Date: 29th May 2011 at 6:02am
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I really enjoyed myself last night when I was watching Barcelona tear Manchester United apart. There is a time in the game when it was now 3-1 and the cameras focused on Sir Alex Ferguson sitting in his sit and looking like he has no clue what is going on, that was priceless. Manchester United simply had no answer at all to Barcelona.

There is no denying that this is arguably the best club team we have ever seen and it will take something special to beat them. Did Manchester United honestly think they could beat them? I waited and waited to see if any Liverpool fan was at Wembley yesterday so that they could display a “L.F.C 5 TIMES” banner to show Manchester United that we are still the kings of Europe in England.

Javier Mascherano started the game for Barcelona at centre back ahead of their captain Puyol who later came on as a substitute when the game was wrapped up. Credit to Mascherano for playing well through out the game in a position he is not too familiar with. After the game Mascherano came out and said, “I know some Liverpool supporters were disappointed after my exit, they were a little bit sad with me, but this is for them.”

I know many fans are still angry and may forever be angry with Mascherano for dropping us when he decided he wanted to go to Barcelona. So do we accept his dedication and forget about how much he hurt us when he went to Barcelona?

Let us not forget that he has just helped beat our biggest rival in Manchester United and any team that beats United is a friend of mine. On the flip side though, Mascherano is lucky to have a Champions League medal now as he would not be in the great Barcelona side if it were not for Puyol’s injury. Mascherano has spent most of the season on the bench for Barcelona as he can not get a place in their starting eleven.

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63 responses to “Do Liverpool accept Mascherano’s dedication?”

  1. Lee says:

    Couldn’t care less what he said, his actions speak louder than words.Leaving the club is one thing but going to about it the way he did was a disgrace and should never be forgiven.

    He’s from the same mould as Tevez in that respect, they even use the same excuses about wanting to be with their families.

  2. sim says:

    all argentinian allmost d same with reason to leave their respective club.i hope our lfc maxi wouldnt do d same.

  3. jonesey says:

    In a nutshell – YES – would you turn down the chance to play for that lot and stay with Rafa / Be honest and also be honest would any Liverpool player get into their team – our future is the kids and I hope they are getting their whey protein – forget fifteen million for a left winger who cant use his left foot – we must learn from last night and get players who are comfortable on the ball – how many of you remember Peter Thompson – Brilliant – if Ashley Young is fifteen he would be eighty million.Best up and coming player – HAZARD

  4. rick says:

    NO WAY.

  5. amit says:

    @jonesy ‘In a nutshell – YES – would you turn down the chance to play for that lot and stay with Rafa’ it was Hodgson who was manager when he left Rafa had been sacked months before. Like yourself I dont blame him for leaving but theres probably more to than we know. We all know what kind of player and character Javier is but I think his comments showed he still has an affection for his time at lfc and the fans. Hats off to him he didn’t need to say it.

  6. Tommy says:

    The fact that the reporter didn’t mention anything about LFC, and that Masche did it on his own initiative, made me forgive him, and of course accept his dedication.

    Respect to Masche, hopefully he will return after some fruitful years at Barca, before we regain our place at the very top of European football, where we belong.

  7. Baldrick's Trousers says:

    Mascherano didn’t have to say anything about us. So I think we should be appreciative that he was thinking of us and went out of his way to make this dedication. It shows that we’ve been a big part of his career and that there’s still Liverpool red coursing through that boy’s veins.

  8. ian says:

    i cannot believe you liverpool lot living in the past–im no man u fan but you have to get over this kings of europe thing–its over its gone and will never return as long as barca are about–footballs changed wise up

  9. albey says:

    To all you reds who wont let go over masch and nando you are sounding very much like bitter blues they have moved on we thank them for their time at Liverpool football club and wish them well we have replacements who have set Anfield alight from there money and we hope to bring in some more so come on reds lets have some respect after all we are Liverpool football club supporters known around the world for are fair play are warm welcomes to former players and good sportsmanship

  10. Brian Green says:


    Because he did`nt have to say it

  11. Mike Roberts says:

    Masch what you said last night really took the piss out of the mancs  !!! I hate what you did to Liverpool , but this has just confirmed …. You too feel the same way about the scum as every Liverpool fan…… Well done masch for remembering us ! 
    And to all scum fans yes you have 19, but we’ve been there and done it and held the record for 38 years …. You have held it for a week and think your in the same light as Liverpool’s legend’s HAHAHA PMSL you will not hold the record for long so enjoy your minute of fame now do one ! Oh by the way 5 TIMES WE WON IT 5 TIMES  now that is were succes is   (fergies words) ! Fergie you can only dream now go finish your bottle of wine you old drunk !

  12. liam says:

    Just uploaded a picture of the 5X flag onto the facebook page! get in!

  13. Abdul M. Ismail says:

    Players come and go. It’s a job for them so I can’t see the fuss about if a player chooses to leave. There are always new players.

    Also how many ex-players would dedicate the win to their past team, especially when they just played against the ex-team’s arch-enemy?

    I give credit to Mascherano for thinking of us and wish him luck.

  14. SuaRed says:


    The 5 European cups that Liverpool have won will last forever and at some point I expect them to be added to! Football goes in cycles and right now Barcelona are the best team in football. I fully believe our time will come again. Your attitude is the attitude of a fan of a small club that has never won the Champions League and does not have the history and expectations of global juggernauts like Liverpool, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Man United etc.

    So its really you who needs to bud out and WISE UP!!

    Oh and the answer to the original question is yes! He left for the best team in Europe and at the time of leaving Liverpool where in a mess! Its obvious to me that he wasn’t entirely comfortable with what he’d done an in one of the proudest moments of his life he remembers Liverpool and offers an olive branch with his suggestion.
    Torres is the one we shouldn’t ever forgive not Macherano.

    Well in Masch

  15. Noblelox says:

    You have to be a real knuckle-dragger to hold a grudge like some of the people above. “How dare he leave the mighty Liverpool who didn’t look like winning anything, any-time soon, for the best club side in the world”

    How you can expect a player from the other side of the world to have the same level of passion and commitment as Carra? It’s just not realistic, and it’s not as if he left for money.

    However, the fact that he still felt the need to dedicate the victory to Liverpool fans, should speak of the special relationship we have with our players, and how he has taken that away with him. To spoil that with this level of bitterness and resentment shown by some of the stupid comments here, helps no-one.

  16. Greg says:

    I accept what he said and will always like Masch for his role in our ‘best midfield in the world’ (loved that chant) but anyone who refuses to play for the team will always have a black mark against them in my book. Maybe there were mittigating circumstances, since he did state in the interview once he had moved to Barca that it was the backroom chaos caused by the ownership, and the debt which became his primary reason for leaving. I also lay the blame partially at Hodgson’s door for failing to command any respect. However, the fact remains that the defeat at City was the beginning of a downward spiral for us in the league this year, and it might have been halted had Masch been there for us in midfield. Dedicating the win to LFC fans unprompted was a decent thing to do though, and the sight of Gary Neville after he said it just gave us a nice bit of extra Schadenfreude to top off a great night of football.

  17. wulala says:

    I cried when I hear his words.Loving him forever!

  18. King Kong says:

    As long as the scum are beaten as losers and humiliated, I’ll take it.

  19. chunky says:

    As it got up the nose of some MU players I’ll accept it gladly.They were only to ready to gloat over 19 remember?
    Damn fine result and I could’ve sat and watched Ole Rednose’s face all night. Priceless!

  20. amo says:

    i igree fuck off masch traitor.ynwa from MALTA

  21. Al says:

    He had just won the CL, the biggest prize in football and took time to mention us, with no prompting.

    He knows he left in a messy way, but probably felt the least he could was stop Man Utd winning a trophy.

    He put in a faultless performance after being tipped as a weakness, no doubt his experience of Man Utd games with us gave him that extra yard.

    He didn’t have to say that and anyone helping to beat the scum, especially ex-players who don’t even have to show that kind of loyalty, deserves forgiveness.

  22. mash21 says:

    yes,show that he still remember us.not like torres!

  23. widj says:

    no matter what job ur in “FAMILY COMES FIRST” if hes family couldnt settle then he did whats best for them. what made it messy was the clud would not let him go so he had to become a reble. respect for puttin family over work. YNWA

  24. Bill says:

    If you’re not a liverpool fan then do one. You have no right to be posting on this blog. You have no concept of what it is to be a Liverpool fan so clear off and comment on whatever team you do support. You’re I suspect a latent Manure or a Bluenose.

  25. Ste says:

    Mascherano’s sentiments were genuine and totally unpropmted. Here he was, after probably the greatest moment of his career when he would have been forgiven for just basking in the celebrations, but instead he took the time out to mention us. Nice one Masch.

  26. Jack says:

    Unlike a certain other player who left, Mascherano gave 110% in every game he played in. He did not lie about wanting to leave. He left a club that was in a mess for one that is the greatest on the planet. Oh and also the fact that he made that dedication even when the interview had finished and was under no obligation to do so speaks volumes. Thank you Mascherano. And yes All of us Liverpool fans enjoyed it wholeheartedly watching your team rip United to shreds.

  27. ALLAN says:

    To think about us at a time like that speaks volumes about the man.Masch I thankyou YNWA

  28. Lexis says:

    He wanted to leave because his family was unhappy in the UK. I couldn’t criticize someone for that. In terms of the football decision, I think it has been fully vindicated as he’s now playing for the best team in the world.

  29. jonesey says:

    Amit – Good call – I stand corrected – heres to a brilliant 2012 – hopefully with a brilliant winger

  30. Bryan says:

    As stated so many times above – he never needed to mention us and he left us when we were in disarray for probably the best team in the world. I feel no bitterness and am glad to see he still thinks of Liverpool. Well done Masch and congratulations.

  31. 5TIMES says:

    BARCA were like rain, they were all over them !! mash done a great job in ther defence, it was nice to seehim dedicate this to the lfc fans,,,

  32. Lars says:

    Anyone who dedicates this win fir LFC has to be accepted as a Red. Masch did ut without being asked. He us forgiven. It was brilliant last night with that filth getting their arses kicked. Loved it

  33. ben says:

    The way our club was being run is it any wonder that he’d want to go to Barca (particuarly in their present form)? Don’t be stupid and wake up to the real world!

  34. Dani says:

    Mascherano knows what he is saying…xD

  35. spike says:

    It was a nice touch for Mach to say that, he didn’t need to, but clearly he wanted to. And for that Im grateful.

    In addition, it must have got right up the noses and rubbed a little salt in to the wounds of Man Utd fans who were gutted at seeing their team get played of the park royalally, and that puts a smile on my face.

    Bring on next season

  36. bazza says:

    After seeing Nevilles face – i forgive you Masch!

  37. red33pool says:

    @ LEE – Everyone have dream and ideas to achieved things in their own way,ask yourself if you’re not happy with your company policy but you like the company and staff would you leave your company if there is a big offer or you feel you could achieve your dream with it,would you leave?? After all they are professional,you can say its part of their job and dream aswell,the most important thing is liverpool remain in their heart even though they are playing else where just like xabi. You can’t compare a fans and players philosophy,it’s a different route.

  38. red33pool says:

    love your blog mate

  39. red33pool says:

    the above love your blog is @ Trousers

  40. billy francis haines says:

    i forgive him .id buy him a pint anyday well done barca class .bill lfc

  41. Kenny Dalglish says:

    Mascherano can shove his dedication where the sun wont shine for all I care about him or his like .

    The only time I take pleasure in seeing Man Utd beaten is either when we have beaten them or they are beaten by another side when they are challenging to win a competition we are challenging to win .

    If I had my way we would play & beat them in every final & go into the last game of every season competing with them for the Title , thats the true nature of a rivalry .

    Mascherano should dedicate his efforts to those fans that pay his wages & provide him with the millionaire lifestyle he enjoys & because he didnt do that for us I am glad to see the back of him , he was nothing more than an average player playing alongside very talented players in Gerrard & Alonso .

    In fact if you play Lee Cattermolle beside Alonso & Gerrard you got a player at least as good as Mascherano .

    Any Liverpool fan that is so easily pleased as to see another Club win OUR European Cup is a disgrace regardless if that club is Barca , Bayern , Ajax , Real , Milan or whoever .

    Yes I’m glad Utd fans have less to mock us with this season than they could possibly had but I’m by no means glad Barca won it , I’m gutted we didnt win it , I’m gutted we wont have a chance to win it for the best part of 2 more seasons .

    Not because I hate Utd which I do , but because I support Liverpool & I unashamedly want us to win every trophy every season & I also believe we have a divine right to win it all too .

    So to hell with the comments of players not at out club , to hell with Barca & to hell with Utd or whoever else may think we have no divine right to win everything & I say we fight them tooth & nail to prove we have that right .

    So once again …

    Shove yer dedication up yer Argentinian Ar*se Mascherano , I dont want to hear from you & I dont need to hear from you now get outa my sight & say yer prayers that you never meet us in competition because I am King Kenny Dalglish & I have plans to steam roller over you & yer shitty wee Spanish club as I flatten all before me on my way to restoring Liverpool Football Club to its rightful place at the top of European & Domestic Football !

  42. Brian says:

    The lad went to a country where they speak his native language to top it off he went to Barcelona. Growing up in south America Barca and Real are teams that kids dream of playing for. He had his chance and took it fair play to him. Playing in the Europa cup for liverpool under Roy or join Barca and win stuff ? Doesnt take to long to choose does it !
    Didn’t have to say anything about Liverpool on the night he lifted the cl with the of the best team in Europe and I’d say the world.

  43. Kenny Dalglish says:

    Who cares where he went or what he done ?

    He was always more likely to get himself booked or sent off in any important game for us than he was to marshal our midfield , lift the players around him , dig in & fight until we got a result .

    He was & is an overpaid average south American Con man trying to smooth talk the likes of idiots like you who dont actually support our club but only follow media reports & hype .

    Fact is Barca have won the European cup less often than us , they are big club in a league not much stronger than the Scottish Premier so if thats where he or anyone else wants to play then they can have it but questions must be asked as to why do players best suited to continental Football get prefered at our club ahead of players better suited to British football ?

    The fact remains he won nothing for us & now clowns like you are appeased because he mentioned us like we are Accrington Stanley without a hope of winning it & you think he is one step down from God for doing so .

    You are an embarrassment to our club .

  44. david says:

    barca won the game not bcoz of Mascherano alone..the whole barca team did well

  45. Kop 4 lyfe says:

    “Mascherano should dedicate his efforts to those fans that pay his wages…..”
    I believe he said, “this is for them as well”. Does that mean he didn’t dedicate the trophy to Barca fans?

  46. Kenny Dalglish says:

    So the best team won on the night , big whoop de doo !! , that doesnt make em a better or bigger club than us , it just means that this season they managed to put out a better first team than us , same as a lotta other clubs did this season but in our defense we have had our worst season in living memory & now that I’m back in charge ( Thats right ! I am Kenny Dalglish ) & we have owners that have ambition , respect for our tradition & are not afraid to spend top dollar on top players we are going to be not just rubbing shoulders with the likes of Barcelona , we will be trampling them under foot .

    Barca arent there to be admired , they are there to be beaten , it is a competition after all is it not ?

    Man Utd are not a run away wild stallion , they are a big club with the right man for that club in charge .

    Liverpool are a big club with the right man in charge …

    Let battle commence !

  47. Kenny Dalglish says:

    No it means yer mother let ya slurp for too long on her old withered bosom because here you are in public asking stupid questions .

  48. Mike Roberts says:

    Thank goodness your not the real Kenny Dalglish ! Are you Drunk ? Lee catermole = masch the same ????? You are drunk or just plain Stupid !!!!

  49. Mike Roberts says:

    And by the way I should mention that the way you use the Kings name and what you are writing (slagging off people ) is dragging his name through the crap that you are walking in ! ……… Now change your name or use your real name and act like a real Liverpool fan !

  50. Kenny Dalglish says:

    You’re right Mike , they arent the same , Cattermolle is much more disciplined in his challenges which he has had to make more of considering which end of the Table his clubs have been unlike your favorite prissy temper tantrum throwing Argentinian Princess who done next to nothing for bottom 4 West Ham before we signed him he then done nothing of note for us apart from get himself booked or sent off when the chips were down .

  51. Kenny Dalglish says:

    You should purchase a Dust buster & use it to see if you can get some of that sand outa yer vagina Mike , not only cant you judge a player fairly you have zero humor to go along with it .

  52. rick says:


  53. Mike Roberts says:

    Fuck me cunt features ! Your still commenting on this !!! Mate you Realy haven’t got anything better to do !!! Sad twat ! You must be saving the link on your phone and keep checking so you feel you actually have some mates . How many friends do you really have ? Have just got back on from The Arkles had a few !!! All the fellas were pissing them selves laughing at your comments !!! Tell you what mate come over and have a pint tomorow with me and the lads. Be there for 1pm and I will get the first round . Meet some of the real fans local born and bread . Let’s see how far your mouth will get you then . We need some Entertainment!

  54. Grarad says:

    Well put Mike Roberts, I can’nt believe half of this lot on hear total disgrace

  55. Kenny Dalglish says:

    I actually have no business in Walton now the season has finished but If I’m ever around the Anfield road area I’ll be sure to drop into the Arkles & ask em where the girlish fella that thinks hes Mascheranos missus & has all tha sand in his Vagina is , for a laugh if nothing else .
    Alternatively , I’m actually in Old Swan if ya ever fancy dropping by The George with or without yer boyfriends in tow I’ll be sure to introduce ya to tha nice big car park it has , if of course you ever manage to get that sand outa yer vagina

  56. Mike Roberts says:

    What time are you there tomorow ?

  57. Kenny Dalglish says:

    Why ?

    Are you looking to buy a dust buster to sort out yer sandy vagina with ?

    If so ?

    Call by any time after 7 & I’ll be either playing darts or pool but if ya turn up I’ll be sure to make a few phone calls & make sure you get sorted .

  58. Mike Roberts says:

    Nice one fella , can’t wait to see you. You got my name now , what is yours ? Im sure I will see you and your crew , YMCA Bikers . See you in the car park .

  59. Dave says:

    Sounds like he is definitely walking alone there. A bit of a contradiction there

  60. Kenny Dalglish says:

    How did you know it was a bikers bar ? Been down green lane before have ya ?

    Just ask for Kenny Dalglish .

  61. Eddie says:

    The look on Phookin Fergies bootlickers face was priceless after Masch’s dedicatiion of victory to US – YNWA in my eyes MASCH….thanks

  62. mepa says:

    After seeing the fucking face of Neville… YEAH
    YNWA from mexico