go n check u scummmmm

  9. Andoo says:

    Dont u ever question King Kenny targets… He knows more about young talented player than anyone else here… Do player like John Barnes came to Liverpool with big reputation? No rite and its King Kenny who bought him.

  10. tony says:

    bojan no way where doyou get this crap

  11. Bill Shankly Loves John Barnes !!! says:

    John Barnes was young’ish by the standard back then but he was an established England international with World Cup experience & he was a well established & respect performer in the League at that time , he was around 23 or 24 .
    He wasn’t an unknown he just didn’t disappoint when he moved to a big high pressure club & man oh man did we love him !
    Barnes was a real tough character physically & mentally , he used to have players try to butcher him on the pitch and thousands of opposition fans try to put him off his game by howling racial abuse at him but Barnes wouldnt let it get to him , he answered them with his performances & how he could perform !
    He was what Messi is today for Barcelona or what Ronaldo was to Utd or Henry was to Arsenal to us for his first 3 seasons after that he became in or around what Alonso was for us after he move into the Centre of Midfield later in his career , he was truly one of the absolute best players I have seen , his team work was second to none & his individual ability was second to none .
    John Barnes today would be a £90 or £100 million player if Ronaldo is £80 million .

  12. Andoo says:

    Yeah… How i wish John Barnes can still play for Liverpool. But no matter what, i have faith in King Kenny. Even Andy Carroll 35m price didnt bother me so much coz its King Kenny who brought him. And dont criticise him yet as half a season is too early too judge and also injury that stop him.