Date: 6th June 2011 at 4:07pm
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This is the question that many Liverpool fans have been asking eversince news broke out that we were after the 20 year old Sunderland midfielder.

Reports continue to intensify that a deal is close to be done between the two clubs for £18million. I know that no one thinks that Jordan Henderson is worth that much but those are the prices English players are going for. Let us disregard the price for now and look at what Henderson’s role would be at Liverpool if we do sign him.

Jordan is a box to box midfielder who can also play on the right side of midfield. I am sure Liverpool want him to play centrally and not on the right. Many say that he is a younger Steven Gerrard. So with that said, will Henderson walk into the starting eleven? I doubt it as he would have to replace Gerrard which will not happen anytime soon. He can not replace Lucas as Lucas is our defensive anchor in midfield and that is not a role Henderson is known for unless Dalglish feels there are game Lucas’ defensive attributes are not needed and he opts for Gerrard and Henderson in the middle.
But then, where does that leave the likes of
Spearing and Jonjo who have been working hard to play in that central midfield.

Or is Dalglish simply looking to buy Henderson for the future? Would Henderson be willing to sit on the bench at Liverpool when he was used to be a starter at Sunderland?


25 responses to “Where will Jordan Henderson play for Liverpool?”

  1. Bill Shankly says:

    Seriously , its either a 10 year old boy new to the game who wrote that loada tripe or its a clueless woman sticking her nose into something she knows nothing about .

  2. mark gallagher says:

    well said bill jordan henderson is 1 of the brightest young englisg premiership stars and if kenny wants him who are we to argue? i see kenny signing a mixture of potential and first team starters and jordan fits the bill 4 both gr8 adition to the squad if we sign him the future is bright in kenny we trust

  3. Bill Shankly says:

    Personally I think the future will take care of itself when it arrives .
    I have already gave my opinions about Hendersons quality & Value on the other tread about him so I wont repeat myself , but he is no more a Gerrard play-a-like than I am .
    If we off load Cole , Henderson is very similar to him & could be a direct replacement but I see us needing urgent strengthening in other areas of the pitch before we go buying in youngsters & start talking about the future , especially if we face the fact we havent won so much as a pot since 2006 .
    I agree Henderson is an excellent 20 year old but the Premier League isnt an under age competition & we have similar quality in Shelvey who is a similar age .

  4. alex says:

    The main idea is that Henderson to come at LFC…hen we”ll see ehere King will play him 😉

  5. Colly says:

    I agree, I think we should be using are own youth! 18mil seem alot for a player whos not gonna walk into the team or played out of position! No doubt henderson is gonna be a super player but will he get the game time to blossom! For 18mil its just to much, it will also push the price up of all are other targets

  6. Kentish says:

    At one moment, both Manchester United and Liverpool were after Henderson…..The latter decided to join the REDS…

    What i think is that scouts and coaches from both Liverpool and Manchester united may have seen some very important attributes that Henderson possesses….

    Manchester UTD and Liverpool are working very hard to find players who can truly improve their midfield…..

    And if Henderson goes to Liverpool and truly improve their midfield and becomes a player playing better than Lucas,Gerrard or even Xabi Alonso then it is certainly worth buying him @ £18m…….

    However. only time will tell us if it is truly worth purchasing @ £18m……..

  7. Bill Shankly says:

    Only a fool can try to justify a players purchase according to his price .
    We are not used car sales men or livestock farmers.
    Players or buying managers dont dictate the going rate for a player .
    In the Case of Henderson you have to answer these questions honestly to yourself…
    1: Is he one of the best players under 21 in his Position in the Premier League .
    2: Could him joining us improve our squad
    Anything else outside that is beyond our control .
    Henderson is a very talented player performing consistently at a respectable Premier League Club .
    Let the Suits & Ties crunch the numbers & lets see what Kenny thinks about him before we start slagging off one of the brightest prospects in the country who may be one of our players before the season begins .
    For me , if that Ramires at Chelsea is a £16 million pound player then Henderson is a bargain at £18 million .

  8. njanja says:

    Bad market!

  9. Bill Shankly says:

    Its not that bad of a market .
    If Ramires is a £16 million pound midfielder then we didnt over spend on Christian Poulsen who has played about as well as Ramires has done this season .
    If Edin Dzeko is a £27 million pound striker than Andy Carroll is a bargain at £35 Million .
    If we gave Sunderland Poulsen & N’gog plus £25 million for Henderson & Cattermolle it would be good business for both of us .
    I’d also take that Phil Bardsley from them but I think we are more than covered at Right Back with Johnson & Flanagan competing with each other & both Carra & Kelly capable of filling in there as well .

  10. Lucas says:

    All i have to say he is still 20. Who’s going to be arguing if he becomes a world class player. I do believe the price of 18 mill is overboard, but we can not fast forward this transaction to see what the ending net income or net loss is. We got plenty of examples in the Liverpool team that should give us faith. Look at Lucas. He came to Liverpool at 20 or 21 and hes developed himself immensely. As for people who think we should be running after proven players are at more risk. Look at Torres, proven goalscorer, but Chelsea are regretting it already. I remember years ago when i saw young talent like adam johnson, ashley young (watford) vidal (chile u20: leveruskin),samir nasri, alexi sanchez (chile u20 , and carlos vilenueva (chile u20), marcus berg (lost his potential now)…these are players that have a level of excitement at a young age. And did anyone notice that Ryan Babels first season as a player was tricky, fast and skillful in possession. His potential was drained out of him because of poor development. These players need to be developed, and Henderson is one of them. So watch out people. LFC IS RISING.

  11. Bill Shankly says:

    I dont want to piss on yer parade Lucas but in the real world when a young player joins a massive club like LFC they find it a shock to their fragile little systems that they are no longer the best player they know because every where they look around them every day there are ex players & coaches who have won World Cups & European Championships at senior lever with their countrys & there are players & Coaches at our club who have won Champions League , Premier League , FA & League cups .
    If a player doesnt develop it is not the fault of the surroundings it is the fault of Nature that only the best of the best make it , so if a young player has concentration problems , physical strength problems , endurance problems which they all have compared to proven senior players in their prime then they either improve themselves sufficiently like Lucas has done or they get shown the door like what happened with Babel .
    We are not a nursery club & its proven quality players like Reina , Carra , Skrtel , Johnson , Gerrard , Kuyt & Carroll that will win us the league because they can sustain their level of performance over the 38 game Premier League season .
    Some of our better kids will play a role too & I expect Saurez to really shine but he hasnt played a full English season yet so the Burden of expectation falls on the broad strong consistent shoulders of Andy Carroll .
    Every one can be flash in a lower league or an under age competition its what they can do for 38 games in the League that counts & theres not many young players capable of the standard necessary to play a vital role in a League winning side .

  12. 32chickens says:

    yes but where would the boy play-still a puzzle to me and i would suggest more than a puzzle to young jay spearing

  13. Bill Shankly says:

    Whether Spearing likes it or not he is being groomed to play a more combative role so if anything I’d say he is slightly disappointed to hear we are being linked with yet another lightweight attacking midfielder , as it stands its only Spearing & Lucas capable of making a decent challenge in our midfield unless we waste Gerrards talents in a defensive role yet again .
    Henderson being linked to us would only pressurize Maxi , Meireles & Joe Cole for playing time , Joe Cole the most .
    I personally cant see the urgency in chopping & changing like for like players but Kenny deals with them & their attitudes everyday in training & knows better than anyone who needs to leave & who should stay for the good of the Club & the Fans .
    We will just have to wait until the season kicks off to see how The King thinks we should look .
    Keep the Faith lads ,
    We have the very best in charge of us .

  14. Neverman says:

    He’ll play mainly on the right of midfield. Every once in a while, he’ll be more central. This is not rocket science folks.

  15. Frank Tantaglio says:

    A man coming on for £18mil, he surely must be starting! I don’t think we’d buy players of that price tag to reenforce our bench! Maybe, Kenny would like to add some competition between midfielders. Because if we’re buying another midfielder, knowing there’s only two spots for central midfield, ideally, I’d use Gerrard and Mereiles. Mereiles played a brilliantly partnering Gerrard.
    Does this mean we are placing Lucas on the bench? No. I think Kenny wants these players to fight for their spots. Which is also a good thing, I suppose. It would give our squad more depth.

  16. kIKO says:

    How many games played Stven gerrard this season? Not too many. Our captein is also 31 years old now and cant play so many games as before. I think Henderson will get a lot of Opportunities if we buy him

  17. taha says:

    he cud also be employed in a 453 formation like barcas style… with gerard and henderson taking same positions as iniesta xavi and lucas doing the busquets role…. and i think dat is why king kenny is goin for him…. let me tell u dat this guy can be a top midfielder a couple of years down the line….

  18. Bill Shankly Hates Barca !!! says:

    taha ,
    So that is the secret to Barcas sucess then is it ? they get to use 12 players while the rest of us only get to use 11 ?
    As for Gerrard playing like that little flyweight Iniesta or that mammys boy Xavi ?
    Gerrard is a better player than both of them put together !
    If you support Barca so much & think LFC should copy them then you should go to a Barca site & Kiss their ass & tell them how much you love them in there !
    Thank God we arent in Europe next season because with so called supporters like you betraying us everytime some wee fancy boy team from one of those sunny countrys wins something you get all girlish & start throwing yer knickers at them !
    We dont deserve to be in Europe & we dont deserve success if we have Fans like you !
    You are a disgrace to our Club !

  19. Bill Shankly Hates Barca !!! says:

    Frank Tantaglio ,
    Mereiles is a useful player & he did play well in about 10 games last season but he was a poor signing at a poor time for the club.
    We had to move Gerrard out of Position so he could anchor the Midfield to accommodate Mereiles in an attacking role , which while he isnt physically capable of anchoring our midfield he is , just about mind you , physically capable of attacking from it but he isnt capable of attacking from it better than Gerrard is or Charlie Adam is over a 38 game League season .
    We have to place an anchor beside Gerrard so that he can be free to attack which is why as our squad stands Lucas is first choice to start the season as his partner with the improving Spearing giving him competition for that role .
    Henderson & Cole are similar to Mereiles except more consistent if last seasons displays are anything to go by , & if we sign Henderson then Mereiles place in the squad is immediately under threat by an already impressive Premier League performer who has fire in his belly & hunger in his heart & still is only 20 years old .

  20. Sunyer says:

    I think he’s definitely going to be a good signing with squad rotation especially due to Gerrad’s age, he’s gonna get his time as well as shelvey n spearing

  21. Jake says:

    i’m just waiting till we sign some out and out WINGERS!!! we have been crying out for pacey wingers who can beat their man for years, hodgson said it last summer but didnt have the money to bring one in. look at how much the mancs have had over the years with ronaldo, nani, valencia, giggs, now bacon face is after ashley young, hate to say it but fergie clearly sees wingers are key to success. Kuyt, Maxi and henderson(if he plays on the right wing) are the same sort of winger, like to hold up the ball and run inside; we need fast wingers who stick to the byline and beat the defence for pace!! Barnes, mcmanaman did it, its what i’m desperatly praying for this summer!!

  22. ab says:

    i think there is no point to buy player like jordan henderson . we need fast wingers who stick to the byline and beat the defence for pace!! done there is no point to bring henderson to the anfield………

  23. ab says:

    i agree with 100%… that amount is too much

  24. Marvel says:

    we dont really have problems in d central midfield rite now, so any signing we are making should be 2 add (good) depth 2 d team so we can challenge on all fronts without overstretchin d squad. personally, i think we should be looking for a very good combative DM who is more mobile n tackles beta than Lucas (instead of chasing Adam). with d arrival of Henderson, I expect 1 of Spearing or Shelvey to go out on loan. As for the price, its a little 2 expensive but player+ money is not a bad idea. I fink we can finance d purchase of promising players (like Jones and Wickham)by selling some of our players like Cole, Jova, Poulsen, Maxi, and Konch or Insua. an sure there will still be some cash left. then, we can get class players in the left back area and on the flanks with d 40m (or so I heard).

  25. Tom says:

    Johnson Carra Kelly (New left Back)
    Gerrard Lucas Henderson
    Kuyt Carrol

    Subs: Jones, Aurelio, Meireles, Flanagan, Skrtel

    Out: Poulsen, Maxi, Cole, Spearing, Konchesky, Agger, Kygriakos, Wilson, Insua

    We need a new CB, LB, Winger.