Date:29th May 2011 at 6:02am
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I really enjoyed myself last night when I was watching Barcelona tear Manchester United apart. There is a time in the game when it was now 3-1 and the cameras focused on Sir Alex Ferguson sitting in his sit and looking like he has no clue what is going on, that was priceless. Manchester United simply had no answer at all to Barcelona.

There is no denying that this is arguably the best club team we have ever seen and it will take something special to beat them. Did Manchester United honestly think they could beat them? I waited and waited to see if any Liverpool fan was at Wembley yesterday so that they could display a “L.F.C 5 TIMES” banner to show Manchester United that we are still the kings of Europe in England.

Javier Mascherano started the game for Barcelona at centre back ahead of their captain Puyol who later came on as a substitute when the game was wrapped up. Credit to Mascherano for playing well through out the game in a position he is not too familiar with. After the game Mascherano came out and said, “I know some Liverpool supporters were disappointed after my exit, they were a little bit sad with me, but this is for them.”

I know many fans are still angry and may forever be angry with Mascherano for dropping us when he decided he wanted to go to Barcelona. So do we accept his dedication and forget about how much he hurt us when he went to Barcelona?

Let us not forget that he has just helped beat our biggest rival in Manchester United and any team that beats United is a friend of mine. On the flip side though, Mascherano is lucky to have a Champions League medal now as he would not be in the great Barcelona side if it were not for Puyol’s injury. Mascherano has spent most of the season on the bench for Barcelona as he can not get a place in their starting eleven.

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