Date: 4th June 2011 at 1:42pm
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Here is a little bit of Saturday humour for you courtesy of . With out any football on Saturdays anymore now for a while, we have to keep ourselves entertained somehow but it seems like Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll have plans of going to a night club! We all know about Carroll and his crazy nights out and he is trying to get Suarez to join along.


14 responses to “Suarez and Carroll go to a night club”

  1. Sghj says:

    You need to stop writing these nonsense negative stories about LFC you sound like a manc who only wants traffic to his shitty site.

  2. Trey says:

    Lol! Nice pic. Some great photoshop work.

  3. Feint Zebra says:


    Is this a negative story about LFC?


    Cheers – appreciate it.

  4. gav says:

    Really? I’ve just looked at the website this came from. I suspect the creator doesnt have a long line of photoshopping work lined up.

  5. Feint Zebra says:

    Ouch. Nice put down mate.

    I earn my crust doing a proper job, but each to their own.

  6. ro says:

    suarez got too much class to join that animal at night club
    mistake to sign carrol he cost too much we turnin into a long ball team and hes no good we should have kept torres or why not let kuyt form a partnership with suarez and move johnson over to rm and put robinson at left back problem solved

  7. Kenny Dalglish says:

    Lets sack Kenny & make Ro Manager , he obviously isn’t as dumb as dog shit like all his palls say he is behind his back .

  8. YidoTilliDie says:

    Anyone else care to do better? What else have we got to entertain ourselves in the summer break. Good job mate. I write a spurs blog and get the occasional cretin but you seem to be blessed with unemployed, hopeless knuckle draggers on this site.

  9. Bill Shankly says:

    Yido if its giddy entertainment ya want I suggest a circus or perhaps viewing a complilation called
    “Arron Lennons final ball ”
    or perhaps
    “Roman Pavlyuchenko’s ability to turn on the ball slightly quicker than the Earth rotates on its own Axis”
    Just dont be coming in here mouthing off about genuine football fans who care passionately about their club & their players .
    London may have all the money but up here we have more football knowledge & passion in out little fingers than an entire White Hart Lane filled with brainless chirping Cockney Sparrows that have more money than sense .
    Please feel free to let the door hit ya on yer arse on the way out .

  10. Orangeazz says:

    Good stuff feint zebra. To anyone criticising you obviously dont know the author. Ive seen his work on another well known liverpool fans website and its always top notch and complimentary to the team and the club.

  11. YidoTilliDie says:

    Unemployed hopeless knuckle dragger, Exhibit 1

    Pretty sure Mr Shankly would feel pretty aggrieved to be compared to someone who is incapable of basic spelling and punctuation. Perhaps your brain is too full of ‘football knowledge and passion’ to have learnt anything at school.

    Also considering Haringey is one of the most economically deprived areas in Britain, your comment about ‘chirping cockney sparrows that have more money than sense’ is uneducated and ill informed. Our fans actually come from within 100 miles of our club. I see more Liverpool shirts in the South than I have ever done in the North (they all seem to wear the red of a slightly more successful Northern team)

    Anyway, Ill leave you all to continue bitching at each other, it’s amusing. See you next season for another 6 points…

  12. Bill Shankly Hates Spurs !!! says:

    Well one really does feel implored to apologize most profusely for desecrating our Majesty the Queens English in the most God awful Celtic way now that one has been reprimanded & chastised so profoundly by one of that seat of learning & culture that is Haringey’s most learned students !
    Blow it outa yer ass Yido !
    Dont be trying to play it all Bow Bells salt of the earth , works hard for an honest copper, with me coz it wont wash & I wont be buying it !
    London is the richest part of the UK if not the richest part of Europe so dont dare try to play the economic deprivation card .
    And as for the 6 points ?
    With Dalglish signings and a Dalglish pre season under our belts I honestly expect to be taking 6 points of each & every soft southern Club in the League next season on our way to title #19 & especially off your lot after we dump you outa both cups & take Gareth Bale off yer hands .

  13. YidoTillIDie says:


  14. Bill Shankly Hates Spurs !!! says:

    LOL indeed !
    The very same asshole in his previous post tried to tell me about the English Language & then in retort to my reply he comes up with 3 letters of slang .
    Fuckin Spurs !
    I wipe my ass every morning with better than Spurs , Arsenal & Chelsea put together !
    Fuckin LOL .
    Watta weak little cunt !