Date: 2nd June 2011 at 8:31am
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Chelsea fans have been puzzled as to why Torres has struggled to find the back of the net for them whereas at Liverpool he was scoring goals for fun. Chelsea’s assistant manager Michael Emenalo seems to have the answer for Chelsea fans: Torres misses Liverpool!

“I can say he’s still adapting to the pattern of Chelsea at the moment,” Emenalo said. “This is due to the fact he’s still missing the juicy passes being served to him by the likes of (Xabi) Alonso and (Steven) Gerrard, but with time he will adapt.” said Emenalo.

That just goes to show the quality Liverpool had in our midfield to be able to make Torres look good. Now without that supply line, Torres is struggling.


8 responses to “Fernando Torres is missing Liverpool”

  1. ro says:

    should have stayed nando u and suarez would have been better and more exciting than carrol suarez carrol seems to slow our game down coz wenever he plays we just blast long balls up to his head he was a mistake

  2. Kenny Dalglish says:

    Carroll doesnt set the team tactics he plays to the tactics I , me being the actual Kenny Dalglish , set , and if Carroll slows the game down it is the first sign of a good player that he always looks to have time on the ball good players have a way of controlling the pace of a game & besides that Liverpool sides under me , Kenny Dalglish , play a possession game , yes when we strike we strike quickly & in waves that terrify opponents but we also play the ball around in front of them to pressurize them into making a mistake & creating an opening we can exploit .
    Andy Carroll is one of the very best Centre Forwards in Europe already at only 22 & is easily comparable in game play to the legendary Italian Christian Vieri in his prime , which is why we spent so much on him , Carroll will play his part in a 40 goal partnership next season with either Saurez or Kuyt beside him & the only question is which one of them will score the most of those 40 goals & my money is on Big Andy to hit at least 21 of them .
    He has been at the club less than 6 months & because he had a bad injury when we signed him he has only played 8 games & already you are slagging him off ?!?!?!
    I dont know who you support but it certainly isnt Liverpool Football Club .

  3. Kenny Dalglish says:

    Torres ?
    Make no mistake Torres is a quality operator & if you disrespect his talent he is likely to smash a hat trick against ya but what Torres didn’t seem to realize is that once ya leave LFC you are taking a step down , even the all time Great Ian Rush didn’t look half the player he was for us once he left us , the same happened Fowler , Owen Collymore , Heskey etc etc .
    Torres & a lotta supporters new to the game dont seem to kno the difference between a big club & a club thats doing well .
    Chelsea are a club close to £900,000,000 thats £900 million folks in debt to their owners holding company , & that £9 hundred million has bought them a few trophy’s over this past 15 years .
    Torres left us to join a side on the slide , a side that needs major rebuilding & the stability of a respected manager , Chelsea are 5 years away from a title as far as I can see , they have a squad of over hyped under talented players similar to Arsenal & the fact Ancelotti won anything with them is a testament to his coaching ability .
    Torres will find his feet there & he will hit between 10 & 15 league goals for them as they scrape into the top 6 if they play to their absolute best .
    Young fans in particular need to realise that its our Club that makes the player , the player never made the club .
    Fernando who ?
    That goal in 3 striker at that wee London club in the blue jerseys ?
    Big odds about him !!!

  4. zZZ says:

    You do realise that the interview is FAKE

  5. Awad says:

    hi im from malaysia.. im fan of lfc.. i still do believe on caroll.. i hope when wingers come to our club that can help caroll maximum his potiential with his briliant header

  6. Sid says:

    Caroll is quite a signing. Caroll, slow as he may seem, is good enough to hold center forward position with Kuyt & Suarez playing RF & LF respectively. He is a guy who can play the role of a big forward, bulling the defense to create chances for the more swift & pacy suarez or kuyt. Apart from this is seems to be good in the air. How more versatile a forward formation would a club require?
    Where we lack creativity is the wings, which Im sure will get addressed this time around. So overall we should be title contenders post Oct this year.

  7. dean says:

    Carrol is useless. His control is worst than a center backs. Downing was a wrong buy also. He is too old and crosses are an ancient tactic that teams with low ability use.
    Everything else we have bought is fine. Im not going to go into depth and explain my theories as anyone with a good football brain will see (unlike this guy daglish above).
    In the past i’ve always rated Sturridge, Demba Ba. Now look at them? I find talent so easy to spot. Why can’t the people that get paid see these players before they become valuable. I always said why are Chelsea buying Torres when they have Sturridge?!

    A good buy for Liverool in january would be defoe, Hazard but
    Any real Liverpool fans would love Torres back. Come on Torres. You know where home is.

  8. C says:

    Come back to anfield torres,TORRES=IDOL