Date: 31st May 2011 at 12:55pm
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There is now a new twist in the Alberto Aquilani transfer saga. Juventus are still mulling over whether to sign him on a permanent basis or not as they are not willing to pay Liverpool the full transfer fee agreed upon when Aquilani went out on loan.

Aquilani himself has made no secret of the fact that he would like to stay in Italy and play for Juventus but if they can not afford him then he will be headed back to Liverpool. Kenny Dalglish has said that he would be happy to welcome Aquilani back.

Now Aquilani’s dreams of staying at Juventus do not look great as Juventus are set to announce Antonio Conte as their new manger (or coach as they like to call them in Italy). It is understood that Conte does not want to sign Aquilani on a permanent basis once he is officially announced as the new manager. It is no surprise really as new managers prefer certain players and if Aquilani is not on his wish list then he will not be signed.

The odds are starting to look as though Aquilani will be headed back to Liverpool this summer.


2 responses to “The manager does not want to sign him”

  1. dKopReds says:


    If Aquilani doesn’t stay in Italy, at least LFC doesn’t need to pay more cash to by another midfielder. I also think that Aquilani would happy if he finally come back to Liverpool and playing under Sir “King” Kenny.

    By the way, LFC number 14 still no one has. 😀


  2. Fred Wasike says:

    I’m one person who always felt it was a question of time before Aquilani would fit very well in our Anfield outfit.He is a good mid-filder who even poaches for goals!

    Since the King himself has made public his stand that Aquilani fits in his future plans,let the gentleman pack his bags and head back to Maseyside. I see no reason why a good player like him should be made to kneel for the likes of Juventus. Come home Aquilani; dont wastre a minute!