Date: 30th May 2011 at 2:21pm
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Saturday’s Barcelona victory over Manchester United would have been the perfect pre-birthday present for Steven Gerrard whose birthday is today (Monday). We as the fans enjoyed seeing Manchester United get humiliated but it is also great to see that our own players enjoyed the victory too. Steven Gerrard was pictured by best mate Paul McGrattan who posted up the picture below onto Twitter (@PaulGrat1).

We had the Fergie 5 Times banner at Wembley on Saturday and now Captain Fantastic is also reminding United that we have won it 5 Times.


9 responses to “Gerrard celebrates Barcelona win by showing FIVE”

  1. vernon edwards says:

    He wasn’t saying 5 times, he was saying thats how many passes the mancs had all game

  2. Oomesh Seesaran says:

    I am one of many proud L’vpool fans in Mauritius island because we’ll remain the only British team with 5 champ. league winners for a very very long time….not before Fergie’s grandson starts playing football!!!

  3. rvin Mohun says:

    A proud liverpool fan from Mauritius since 1990(12 yr old) till my last breath.

  4. Bruce says:

    Typical of liverfool players and supporters – rely on other teams’ victory or losses to bring you joy. When arsenal or man Utd players and fans celebrate it is to toast their own success and achievements. Btw – gerrard is not showing five fingers, he’s really showing his empty hand-sad no trophies to hold

  5. Kay says:

    Typical Manc response, you haven’t let me down. I don’t recall Liverpool players singing anti Man U songs as they travelled through Merseyside with the European cup.Unlike your fans and players. Would be interesting to find out which fans are more bothered. I also don’t think you should bring Arsenal into equation as I don’t hear them constantly singing songs about other teams as they are watching their own team play, unlike others

  6. bob says:

    You’re all a bunch of scouse cunts! We broke you’re league record with ease and now were gonna get your champs league record. Most of the trophys you won were when football was a bit easier. Why don’t you all jog on and die

  7. Bruce says:

    Not a Manc supporter Kay. However, seems you are so obsessed with Utd that you expect everyone wh loathes Liverpool is a Manc. There is club support, but patriotism should come first.

  8. Bruce says:

    btw Kay-I mention Arsenal because they are a progressive team like Utd, Tottenham and Chelsea are too. These teams are looking to the future-although not all with success. It’s are already talking about surpassing 20 league titles and winning the European cup. Liverpool are still harping on about their past. Why doesn’t Gerry boy put up six fingers to show Liverpool’s intent- is five enough for him. I guess Torres was right- stupid but right

  9. Kay says:

    Appologies for being presumptious Bruce, however, I am proud to support a great club and being part of the most unique and greatest club supporters in the world. I also think that if you look closely, you will find that Man U supporters are more obsessed with Liverpools history than we are ourslves. Afterall, their manager has had 1 motive for their success which involves a perch. I will take exception to us not being progressive though. I think with the appt. of our manager we are definately on the up.