Date: 5th June 2011 at 10:31am
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From an American high school game in May 2011. After only 8 seconds of play a terrible tackle that flipped an opponent deserved a straight red card.

If it were Howard Webb refereeing that game and a Manchester United player put in such a tackle, he would have waved “Play On”!


2 responses to “[Video] Red Card after only 8 seconds”

  1. Kenny Dalglish says:

    That tackle just goes to prove that the game has gone to tha dogs !
    The ball was there to be won & the player made an honest effort to win the ball , a yellow card would have been harsh so early in the game but the ref should have let him kno that the next time he mistimed a challenge like that he was going into the book .
    Lets try to get in touch with out masculine sides lads & look at it rationally
    1: they were face to face when the challenge was made , nobody kicked anyone from behind .
    2: He didnt go in over the top of the ball & he didnt go in two footed , he went in hard but fair .
    3: Proof of what I said is in the fact that the challenged player managed to jump upon contact creating the illusion of a spectacular impact .
    Rule changes have made it so Players West of Italy & North of Spain are persecuted into playing a tippy toe pansy style game that suits the more tactically naive nationality’s from South America & Africa .
    Its corrupt & its sickening !

  2. Kenny Dalglish says:

    Having looked at it again but in closer detail its even clear that the challenging player pulled up when he seen he wasnt going to win the ball in an excellent show of good sportsmanship , his school & coaches should be proud of his actions .
    I dont blame the referee who applied the rules as they stand fairly in this case but the rules as they stand are corrupt & biased toward players in the Northern European style .
    Soon they are going to make the game non contact like girls Netball so that wee twinkle toed nancy boys like Nani , Messi & Ronaldo can ballet dance their way through a game unchallenged .
    Its beyond a disgrace !
    Its absolutely fucking outrageous !